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James Jacobs wrote:

I've mentioned this before in other threads, but in the case of Shalelu, she was the first elf we ordered art for. We wanted long ears, and they'll remain long in our world. Although Shalelu's ears are too long.

Merisiel, the iconic rogue who's scheduled for the cover of Pathfinder 3, is more in line with how our elves will look. Long ears that don't quite go above the top of the head and eyes that don't show the whites. You'll also note that Shalelu's eyes in the picture in Pathfinder 1 aren't on model either since you can see the whites of her eyes... It's all part of the development process of creating a look for characters in our would.

We've got another picture of Shalelu coming in Pathfinder 3, in which her ears are a bit shorter.


Being a fan of Poison Elves I love the ears. Thanks for being willing to reimage some of the old D&D stand-bys.


Puting in my vote for one file. This is because when I run a game I will have several PDFs open and it is eazier for me to keep track of what file is where if I don't have to have more files open.

For those that like the multiple PDFs because you can have several things open. Keep in mind that in Adobe Reader. If you click on window and slect new window you can then have several versions of the same file open.


Wow, I feel lucky I have 7 possibly 8 players

1. Dwarf Fighter
2. Human Cleric of Pharasma
3. Gnome Wizard
4. Human Rogue (eventually multiclassing to Ranger)
5. Human Ranger
6. Human Barbarian
7. Human Archivist (I let it go it seemed to fit)


James Jacobs wrote:
The Gazeteer product is for the entire campaign setting, of which Varisia is a fairly small part.

yes I know and that is why I was hoping for a "mini-gazeteer" to help get a feel for the whole setting.

I realize that me be asking for a lot, but it comes for wanting to move forward with this world.

Thanks for taking the time to talk about it thought.


I am starting to get a group of players together and sent them free in Pathfinder. The Players guide was great and I found it helpful; however, players being players they want more. Is it possable to get a mini-gazeteer or something. I don't need full details just enough for players and me to say I would like to be from there. Even it this was a blog entry it would help alot.

Thanks and I love Pathfinder #1, it is going to be so kewl....


Jester wrote:

I received the download link for Pathfinder #1 in the mail today. I was quite amused by the lackluster attempt at a digital watermark. Just enough of an effort to try to keep most people honest, but not enough to kepe the serious file trader from being able to remove it.

However, I was quite annoyed that the download was a ZIP file consisting of multiple PDF's. I would much have preferred a single larger PDF instead of breaking it into smaller grouped sections. Looks like I will need to use a PDF writer to combine all of the files into a single PDF myself for easier usability.

I just got mine download let me say it looks and seems every bit as kewl as it sounds. So far the only complaint I have is the multiple zip files as well. Makes readng it hard, but I do think it may help when it come to using the info on game day.

Going back to reading and hoping the drool will not harm the laptop.


Selk wrote:

Pharamsa's portfolio makes her seem like an oracular deity. Not the goddess of death per se, but of a life's cycle, cradle to grave. She's probably somewhat like the greek fates, but uses water as a conduit of divination and control instead of golden threads.

I have a player who's interested in her too. We're guessing her clerics are oracles and their articles of practice are daggers, bowls, blood and creepy meditation.

I'm interested to see what she actually is.

I am in the same boat. I have a player drooling over the possibilties of a Cleric with the Healing and Death Domains. More info would be great. Though I do see how the oracular angle fits.


Vic Wertz wrote:
Fox_Reeveheart wrote:

She is just simply beautiful >.> don't mind the cuts on her abdomen or the hideous demonic looking arm on left side. Her full head of hair and figure make her a sight to behold!

If she's evil then evil never looked so good! except in succubi and drow priestesses... rawr.

She's actually the big bad from Pathfinder 1; she won't actually be appearing in Pathfinder 7—that cover is just a mockup with placeholder art.

Where can one go to look at this. I am excited to see anything about Pathfinder.