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I Love the Card Backs!!!


First of all, I love the card backs!!! Secondly, Wow! Are these fun to use in play! I don't do some involved reading, but give them out to players to use for a one time bonus as the situation warrants...or as a clue!

These are nicely illustrated cards that help one aspect of the Pathfinder world to come alive! They are fairly inexpensive for the amount of fun that they can add to your campaign! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Utterly Fantastic Package!


If you are a beginning Pathfinder DM, buy this now! It has everything you need for running a fantastic adventure right out of the box, while giving you enough added value to keep adventuring just using what else is in the box. This is a treasure that keeps on giving. Highly recommended!!!

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Another 16 Page Gem from Paizo!


Don't make the mistake that I this in the Treasure Chest and don't just get it by itself. Now this is a very good module, but when paired up with all of the stuff in the Treasure Chest it just soars! All of the little bits come together to form a very evocative adventure! Thanks Paizo!

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A step up from D0


Though this module took a bit more effort to get through than D0, it was also very well done. This is another nice package for low level players with a considerable number of very dangerous challenges for low level characters. The dungeon can be dangerous, but there are plenty of opportunities for doing something other than killing things and taking their stuff. Another well done module from Paizo!


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Excellent Introductory Adventure!


Very nicely done! Evocative artwork, well-organized, nice variety of encounters, and able to play to completion in one night of gaming! This is a great introduction to GameMastery modules!


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Excellent Module!


My family truly enjoyed playing through this module using the Pathfinder rules. I would have liked to have full stat blocks for all of the monsters. It was a pain dragging out the Monster Manual to look up some of the information for the battles. However, this was well illustrated, nicely paced, easy to finish, and gave my family a very enjoyable playing experience! Thanks,

Simply Magnificent!


We haven't played 3.5 in years. Within three days of this game being released my family is playing again! The rules are pretty much the same, but nicely modified to give beginners more options and survivability. On a more personal note...I really enjoy some of the great things they've done for clerics. I look forward to the rest of this system!