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Lamontius wrote:

I have my doubts and concerns about child characters in roleplay settings, but I get it

What is this from? I must watch it.

I've played plenty of 4e and Savage Worlds, and a small amount of 3.5e a few years ago. Pathfinder has had me hooked idea-wise for a while, I've decided it's time to find a group to play with.

Any groups located in the West LA area who are open to an additional player? I'm hoping to play an alchemist of some kind, hopefully that will fit in your campaign world, but I'm open to other classes if necessary.

I really like this conversion, but I agree with Dragonamedrake that I imagine the warlock having access to a familiar, though I don't think it should be mandatory that all warlocks have a familiar.

I liked the suggestion of making a minor invocation that provides a familiar, but I also agree with master arminas that it's best to keep the theme that all invocations are intended to improve the eldritch blast.

To that end, I present the following minor invocation:

Eldritch Bond (Su): The warlock gains a familiar, using his warlock level as his effective wizard level. This familiar follows the rules for familiars presented in the arcane bond wizard class feature. Additionally, when the familiar gains the ability deliver touch spells, the familiar can deliver the warlock's eldritch blast as if it were a touch spell. The warlock can apply one invocation to that eldritch blast.

I like gathering fantasy art to illustrate my homebrew world to my players. I'm trying to build a culture (or preferably more than one, if I can find good art to differentiate things like clothing styles or architecture) inspired by elements of various African cultures, and I'm having trouble finding a lot of art of black or brown fantasy characters that don't just go the lazy route of loincloth-and-spear.

Paizo has one of the most diverse campaign settings I've ever seen, and I've already found some great art, but I'm trying to find more art of persons of color from some of Paizo's products.

Would you guys mind pointing out some Paizo products that contain art that might be useful to me? Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like characters who are Garundi or Mwangi are most likely to be in the right vein.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:

Just like the headline says, I'm in the mood to run something other than Pathfinder for awhile and recently a poster I saw on the innerwebz of Tesla and Lovecraft together as a sort of steampunk ghostbusting team got me thinking. Adding Holmes to that would've made it the Holy Trinity of Victorian adventure.

Anyway, this has been crawling in my head recently. Has anyone else created something along these lines? How did it work out? What sources did you use? Tell me, tell me! I just gotta know!

Some awesome classes you might consider allowing as options for your players, or possibly using for your own NPCs or villains:

Ozodrin - allows a character to play as an eldritch abomination

Artificer/Engineer - Cheapy compiled a list of homebrew inventor-style classes here, easty to play as a steampunk inventor: x3v0/edit

Classes I originally suggested:

Psion - I know this one is controversial in the D&D fandom, but Paizo has already made a place for Psionics in Golarion, so I think we will see it at some point one way or another, though it sounds like it'll be a while.

Psychic Warrior - same as Psion

Artificer - There seems to be a pretty significant amount of support for an artificer/engineer/tinker type class

Shapeshifter - Seems as if there's some support, although not a lot of conviction that a full class would be doable. Personally, I'd just love to see Paizo-quality art for a class like the Ozodrin. Not sure if that's what other people mean when they refer to a "shapeshifter" class, but I think it could cover the concept.

Warlord - Seems as if the general opinion is that this should be a fighter archetype rather than a class. I personally think it should be a little more extensive--maybe a feat chain AND an archetype.

Shaman - This class seems to be up there with the Artificer concept in terms of popularity.

Classes/options other posters have suggested:

Swashbuckler - I've always liked the idea of a swashbuckler as well, but thematically it really feels like it should be a rogue option. Perhaps more archetype support and more rogue talents that support swashbuckler-style play? If that doesn't seem like enough, what would you be looking for to make a swashbuckler feel "right"?

Monk - more effective options, "western" unarmed fighting styles. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want these new monk options, monks definitely need more love.

Warlock - mechanically, I'm assuming you want something similar to the 3.5 warlock. Thematically, it feels a lot like the witch to me...could work as a witch archetype, maybe? Convert invocations to hexes, replace familiar with Eldritch Blast?

other alignment Paladin options - I've never understood why Paizo didn't change Paladins to have to be the alignment of their god, and provide a "code of honor" for each major god in Golarion.

Oracle - nature archetype(s) seem like a great concept

Arcane Trickster - this seems like it might work best as a magus archetype, as a full class it seems to me like it would step on the toes of the Magus

Heavy Armor Gish - Seems like this could probably be done pretty easily as a magus archetype, although I suppose there is room for a "heavy" gish class with different mechanics from the Magus

Thrown weapon - This strikes me as a great option for ranger and barbarian archetypes, seems to narrow to be a full class

Soulknife/Soulbow - The Magus has a soulknife-esque archetype already, and the soulbow seems like it would be an interesting archetype as well...replace spellstrike with the ability to manifest a "force bow", modify spell combat to allow spells to be delivered through the bow rather than via the off-hand

Why was this moved to Houserules/Homebrew? The discussion was specifically "What classes would you like to see produced by Paizo in the future", not "What classes would you homebrew".

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I feel like Pathfinder has done a pretty amazing job of keeping the class bloat down--the new classes they've added beyond the core 11 have all done a good job of allowing players access to new class concepts, without stepping on the toes of other classes.

That said, what classes would you still like to see?

I'm still hoping for:

  • Psion/Psychic/Esper - Some kind of psionic mind-magic class. I hope they keep this very distinct, rather than making it feel like a variant wizard. I know Dreamscarred Press has done some awesome work, but I want to see what the Paizo folks could do with Psionics.

  • Psychic Warrior - Gish class for psionics. I hope they can come up with a better one-word name than 4e did.

  • Artificer - Not a magical artificer like in 3.5 and 4e, which really just feels like a crafting wizard, but a full-on steampunk-style engineer/tinker type class, with options for building gadgets that replicate spell effects from a spell list, iron-man style armor options, and the ability to build mechanical/clockwork companions.

  • Metamorph/Shapeshifter - a class that specializes in shapeshifting, without the "nature" schtick of the Druid. Definitely needs options to allow it to feel very aberrant, I love the idea of sprouting new eyes and tentacles. Coolest homebrew class I've seen that has some overlap with this flavor is the Ozodrin.

  • Commander/Warlord - a class that specializes in directing allies in battle. Although I think this might actually work better as new options for martial classes rather than a fully separate class.

  • Shaman/Witch Doctor - a spontaneous caster with the Druid spell list, and a tie to Spirits. 4e did a cool take on a similar concept, and I know 3pp and homebrew versions of this idea have popped up, but I'd love to see Paizo's take on it.

Keep in mind that a staff must be shorter than your own height to be used effectively--to use a 6 ft. staff, you've got to be significantly taller than 6 feet.

Source--experience using a staff in both martial arts and firespinning.