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I haven't been a fan of LPJ. I picked up the PDF based on End's review. This is one awesome book and I'll second End's review. Great job!

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Having run Razor Coast for the past 2+ years,I agree with a good amount of End's points, especially with the organization and structure. Frankly, I think it helped that I had started the campaign based on the "orginal" incomplete version, in being able to delve into the campaign well. I agree that some of the "AP" like guidelines become a bit to disparate, and cumbersome upon face value.

I think what those guidelines are meant to portray is how certain interactions change the "path" of the campaign more than anything else, rather than as a hard guideline, and the concept itself is great, especially when it comes to the fate of the NPCs and what side they fall in.

In running the game, it's been my experience that these issues are primarily non existent, since the players have their own agendas, and different players have followed different paths. However, it would be impossible to run it if the GM tries to force a specific course based on the guidelines in the book.

FYI End, the book does refer to Heart of the Razor, and the indulgences in certain areas, though the integration could be more extensive.

in game spoilers:
It's evolved that the party primarily works for Hargorve though they despise him, and due to key interractions, Hargrove himself has benefited by "elevating" the Tulita. It should also be noted that the whole Jalamar plot thread shows that the Tulita themselves aren't necessarily noble savages, and there is a good amount of Tulita that worship Djobas. The same goes for the Krakanti who are also the "fallen" Tulita in a way.

Not helping the Tulita might make it hard with the night of the shark, but that is to be expected; and the powers that be can easily manipulate that event to their benefit (i.e., further subjugation of the Tulita)

Ultimately, I think there is a LOT of really good material here to do whatever the heck you want with Razor Coast.

It is also a LOT more easier to run RC from the PDF that it would ever be from the book. The book is way too cumbersome to use, especially since it follows a "plot web" template, and requires a lot of flipping back and forth. A product like this can be made even better by using lots of internal links. I find it odd that very few, if any, publishers, have fully embraced even such a basic level of internal linking to create a true adventure "path." [i.e., if party decides on "B" click on link "the flumph avenger."]

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brvheart wrote:
hedgeknight wrote:

In celebration...


Went out and got a 1.5 gallon and cracked it open at tonight's game to celebrate! Announced the new campaign for 2-3 weeks after it's release. We are going to double DM it.

Funn, I have been GMing "Razor Coast" for 2 years! :) Can't wait to see what the actual finished product looks like and how far i have deviated from the setting, especially with some of the major NPCs.

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I think a combination of themes would work well too. For example:

Underdark dwarven city under seige; this would include the war theme, exploration ( recover weapons), diplomacy (recruit allies), reconaissance and sabotage, and lots of combat.

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The Great City AP has some very good higher level urban adventures. Breaking of Forstor Nagar, Citadel of Pain and Coliseum are all outstanding as well.

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Great review End. Pretty mich echo my thoughts. Even stat blocks are interesting in this adventure.

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Lou and Rone are sick, sick men. I love it! There is so much goodness in this makes me cackle with glee...can't wait to run this! One of the best adventures out there, i'd say, and i have only read a third of the adventure. Note that this is much, much more than a dungeon crawl- factions, twisted magical items, awesome little rules addons, not to mention the great maps.

Lou, you have gone on the "authors i'd buy on name alone" list (between this and the Great City Stuff...).

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Projecting opinion as theory is pretty useless, especially when it comes to product quality. Further, some might find it crass and classless to continue on about why someone lost their job in a public forum. I think this thread has long outlived any usefulness, if it ever had any to begin with

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Yoman's Folly- blank stares and shrugs is the common response at mention this name in the Kingdom of Aldavir, even among the most knowledgable of scholars (admitedly there were few due to the the Great Purge few years ago; it all started when King Omarch the 7th, may st. Cuthbert bless he and his many offspring, was corrected by a Scholar about how fast an apple and an anvil would fall. The said scholar, not of his on violation, found himself under an anvil post haste).

Yoman, apparently a thinker and planner of great foresight, had founded his village, on where he expected the Kings Road to be built. Unfortunately, the fact that he had gotten his information from a drunken "lady" of dubious repute had been witheld from those who followed him there. Needless to say, there was no road. Hence, the little village existed in the middle of no where, with the occasional (even occasional being a stretch, the last being passer by was apparently some crazed explorer who had set off to map the Inpenetrable Forest of Black Death.)passerby. Anyway, none of this mattered to the residents of said village, much more concerned about where their next boiled potato was going to come from.

For the past few years, an ogre, a rather ferocious, grey and bloated thing of considerable girth and ugliness, has demanded monthly tribute. Since the demands were ale, sheep, and occasional mundane supplies, the village complied with these demands. The ogre was content
to collect his extorted goods, and leave the people alone.

However, last month, the tribute changed. In addition to ale and sheep, the ogre demanded gold and building materials!(the former in much short supply, curious thing as to what an ogre would do with gold in the middle of nowhere).

But the situation has grown even more grim. The ogre returned yesterday with yet more demands of ale and worse: people! The village is in an uproar and denied the ogre's request. The brute flew into a rage and grabbed two townsfolk and hauled them back to his lair. They're destined for his gullet, no doubt! The fact that one of the two was Alisa, the fairest of the fair, she who made men (and dwarves) week in the knees also might have increased the "uproar" (by village standards anyway- she did have good teeth, a claim few could make).

Bob was the other, but no one cared about Bob.

Hence the brave men and women? of the village had taken up arms (shovels, pitchforks, club); a rather large group it must be said, whose loss might cut the village poulation in half.

They gathered at the Broken Mug, where free ale was in full flow- it was well known that drinking made men braver (in fact the great Paladin Heronus the Just was always sloshed). They knew a little of the darned ogre- his cave was two miles away, in a hillock in the shape of a skull; bleating of sheep had been heard occasionally and apparently the darned beast liked to cook (smoke had been seen rising up through one of the "eyes" in the hillock.

Karly and Kaylin, two "attractive" and buxom sisters, served the wine and ale as "Lord" Merriweather, self appointed mayor, and the rest of the villagers gathered to give their berthen a fond farwell.

"Heresh to the brave heroes! We know you'll kill the beast!"yelled the mayor, the jowls under his chin quivering with each word. "hip hip horray" he cheered, echoed by the more subdued response of the villagers, half of whom looked a bit glum.

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Simcha wrote:

I have never been the greatest adherent to D20 systems...

My PF days are over, for now, I guess. I want to tell stories, and for me, personally, D20 is not the means to do that. It may well be for others, and the APs tell great stories in their own right. But in the end, not for me.

Cheers all! Game on!

You gotta play what you enjoy! Good gaming.