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So I have been looking at all the, "fighters are not powerful enough at high level" threads. And I think I have found some ways to remedy allot of the problem.

1.) Do away with "save or die" effects and their virtual cousins "sleep spells" etc.
I think This can be achieved by doing the following...
- Spells or Abilities with save or die effects would simply be removed.
(Yes even for the Rouge)
- Sleep would only work against "Animals" or creatures with a 3 or less intelligence.

2.) Double the cost of all Spell components
(And most importantly make sure that Spell casters actually have the Component before they cast the darn spell)

I think the reason that this one is so important is simply this, The cost of spell components and Spell Books is supposed to be one of the "Balancing Factors" in the game design.
If a Mage has to spend Gold on Components and Spell Books they have less cash to spend on Magic Items and the Like, Meanwhile everyone else can buy Items for their characters increasing their abilities
Not to mention this should make casting "super weapon" spells expensive both in Gold and XP Cost, thus limiting their use in actual game play and thereby allowing the Fighter class to continue to shine at higher levels. The Mage in question should not be laying waste to everything before the end of the first round, and the likelihood of getting enough Gold in between encounters to be able to afford repeatedly casting higher level spells throughout any given adventure would be somewhat mitigated.

I don't know its a start.

As much as I hate the phrase "Build" when describing a Character, I was wondering, what is your favorite "Build" for a Fighter?
Mind you I don't mean what are the most powerful combos but rather what is the most fun to play in your opinion?
Also what type of fighters do you prefer, Farm boy doing his family proud, a questing Knight, maybe a career military man gone mercenary?

As much as I hate the phrase "Build" when in comes to character creation, what is everyones favorite "Build" (shudder) for fighters.
I don't mean what is the most optimal but rather what is the most fun for you as a player to play?

Is this a bad question, or a unclear question?
Maybe a question which has been answered someplace else already?