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It sure will. All bonuses stack as long as they aren't the same type.

eakratz wrote:
That all said, your GM may still allow it. It is a three feat investment after all.

If you are paying three feats for it. Most of the time i saw it pop up pre-nerf was in Half Elf Paragon surge builds, where they'd use it to have easy access to the entire Wiz/Sorc spell list.

Something is wrong with that conjurer's wrist.

You should try to have a spell of every level available. Even at 20th level, there are times when a 1st level spell can save your life.

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Mechanically, what is it out of Irorian paladin that you are wanting that you won't be gaining from Sacred Fist, or vise verse? It seems like there is an awful amount of overlap, and introduction of MADness that would be simplified by only taking one of them.

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The important thing is to not confuse intelligence with wisdom when roleplaying.

Intelligence is your speed of thought, the effectiveness of that thought, ingenuity, and puzzle solving. Book learning.

Wisdom is common sense, judgement, instincts, and capacity for patience. Street Smarts.

With a low intelligence, but better than average wisdom and charisma, you will take a couple seconds to understand the implications of things. You'll give good advice, but you'll probably use a mixed or misunderstood metaphor to do it. You'll be able to relate to people pretty well,, but might not understand what they are talking about.

I'd go with Str. Since you took the levels of Oracle, you are lagging behind by one BAB. The Str bump will compensate for that, as well as pushing you into +6 damage with a two hander, from the +4 you have now.

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I like to think of 7 intelligence as Joey from Friends. Or rather, he is Low Int, Average Wis, and High Cha (so an average sorcerer, paladin, or oracle). He's not a slobbering idiot, but he consistently takes longer to figure things out, frequently gets common knowledge trivia wrong, and he often thinks he is being clever when he is actually doing things normally or even ineffectively.

Well, they are based off of Javanese Shadow Puppetry, so maybe you could learn about that for thematic ideas?

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Probably use an Alchemal Silver Bec de Corbin, a Cold Iron Horsechopper, and an Adamantine Shield, so you always have the right tool for the job.

Small point of advice... I'd suggest an Adamantine Horsechopper, Cold Iron Bec, and Mithral Shield w/spikes. The reasons being these:

1: Mithral counts as silver for overcoming DR, and you don't have to deal with the -1 to attack from Alchemical Silver. Plus the shield gets to be lighter.
2: Adamantine weapons are great for carving your way through doors and walls. It's hard to carve through a wall with a shield, but much easier with slashing weapons.

Xethik wrote:
RJGrady wrote:
What's all this Improved Disarm stuff? You have a +13 BAB advantage against the rogue. Feat or no feat, he's not hanging onto his weapon.
You Disarm. You Provoke. Rogue hits you for eh damage. All of a sudden, that disarm is unlikely to land due to the CMB modifier from taking damage.

Is the 1d6+10 going be enough to overcome the difference in ability scores?

If you don't want to lose BAB, take a one level dip in Divine Tracker Ranger.

alexd1976 wrote:
Fighters already need STR/DEX/CON, having a minimum INT of 13 really just results in parties with less fighters...

Or fighters who want to do lots of maneuvers taking a level of brawler. Probably not a bad idea anyway, getting to skip the Int prereq, getting a d6 unarmed strike, and 4 uses of Martial Flexibility. You don't even have to lose out on BAB!

I do agree that it should be made equal with casters though. Casters can expand their options by taking metamagic feats with no taxes, other than caster level prereqs. I say give all metamagic feats a basic tax of:

Metamagic Use
You have unlocked hidden secrets of Magic.
Prerequisites: Caster Level 1, Con 13
When casting a spell, you may make a concentration check (DC 10+double the spell level) to heighten the spell's level by 1, to a maximum of 9. If you fail, your caster level is not increased and the spell is lost. Every 4 caster levels, the spell level increase by an additional level (2 levels at CL 4, 3 levels at CL 8, etc).

Additionally, you may take feats with the [Metamagic] tag.

Taking ten is great for Inquisitors and Bards who are identifying monsters.

Fly can be necessary for people who want to do any maneuvering.

Some DM's will call for a Sense Motive or Heal check to figure out how injured your foes are.

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Adventures of the DMPC
The DM has an amazing story planned out. Unfortunately, this story is about one person, the NPC the DM forces the group to adventure with. The DMPC will have stats equivalent to a 40 point buy, be 3 levels higher than the party, and be the best equipped to handle any given situation. You party will inevitably end up sitting on the sidelines while the DMPC cleans up during combat, or be stuck fighting minions while the DMPC handles the Balor alone.
How to fix: Explain to the DM that no one enjoys listening to him narrate battles between himself. Failing that, run. In character or not, your choice.

The Never-ending Escort Mission
Similar to the Adventures of the DMPC, the story is all about the DM's favorite NPC. However, rather than being a Deus ex DMPC, they will be about as useful in any given situation as a bag full of kittens, yet will attract trouble like a kender at a magical flea market . At least one party member will be forced to spend all their time keeping the fool alive.
How to fix: Chances are, this DM is recovering from an Adventures of the DMPC game that fell apart, and learned the wrong lesson. Explain to the DM that the story should really be about the party, not an NPC. Failing that, let the fool get themselves killed.

Well, since Archaeologist’s luck is treated as bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, effects, and the like that affect bardic performance, I'd say it works, just the same as Lingering Performance, making that a must have for bow focused Archaeologists.

Celestial is a Sorcerer bloodline, but it has different abilities than the bloodrager version. RAW, you would be getting the sorcerer version, but if it isn't for PFS, you might be able to convince your GM.

That being said, making it an Aasimar seems like a better option to me. Not having your Wings being limited by rounds/day is much more useful.

Sammy T wrote:

human archaeologist bard

heirloom weapon: composite longbow
fate's favored

14 STR
24 DEX (18 start, +2 level bumps, +4 belt)

Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Deadly Aim
Lingering song
(Clustered shots at L11, or earlier at L9 instead of Manyshot)

Use Masterwork Transformation on your bow and then begin upgrading it as necessary. Archaeologist Luck at L9 with Fate's Favored is +3 to hit and damage.

Assuming a +2 Bow and a +4 belt and haste (or divine fervor or allegro), your second round full attack is:

+15/+15/+15/+10 1d8+9

of course, you could be less selfish and do a standard bard and inspire everyone, losing the +1 stuff from Fate's Favored.

If you're good with your money, you might be able to go with a +1 Holy bow by L9, with which you then begin to wreck face.

Don't forget your Rogue talents as an Archaeologist. You have two talents by level 9, which you can use to grab an extra combat feat, and weapon focus. I'd take Arcane strike. On the 2/3 rounds that you aren't using your swift action for Luck, you are getting a free +2 damage.

Also, don't forget that you should have +2 morale to attack from Heroism, which lasts long enough (90 minutes at this level) to be a pre combat buff.

It depends on how genre/trope savvy your group is. For a group that picks up on things like that, it might be better to subvert the notion. For example, when they first catch a glimpse of the BBEG, you mention the the sword that he carries and seems to be his symbol of authority. The party then prepares to fight him as though he is a martial combatant, when it turns out, he is a caster!

The best way I've aways found to get into a character's head is to build a background:

* Why do you adventure? Most normal people don't leave friends and family to go out slaying monsters. What caused you to go out into the world?

*Why/how do you have the abilities you do? Are they learned? Were you born with them?

*Who were/are your family? How do you relate to them?

Once you have that, you can start building your personality/morals/ethics:

*What do you do in your spare time?

*What do you dislike?

*What is a line you can never see yourself crossing?

*What are you most ashamed of?

*What are you most proud of?

Hope this all helps!

Small pet peeve of mine:

Sheets that don't realize that Head and Headband are different slots in Pathfinder. So many sheets I find only have one slot for Head, and no Headband!

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thejeff wrote:
Yeah, I found that thread, but it didn't seem common enough here to qualify for "meme". Maybe the hammer/arm/anvil stuff is more widespread, but I haven't really noticed it.

The Forge of Combat stuff pops up pretty often in the Advice Forum in the numerous "Here's my party: What should I play?" threads. It's usually brought up as an analysis of what roles the party currently has, what they are lacking, and how that lack is expected to affect the group in combat.

What grinds my gears:

1: People who seem obsessed with the with the reletive number of e's and l's in the word rol_play, or shame people who play in a different manner than they themselves do.
1b: People who fall into the Stormwind Fallacy (Roleplay and Rollplay are not discrete)

2: People who cannot grasp the separation of mechanics and fluff.

3: (In advice threads) "How can I best build [x] idea?" "Your idea sucks/isn't optimal, play [y] instead."
3b: "The DM has [x] houserules, what can I do with this?" "Those houserules are broken."

4: Alignment/Paladin threads.
4b: Jokes about Paladin threads.

5: People who post without reading the thread.

Reading through (most of) this thread, it seems like the a lot of what people want are archetypes for various classes more than new classes. I'm seeing a lot of "A Spontaneous version of [x] Spell casting class," or "[x] Class with some of [y] class's abilities." It seems to me that since the ACG, these kinds of things are more the purview of Archetypes. If you want a spontaneous casting Druid, or prepared casting Bard, you don't want a new class, you want an archetype. Hopefully one that only touches spell casting, so you can combine it with as many other archetypes as possible. The same goes with a class that borrows abilities from another class.

I think it depends on who you are trying to grapple. Barbarian might be best against other martials, but Tetori has the advantage of shutting down caster's like no one's business.

Weathered Warrior is a good take for any ranged character, since it allows you to get by your greatest weakness, wind.

I feel like i should note that, by RAW, Aasimar are not a valid race for Adoptive Parentage, as they are not humanoids, they are Outsiders. However, since all it really seems that you really want out of it is Skill Focus: Knowledge (Nature), you could instead take the Focused Study alternate racial trait, and get some extra Skill focuses out of the deal if you go to 8th and 16th levels.

Don't forget Paladin (Temple Champion) and AntiPaladin (Dread Vanguard).

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Honestly, your character doesn't seem to bad at all to me. Not Optimized, but well rounded. Your Stats look well placed for a fairly MAD class. You have a good enough Str for front lining, and the Con to take a hit. A decent Dex for ranged combat and AC, though if you were point buying, you could maybe drop the Dex to 12 and give something else a boost. You have a good Cha for your paladin abilities. Then to round it out a passible Int and Wis. There are many around here who would suggest dumping those to boost your Str and Cha, but there is nothing wrong with not being min/maxed.

For feats you have Fey Foundling and Extra Lay on hands. This is well in line with your stated intention on doing a bit of healing. Fey Foundling is pretty much so good that i'm surprised that that are any paladins who weren't found on a doorstep. Extra Lay on Hands however might not be as necessary, since you already have a good enough Cha to give you 4 daily uses.

Personally, I'd suggest trading Extra Lay on hands for something to help your combat efficacy. The best way to heal is to prevent damage from being done in the first place, which killing an enemy faster can accomplish quite well. Power Attack is always good. Or, Combat Reflexes puts you in the path to get Bodyguard and In Harm's Way, which seems to fit your concept.

If you do end up going the Oradin route, pick up your second level of Paladin before dipping. Your Saves will thank you.

Finally, if you can afford it, pick up a Longbow. No Adventurer should be without a ranged option. Also, think about picking up a mace or warhammer. Never know if you are gonna fight skeletons.

Some ideas:

The leader of the Organization is actually one of the "Slain" Nobles. Aka: the PC's are actually siblings.

The King of Almas actually surrendered to the organization in exchange for the lives of the nobles he liked. PC's parents not included.

The Kingdom of Almas was founded on a nexus of Infernal Energies, which the king had been using to keep his nobles in line. The Organization was founded by a splinter cell of nobles who are trying to reverse the polarity of the nexus.

Doomed Hero wrote:

The Knight Terror


Dear god, that is terrifying. Also I love how it basically comes with an adventure plan. Now all the GM has to do is make some maps of a secluded nightmare castle and it's off to the races!

You are the only arcane caster? I can see why you might be driven focus on the casting then.

As an alternative, might I suggest playing a Sage Seeker Sorcerer? You'd keep your handiness with traps, as well as having plenty of Skill points thanks to high Int, and you'll be able to support your party as a full caster.

On your stats:

Archaeologists don't need that much Cha. The Bard spell list isn't very good on offensive spells, and you don't seem like you are making a casting focused character anyway. I'd switch your Dex and Cha around. How do you feel about dump stats? Wis can be dropped a bit for not a lot of damage, since Bards have good will saves. As a Half Elf, you can also trade your skill focus for Dual minded, which will help cover your will save.

I see that you are using your Skill focus for Eldritch heritage to get a familiar though. How much are you in love with having a familiar? Three feats is a lot to devote to it. It also delays your access to rapid shot and deadly aim, which are huge boosts to your ranged effectiveness.

On favored class bonuses: As a half elf, you have access to both human, elf, and half elf FCB's. Relevant FAQ. My suggestion: Take the Half elf bonus for three levels, until you get access to 2nd level spells, then stat taking the Human bonus, for more spells known. You will never regret having extra spells known.

Lore Warden Fighter is great for builds that utilize maneuvers with weapons. Get Improved Whip Mastery to threaten at reach with your whip, but don't bother with greater whip mastery, unless you really want to grapple with your whip too. Be A Half Elf to get the exotic weapon proficiency.

1R: EWP (whip)
1F: Two Weapon Fighting
1: Weapon Focus (Whip)
2F: Whip Mastery
2LW:Combat Expertise
3: Improved Trip
4F: Improved Disarm
5: Improved Whip Mastery
6F: Combat Reflexes
7: Greater Trip
8F: Greater Disarm

Have you read the Blockbuster Wizard guide? It explains pretty well how to split the difference between the God type wizard you want, and the blaster wizard your party wants.

Going a step further, since fights seem so fatal, why not increase your survivability by going the Eldritch Knight route? Strap on a reach weapon and you can also play battlefield control through that route as well.

Chess Pwn wrote:
Color spray would only have a chance to stun them for 1 round at higher levels. Which isn't helpless.

That's why I suggest Heavens Oracle, for the Awesome Display Revelation:

PFSRD wrote:
Awesome Display (Su): Your phantasmagoric displays accurately model the mysteries of the night sky, dumbfounding all who behold them. Each creature affected by your illusion (pattern) spells is treated as if its total number of Hit Dice were equal to its number of Hit Dice minus your Charisma modifier (if positive).

Now, when you are high level and have a Ridiculous Cha Mod (which as an oracle, you'll want), you can still drop fools with color spray. And even if it doesn't hold up in super high level play, at 8th level (assuming 24 or so CHA, for a +7 mod) you'll still be able to hit 9 HD creatures as though they were 2 HD. Obviously this will be more effective if your GM is more prone to throw many smaller monsters at you instead of one big monster.

If you want some blasting as well, go with the blackened curse, and put the trait Magical lineage or Meta magic master on Burning Hands or Scorching Ray. The -4 (eventually -2) on weapon attack rolls won't matter too much since you don't need to make attack rolls with a CdG, and as a primary caster, you'll usually have better things to do than swing at a standing foe.

With a scythe, you will be wanting to find a way to exploit that tasty x4 Crit mod. So you will be looking for auto crits. The two easiest ways i can think of to do this is via Butterfly's Sting or CdG'ing.

Butterfly's Sting:
Basically, you will be looking to specialize in two different weapons: your Scythe, and one with an 18-20 crit range. You'll make your full attacks with your 18-20 range weapon, and when you get a crit, you use Butterfly's Sting to forgo the immediate crit to make the next ally that hits that foe an auto crit. Then, you drop the 18-20 weapon, and quick draw your scythe. According to This Faq, you are your own ally.

The quickest route i can think of to get this online is by starting with 5 levels of Swashbuckler, to get early access to improved critical for your high crit weapon.

Coup de Grace:
To get this working, you need a reliable way to make your foes helpless. The easiest way to do that is via magic. A witch can slumber hex foes all day long, but frankly, that's a bit boring and overdone. How about a Heavens Oracle? Your Color spray can be effective pretty much all the way to lvl 20, and there is something satisfying about busting out a level one spell that absolutely ruins someones day when you are a higher level than level one spells have any business being cast at.

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If you are the main spellcaster, I'd advise against dipping. The loss of Caster Level and more importantly, spell levels will hurt a ton. Why are you looking to multi-class so bad? Are you just suffering from damage envy?

Honestly, I'd change your 5th level feat to Arcane Strike. Sure, you can't use it every round, but 2/3 rounds you'll be getting +2 to your damage, which stacks with everything. That will increase to every 3/4 rounds once you pick up a Headband of Fortune's Favor. Later, pick up Power Attack, since you have the Str for it.

So basically, you want more of a sense of advancement throughout the year, without them getting too powerful, too fast. Correct?

Maybe you could adapt the incremental advances system from 13th Age. Basically, the idea is that rather than getting everything from a level all at once, you get a bit at a time after every session or major plot point. So for example, rather than getting extra BAB, saves, skill points, HP, Class features, Feats, and spells all at the same time, you get to level one of those aspects up at a time, until you have the full level.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
revaar wrote:
I imagine that any culture that commonly eats bread and meat, of any sort, will lead to the making of sandwiches or wraps, as a means of making food more transportable and less messy.

The problem with this "imagining" is that it's demonstrably untrue, in the medium term.

The invention of the "sandwich" is well-documented (17th-18th century) Standard medieval fare included a "trencher" (a slice of bread under meat -- to bulk out the meal, to sop up juices, and to act as a sort of plate -- but dishes like the Dutch belegde brodje, which is basically an open-faced sandwich, were unfamiliar enough to the English that they needed to be explained by travellers to the the Netherlands.

Similarly, the hot dog bun is fairly reliably dated to the 1904 World's Fair.

Of course, the English had been eating pies for centuries. But it's surprising how obvious-in-retrospect inventions seem to take forever. Wheels on luggage date to 1970. (The rollaboard to 1987.) Popsicles date to 1905. The ice cream cone (ice cream in an edible dish) also dates to 1904, at the same World's Fair that gave us the hot dog bun.

Goodness, pre-sliced bread dates to 1928. So when they say "the greatest invention since sliced bread," they're really only talking about an eighty year period.

That historical information about when people stated putting things on bread actually sort of proves my point. Here on earth, we only have about 5515 years of recorded history(going back to the beginnings of Sumeria and Egypt, around 3500 BC). On Golarion, they have around 8185, with the current year being 4715 AR, and the age of Destiny (aka founding of Osirion) being in -3470 AR. That's a 2600 year of development that they have on us. While we've only had Hot Dog Buns for 100 or so year, they may have had them for 2100.

Something with a pet. Animal Companions and Eidolons aren't affected by your low stats, and so will remain strong.

I imagine that any culture that commonly eats bread and meat, of any sort, will lead to the making of sandwiches or wraps, as a means of making food more transportable and less messy.

Something else to consider: How has magic effected the development of cuisine? Even a 0-level cantrip can flavor foods and drinks. Are spices as important in places where magic is more common? How does access to magical fire and cold effect cooking? Does meat taste better cooked over a magically influenced fire? Is refrigeration and transport of food an issue with access to ray of frost?

Rerednaw wrote:
kestral287 wrote:

This. It is, as I said, cheesey as all heck, but legal.
Explain this please? I tried searching for it but didn't find any matches for "Samasaran" How is this accomplished?

That's because it is spelled Samsaran.

Take a look at the mystic past life alternate racial ability. When combined with the lower level access that summoners get on many good spells, it is a bit obscene.

A Dward with the Glory of Old trait and Steel Soul feat will get a total of +5 to save vs Spells, Spell-like Abilities, and Poison. After that, make them a barbarian with the superstition line, and you have yourself a pretty magic resistant mundane.

I imagine it would be good to use on spells that people typically pick as spells to buy as scrolls. Various status removal spells, divinations, highly specialized buffs and debuffs, those sorts of things.

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Knowledge checks. That is one of the things they are there for.

What kind of tool gives a MW bonus to intimidate?

Trade 6 levels of bloodrager for levels of a warpriest of Calistria, and take Whip Mastery and improved Whip Mastery. You now threaten everything in your insanely long reach, not just a cone, and you still get a d8 of base damage.

Senko wrote:
I did, I could find a Hellknight commander and a Hellknight Enforcer but not a Hellknight Signifier or Mambayaan Arcanist. Which is why I suspected they were from a 3rd party source. However since I couldn't find anything on them I was doubtful they would work together as they sound like they're from different orders. I tend to treat my players characters as being organic parts of the world so while I don't demand they train I do want them to justify if they're say in the wilds of Tian in a campaign based in Tian and prestige class into a Hellknight which is a very specific order in another land.

For your reference:

Magaambyan Arcanist= Collegiate Arcanist
Hellknight Signifier= Hell Knight Enforcer

He can qualify for the alignment bits of both by being LG, since Hellknights are Lawful and Magaambyan Arcanists need to be Good.

In Golarion specific fluff, the two organization would indeed probably not get along, since Hellknights are very pro-civilization and ruthless, while Magaambyan Arcanists are all about being in balance with nature and altruism. Although, come to think of it, a follower of Erastil could hit all those points fairly well.

However, that is Golarion specific fluff, that may not even be relevant to the OP's character. In my group, we tend to see classes and PrC's as collections of abilities, and the characters themselves can determine the fluff.

The other options you are missing:

Qualify for Eldritch Knight by level 3, by having a 3rd level SLA, as per this ruling: FAQ. This will allow you to advance your casting and your BAB, only taking a 2 CL and 1 BAB hit. You'll be able to take the first level of AA at lvl 8.


Be a Bloodrager, who gets full BAB and Arcane Spells. Your first AA level will be at level 7, but your spell choices will be limited.

Logistically, you'll want to limit anything in the dungeon from flying, as a flying creature will alter the weight in that part of the dungeon. You'll also wont a permanent Dimensional Anchor effect around the place, unless you want the PC's to simply be able to Banish the good Aligned foes.

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