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You should post this question on the Mythbusters website.

Does Babba Yagga's hut count as a dungeon location?

There should also be dice with NEGATIVE numbers, and some with both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE numbers!

If you roll them in combination with other dice they would alter the outcome probabilities.

Chessex has the right idea selling dice with non-standard numbers.
They need to expand on this area!

It could transform the game and have us worring about our PCs overall probability distributions rather than just +/-'s . :)

Laeknir wrote:

Chessex "Cheat Dice":
d20: has two 20's
d10: has 2 0's
d6: has no number 1
d6: has no number 6

Pretty awful that a company would do this, in my opinion.

There may be more to the story here.

These dice are not so much designed to cheat (but obviously you can if you choose to,)

Here is a cool article on the mathematics of dice (written by a sixth grader in England): http://plus.maths.org/issue41/features/hobbs/index.html

Sicherman Dice article :

die 1 has faces: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4
die 2 has faces: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Yet, together they roll the *SAME* distribution as two "normal" d6!

Chessex rules!

Travioli wrote:
... I look back now at the posts about people solving it and the clues that they give you. Now i see where they all fit in. ...

I just got it.

ZimlonBane wrote:

I think its a southern country thing.

It is not said "southern country thing." The correct pronunciation is "Redneck."

Saying "stupid redneck" is redundant.

Q: What are a Redneck's last words?
A: "Hey guys watch this!"


Erik Mona wrote:

... We simply forgot to add it to the genre list, and once the survey is live there's no way to modify the options without ruining the data...


Simply forgot Heavy Metal !?

This is an insult to people who buy your products.

The two things I love in life are Dungeon & Dragons and Heavy Metal. Now, I have to consider withholding my money from you in protest, because that is the American way!


Koga: The Ninja Trick wrote:
As for the infinite gods thing, that won't work, ...


Of course there is more that one god, that is why our God's first commandment is "You shall have no other gods before me."


... you begin to wonder how to summon a demon, for real!

Tensor wrote:

Now the church has to agree there are infinite universes (and gods???).

Speaking of which can anyone suggest how I can go about summoning a demon, for real?