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Its own logo and all, huh. Pretty neat offering. I like the adding of Pre-mades, though for their combat stats, I'd prefer the MAP notation like "sickle +17 [+13/+9]".

Very cool.

CrystalSeas wrote:
Whether or not beginners are going to check an 'official errata' page, GMs, and more particularly, Society GMs are going to have to 'fix' character sheets where someone has created a +5 ability mod.

I agree. I think its still appropriate and that "people won't check" is not warranted. If you are interested in Pathfinder you are already a curious geek.

As alluded in the latest How its played video, "When Do You Declare Nimble Dodge?", there are two reactions in the system called "Nimble Dodge" with the same effect. These only differ in the specifics of its trigger, as the player and Derro option triggers when targeted, and the Drow option triggers when hit. That difference even seems hard to discern to some which enhances the confusion.

To address this, I simply suggest a new name for the less common ability (Perhaps "Trick dodge" for the Drow?). This of course, unless a designer is interested in making them the same to match a predetermined intent.

There are also two features called "Reckless Abandon" (this time different), one for the barbarian and the other for the Goblin ancestry, for which I would suggest the same.

Mentioned video:

Past posts alluding to the two "Nimble Dodge" and its triggers:

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Neat. Is he by any chance in any of the pawn sets?

Yoshua wrote:

nice work, love that Darago. Still waiting for a Darago to get released (non pawn)


Darago has now been released in the "Necromancers Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Miniatures Wizkids WZK73855" pack.

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These adventures are frames for us to tell whatever sub-stories and explore whatever angles we choose. Out actions steer all progress and the narratives we as players provide color the moral evaluations of the actions in it, as is natural with all ttrpg adventures.

The nature of a criticized media piece, what it is and how its audiences interacts with it, must be taken into account in any criticisms towards it.

Lots of exciting stuff announced today, with the upcoming archetypes for me at the top.

(PS. Article probably missing the "Advanced Player's Guide" tag)

This is such a good product concept. It allows more adaptability during play, creativity, ease of transport, etc.

To those worried about the number popping, I play multiple games with numbered tiles, and I don't notice them after setting it up. I would suggest, though, not making the letters fully white.

Also, I think you can save two character in the code: Other games continue the numbering in expansion tiles (ie. Expansion tiles starts at 43). If a set comes, if ever, after these expansions, the letter can instead be changed.
Also, I'd go with D & F instead of DU & FO.

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Marc Radle wrote:

Hey there raphaelus! First post! Welcome to the Paizo forums!

As to your specific question, I'm guessing there will be a fair amount of latitude given - so if someone is really good at complete monster design, great! If some one has a cool concept but isn't as comfortable with the nuts and bolts, I suspect that will be ok too :)

Thanks for the welcome and quick reply.

May I ask who did the art for the blob of many different eyes and the blue alligator? More art by them! The Marcelo Mercado ones are great too.

For the backer submissions, is it just the creature's main concepts and the team develops it and makes it come to life? Or its a full design contest and by "develop it" you mean polishing it towards a final product?
I now backers who didn't submit because they understood it was the later, and didn't know how to design the stats for one.

It's baffling that there is no elaboration of it in the main page of the Kickstarter.