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Which tends to make me wonder what this means:

"The target remains anchored against the balor’s body until it escapes the whip."

only change it to : The target remains anchored against the dresser until it escapes the ducktape.

It is a very debatable thing, especially when you add in the prone you are denied your dexterity bonus (ability to move) and the only action you can make is stand up or a standard action and still provoke an attack of opportunity. (which most rogues would like, and something a paladin would not like considering that moves such as trip (requires a touch to initiate, and a variety of spells are ranged touch/touch spells.

Personally when i look at this i picture it as being grappled, which if you read the BoVD one of the requirements for executing someone is if someone else grapples the person (in this case, the whip is "grappling" since it requires a STR check(a net has no BAB0 or an escape artist check) and then performing the coup de grace.

Very debatable. Wonder what others might think. By the way, game day is Saturday night, so i will post results this sunday.

We didn't play tonight due to things going on. THe balor did the free attack after the paladin was prone however it didn't do any damage do the pally wearing an amulet of natural armor +5 which is why he didn't take any damage. along with a shield crafted from the hide of a red dragon. These characters were made for a corruption/redemption campaign. The paladin is currently a thrall to the wizard and as such it sucks to be him currently right now. But I talked to them and they are want to pay the balors back this weekend. Scott (the wizard) asked me if I would allow them to use spells from the book of vile darkness for this fight and I told them sure. But we basically used this as an example. If we duct tape someone to a dresser, can that person dodge a marshmallow. Sure the person can miss, however, the person can't actually dodge it. Let alone if they are prone which to us if it was done the person would land on his back, and would be Head Down(entangled to an object and prone). By the way, when i say duct taped, i mean hands, arms, all ducktaped together and attached.

Another debate, which we came to the conclusion on was if the balor were to teleport in that situation, only the balor would teleport away, however, the whip wouldn't be treated as a possession. So balor can fly up 200 feet, teleport back down, and let the person go smack down against the floor, and should it be a caster they would need "still spell", which would take a few rounds for him to hit the ground, rendering the character out of the fight, and should someone try to "save" the cannonball, that would be one additional person.

Knowing them they will get items that grant them +6 con for the 60 additional hps so it will be interesting to see what they do, and give up. The Paladin and the wizard have a Larloch and the Paladin lich thing going on. The wizard takes great pleasure in making the paladin's life hell, and the paladin wants the wizard to die by his own blade. The cleric is trying to convert them both to her deity, and the sorceror is waiting for the day for the paladin to die, so it can rise it as a death knight. I always ask characters there goals so that way i can base campaigns on them.

Ok, me and my group just did this and decided to do 2 playtests. one without buffs, and will do another tomorrow with buffs. They didnt know what they were fighting or facing. I made one change to the balor and that was replaced quickened sla and weapon focus with combat expertise, and improved trip. Put the whip in main, and sword in it's weak hand (using one size smaller). The other balor is the one from the SRD.

The PC's were:
Cleric (NE) - Destruction / Evil
Sorceror(NE) - Undead Bloodline
Wizard(N with evil intent)- Necromancer

The balor opened with holding it's actions. The paladin placed 2nd in initiative (the player focuses on charisma and dexterity) and attempts to charge the balor. Balor makes AO with whip to trip the paladin, and succeeds, resulting in the paladin being entangled and prone attached to the balor. The balor then does a coup de grace on the paladin, dealing 48 points of damage. The paladin gets a 37 on his saving throw, and as such dies.

The wizard then casts disintegrate on the balor, and passes the saving throw taking 14 points of damage. The cleric casts disintegrate on the balor, and the fails the saving throw dealing 124 points of damage. The sorceror attempts to cast a ranged bestow greater curse, and gets kicked back from spell resistance. Balor(S) casts firestorm dealing 71 points of damage to the mages.

paladin - dead
wizard - 71
sorceror - 71
cleric -71
balor - 138
balor(s) - 0

the balor then casts firestorm on the PC's dealing 24 points of damage, slaying the wizard. The cleric casts mass heal, recovering the hit points of his comrades. The sorceror casts disintegrate on the balor, and fails its save. dealing 180 points of damage, causing the balor to explode, dealing 100 points of damage to everyone, killing the sorceror and the cleric.

paladin - dead
wizard - dead
sorceror - dead
cleric - dead

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St. Segine D'Orvenna, LE, 15 Artificer (Not Blastificer), Human Alumni Lich (Dicefreaks)
Enthax, CE, Half Orc Barbarian 7 / Frenzied Berserker 10

Adventure - 12. Dawn of a New Age

Location: Modified Age of worms - Kyuss Obelisk

Catalyst: No skill points in balance, a rod, and two artifacts that don't play nice together.

Segine had two goals, and that was to have one of each item in the game and to always make a profit, even off of his allies. His hobbies include gem crafting and item crafting and marketeering. At first level he bought 25gp in raw material components to make a 75 gp black onyx gem to turn a profit (25->75->225->675->2025) and continued to do this during various breaks in the game(as an artificer at level 17 (15 after lichdom) we calculated that he had accumulated around 600K+ in gold from savings through item creation and from being a gem maker, and when he got fabricate, it was over. Although he did lose almost 8000 exp from item creation)(still have my charactersheet in excel format). The fighter in the group was a spiked chain abuser, and the cleric was a whip user, so Segine had clients. Finally segine at level 17 decided. I am going to boost myself up, and become a lich. We used the one that is on the dicefreaks website to test it for balance and see if there is a requirement for a level adjustment if you abide by the rules. I asked the DM and he approved. So 21500 exp points later, i am a nauseated "Level 2" 15 Artificer Human lich. Still no spell resistance, and he finally gets back to the party.
<<Fast Forward>>
Segine, after seeing the sphere go into the well of many world's, comes up with a brilliant plan to throw the rod of cancellation into the sphere. He throws and misses, but also fails the balance check. So Kyuss see's a lich flying by him towards the sphere, and then KABOOM! Segine who had 140 hitpoints, took 1020 points of damage, and so did Kyuss, and Enthax. No Saving throw, and a nice crater as well. I don't know how big it would be, i didn't put that down in my notes. Doh.

But as Scott(best friend and DM) said.. Look it's a bird. it's a plane.. no its super clutz.

And Robert(Enthax, CE, 17 Barbarian, who used skill ranks to learn to read from a cookbook, and had a fascination with grilled cheese sandwiches) - "I will name a meal after him.. The Segine-wich.."

"St. Segine D'Orvenna, a true hero." 660-682 AD
"Enthax" 658-692 (don't have his age, but we referred to him as "Guilty by association" since he would start bar fights, and we would all go to jail together.)

Lets put this into perspective. This helps clerics out in the short run and the long run. What keeps the Wizard from consistantly using his 9th level ability instead of casting his spells. I believe the intent is not just keep low levels alive. But to continue with the dungeon crawl. Lets say your party is 2 clerics, 1 wizard, and a rogue. A weird party, yes, but it has alot of things and values that will allow the party to continue. Indeed it has alot of curing power, and if equipped correctly this party will rule against an enemy. I guarantee that the group will have the same advantages with say, 1 fighter, 1 cleric, 1 wizard, 1 rogue. Or if you want 2 wizards, 1 rogue, 1 cleric, and 2 sorcerors, 1 wizard, 1 cleric. Only thing you don't like are clerics.

Oi, I believe that the Archivist was a clergy who is unlocking the powers of a deceased deity, and is trying to get him to rise to power. In the forgotten realms, it could be seen as an alternative route during Lolth's silence.

The archivist, I also used, did research on divinity, and eventually sought out to not become a deity, but allow someone else to become a deity so that way said archivist could rule the world as a proxy. Reason being, is in my campaign world... Deities have no interaction with mortals unless they are their worshippers.

And lastly, remember alignment. Cleric's can't cast spells of their opposing alignments.

Sadly, I am not fond of the Blastificer. I am more keen on the original aims of the artificer. Which was Magic Item creation. The artificer who believes in that his equipment can make him. I enjoy having nimblewrights, black stone gigants, and Hellfire Monoliths serving me, and guarding my phylactery(mine became a lich).

I don't like how people consider the artificer to be game breaking. A wizard can do the same exact thing, and so can a rogue. A rogue with a High Dexterity would be deadly with dual wands, because, if the wands burn out, he has his short sword and dagger. The problem is the feats, not the class.

I believe that it will work, i am hoping to join in on one of the campaigns when i return to hawaii. What is the start and estimated final level for the group.