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Another little trick that would help would be hyperlinking the monsters and other such references to the monster section or where the relevant detail is found within the PDF (this is a bit inconsistent as some monster entries are in the back while others are in the adventure text itself).

I would also consider adding a sentence or two about what each creature looks/sounds/feels like at first glance (i.e., the Klaven has it and others don't.)

Thank you for listening to the feedback. More than happy to share any in play questions as well. Part II can be pretty challenging for new GMs/ as written, so feel free to message me with any questions.

After running this, the latter part of the adventure has significant structural issues and is not as well structured or useful as it could have been...Lots of information buried in various nooks that should be the first thing presented (just a bullet pointed list of the look, feel, smell and taste of the "new world" for example would have been extremely helpful). I would suggest ensuring presenting such critical information clearly and concisely upfront in future adventures (i.e., what do the players see when they look up at the night sky? who do they see when they look around them?).

Then again, wall of text seems endemic to most products these days; the "use" test should be applied when people design these adventures.

Clearly it says something about my tastes:


Mona & Jacobs (Return to Castle Greyhawk is one of the best dungeon designs i have ever seen)

When/where can i pick this up? I see no information on this on the FGG site.

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I haven't been a fan of LPJ. I picked up the PDF based on End's review. This is one awesome book and I'll second End's review. Great job!

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I believe the key words you might not be reading are grappled or helpless.

Will the PDF be updated for the errata?

Sweet...."a colossal biomechanical death-machine in the shape of a great prehistoric beast known as a Doom Golem. The PCs must figure out how to reactivate the machine and return to the surface through the Sink. Emerging in the center of the Great City, they face off against the Trypus Academy's own mecha-kaiju death-machine in an epic battle that threatens to smash the city to rubble."

Love it!

I would ban it, unless you develop an alternate schism within the shark god's worshippers; could be interesting to have a different aspect that is long lost in history and have the PC be an alternate/opposed to you know who.

Thanael wrote:

Some errata:

** spoiler omitted **

i would think the higher level one, based on prior versions and drafts. Also, from a game balance perspective.

Louis Agresta wrote:
Yeah. I didn't like the art on Mr. H and Eric Lofgren was available, so...

I think the product could be made even better with internal PDF linking, if at all possible, primarily due to the sandboxy structure.

Louis Agresta wrote:
Coltaine wrote:
Razor Coast is amazing, innovative, beautiful, creative and...it blows me away. I love everything about it. I think it sets a new standard for adventure design; it's exactly what I have wanted as an experienced GM; it was well worth the wait! Thank you all, especially Lou; your love shines through.
Dude. Wow. Thank you. I'm so glad you like it.

It's perfect for my GMing style (most of nick's stuff is). Soo...when are you guys going to work on Ebon Shroud? There is a certain female NPC from that that I dearly want to see done justice...;) Oh, and i found it interesting that Mr.H looks different in the current version of RC.

Razor Coast is amazing, innovative, beautiful, creative and...it blows me away. I love everything about it. I think it sets a new standard for adventure design; it's exactly what I have wanted as an experienced GM; it was well worth the wait! Thank you all, especially Lou; your love shines through.

That's it. The Mysteries of the Razor Sea Indulgence also fits well with that adventure. I also introduced some of the NPCs on the Sea Voyage; I.e Jalamar.

Can anyone tell me what the other adventures are outside of the ones described in the product description?

GeraintElberion wrote:
Thanael wrote:
brvheart wrote:
Sort of a narrow range. Will need something to take them to 5th then.

Lets make a list of usable module!

I'll start with:
The Horn of Geryon (level 1)

One of the indulgences (16 page pdf releases which are being updated to PF) is a 1st level adventure.

I used the fantastic 3rd edition adventure,Maiden Voyage- the party is a group of settlers journeying to Port Shaw. Some of the indulgences work very well as well within such a Trans-oceanic journey.

Edition warring, part XXXIIII

This one might not be fully baked, but it is indeed, the most creative and exciting of the proposal; I personally value those two qualities in a proposal more than how complete the proposal might be! I want this developed, and as such you'll get my vote.

FYI Wulfgang has done a "lost city" adventure exceptionally well within a 32 page count (Crucible of Chaos). The more i think of it, elements of this adventure also reminds me of another Wulfgang adventure a bit as well (From Shore to Sea).

Biobeast wrote:
I really love Freeport. But, at this point my home game players are burned out on pirate themed stuff. We played the 3.5 version of Freeport 2009-2010 time frame, and are now playing Skulls and Shackles. I'm a big fan of Green Ronin material, just this doesn't appleal to my group of players at this time. And by the way this also applies to Razor Coast, which we won't be playing due to the same pirate theme fatigue.

Razor Coast is not really Piratey; a lot of it is more about colonialism and ancient evils.

Oddly, i dreamt about Bill Webb last night (he was an older bespectacled gentleman who my girlfriend was argoing with), and i find this in my inbox...hmmm

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brvheart wrote:
hedgeknight wrote:

In celebration...


Went out and got a 1.5 gallon and cracked it open at tonight's game to celebrate! Announced the new campaign for 2-3 weeks after it's release. We are going to double DM it.

Funn, I have been GMing "Razor Coast" for 2 years! :) Can't wait to see what the actual finished product looks like and how far i have deviated from the setting, especially with some of the major NPCs.

You are a great designer Nick. I have worked in all of your dungeon adventures into my ongoing Razor Coast Campaign (I am running it based on your 40 or so pagea of pre pre draft....and I threw in some buried Old Ones etc.) oh and one of your preview characters from Ebon Shroud has also made her way to the coast to wreck some vampiric badness. Keep writing and I will keep running it.

What do the original subscribers who haven't asked for a refund get?

A,B, D, E- heck, i'll take it in whatever form its in currently.

Looks great; id love it if there were further expansions that drilled down even further.

FYI i agree that this is an awesome product. In fact, there is so much stuff there that i might never fully read through it.

Marc Radle wrote:
Coltaine wrote:
Please add bookmarks!
Hey Coltain, like End says, the PDF does have bookmarks ... are you saying yours doesn't?

Correct. It looks like the PDF up on Paizo has no bookmarks. I think End noted something similar in his review for the supplement to this book as well.

Please add bookmarks!

Interesting terminology bigd. I get exactly what you mean; a lot of the old school trilogies and boxed sets, be it Saltmarsh, Night Below, or Elemental Evil, were set up thi way. They were anchor points to the campaign, without taking up the entire campaign, and giving the GM flexibility within the design space. My face was the trilogy based on the Illithiad.

Currently, there are few, if any adventures designed this way. I think the best bet is to piecemeal the various paizo and third party adventure paths. The are some longer adventures out there too like the gaming paper one....citadel of pain, and also the breaking of frostor nargar; both excellent anchoring adventures.

Manuelexar wrote:
Tito? Is he italian?

He is a farty old cthulu apparently.

Gorbacz wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Erik Freund wrote:

No offense to Tito, but you should totally have contracted out Tom Phillips to do this one. Would have been amazing.

Maybe bring back the whole set-piece idea from the early APs and have him do one of those in this issue?

Well... no offense to Tom Phillips, but he's never written an Adventure Path installment before. And after having been burned pretty badly in the past in assigning something as enormous and complex and difficult as an Adventure Path installment to authors we've not worked with before and having semi-disasters result, I've adopted the policy of "only one new author per AP, and said new author must first prove himself by writing several other things for us first."

Which is Mike Shel in this case—he's writing the second adventure.

And set pieces aren't coming back.

Tito, on the other hand, has been writing Adventure Path installments for longer than Pathfinder's been around.

You forgot "Tito Leati is awesome" and "Tito Leati does the best handouts"!

Tito is da awesome; The Champion''s Belt

I hear lots of great things from pretty much everyone who has actually playtested the game.

Fire Mountain Games wrote:


An interesting idea.

NOBLE HOUSE -- There are many noble houses both great and small within the ancient drow vault-city of Tezzarathane, but yours is definitely one of the lesser. This will be the generation where that changes. You play a band of young drow nobles, inheritors of a legacy of evil and vengeance.

At once both an urban campaign and a game of underground exploration, you begin as young drow earning your place in the cutthroat world of the dark elves. Rise to power, conquer the uncharted depths of the earth, raid the surface and become masters of Tezzarathane. Loyal to no one but yourself, your House and its dark demon-gods, are you ruthless enough to become lords and ladies of the realms below?

The PCs would all be drow -- a race diversied and given more options via the trait system. This would be an adventure path that spans centuries as it charts the life of a band of drow noble siblings fighting to secure their dominance in drow society.

It would have a kingmaker-esque aspect -- the Noble House itself would be a character. This adventure path would feature major interaction (via both combat and RP) with the aboleth. And of course at least one drow civil war is inevitable. Very sandbox, there would be literally no limits to what wickedness your house could undertake.

In order to allow for interparty cooperation, your house requires a blood oath to not harm those of your kin. There would be a minor competive element -- only one of you can be Matriarch/Patriarch at a time after all. But each of you would have a say in how the Noble House is controlled (one of you is the master of assassins, one is the master of the household guard, etc.).

Another thing -- drow are demon worshippers. Rather than specify which demon lord (or lady) you worship, there would be a simple subsystem for specifying what makes your favorite otherworldly abomination unique. This is your houses' Patron and though we would provide a few samples, ultimately it will be up to the PCs...

I believe variants of this idea already exist in 3.5 e

I think its a great idea, though you might want to expand on the dwarves only focus. It could be reclaiming a dwarven hall but doesnt have to be a dwarven party- for example, Jade Regent has a similar trope.

A good part of it could be explorative, ala Night Below, and also making allies; perhaps there are "lost dwarves," elves, deep gnomes, drow etc. all down there doing their own thing, you might even throw in unrelated dungeons ala Lost Caverns of Tsojicanth.

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I think a combination of themes would work well too. For example:

Underdark dwarven city under seige; this would include the war theme, exploration ( recover weapons), diplomacy (recruit allies), reconaissance and sabotage, and lots of combat.

I think the history of the game can give you some great ideas for adventure paths:

- Something full of history, evil and dungeony like Temple of Elemental Evil

- Something that starts small and goes big like the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Trilogy

- Something with great adversaries and confrontational like Against the Slavelords

-Something explorative and underdarky, like to The Night Below Boxed set

- Something Sandboxy like the Keep on the Borderlands

I think all of these provide you with broad ideas that are nostalgic, flavorful, and sucessful; they can provide lots of great inspiration for new adventure paths.

Born, brought up and still living in NYC...pretty much anything you can think of, you can find! Some options:

- Various museums-Guggenheim, Museum of Sex, The Whitney(american art), Museum of Art and Design, International Center of Photography, the Frick

-Exhibits; Discovery Times Square (Terra Cota Warriors), Bodies Exhibit ( South Street- SeaPort- fab place to hang out too)

-Parks- Bronx Zoo, Bronx Botanical Garden, Prospect Park

- Churches; My fav is St. John the Divine Cathedral on 110th; now considered the largest church in the world

- other stuff; just walk around. Manhattan is pretty easy to navigate (if going north, the street numbers increase, when going west the avenue numbers increase...). Lots of food and also all kinds of events.

What are your interests? I am sure there is plenty of stuff that's you'd enjoy

The PCs stand as the stalwart defenders of a newly settled colony against an oncoming invasion lead by a Witch Coven. As such, I need specific tasks that the PCs can acomplish to help fortify the defenses/ make their contribution active. Some criteria for consideration are:


Find new allies
Find helpful resources
Gather Intelligence about the enemy/or the converse
Sabotage the enemy/or the converse


Fight specific threats
Rally troops
Prevent key personnel from being killed
Assasinate key enemy leaders or implement intelligent strategy for victory.

I need help with adding details and specificity to any of the above/or anything else that all of your devious minds can come up with. A few plot points of note:

-Ancient Beings lie chained and dormant at the settlement site- an old prison, unknown to most.

- No plant life grows where the settlement is though the settlement is surrounded by an ancient forest

- Pirates abound the coast line

- The PCs suspect certain NPCs to be traitors

- The PCs work for the most dispicable man who is in charge, despite their distate for this (they agreed to this to pull together the alliance of natives, settlers and others).

You can also point me to any published sources as well ( i believe one of the savage tide adventures deal with a similar topic, as an example).

Thank you in advance!

-Forest Fire (source and nature up to you)
-Vengeful Forest Spirit
-Maurauding Beasts
-Logging Company/big business encroachment

I have hunted down every Nick Logue adventure, and incorporated them all into my "Razor Coast" campaign, including the entire Chimes at Midnight Arc, Blackmaw etc. Interestingly, the only product i have been unable to get a hand on is Blood of the Gorgon (looks longingly at Wulfgang); even subscribed to the midgard setting patronage so that i could purchase it. Alas, such an option was not available.

Thanks End & Lou. FYI, Nick, if you have access to your harddrive, i might be able to recover the files from it. I have lots of friends who work in computer forensics.

Welcome back Nick. Your talent and spirit have been sorely missed more than anything. The fact is that none of us are as alone as we think we are.

A lot of the anger towards you, i think, comes from the fact that you have a lot of fans who love what you do. You are exceptional as a RPG Designer- there are very few, if any, who are as talented and creative as you. I think we've all missed your work. It's like finding your favorite restaurant closed with no other recourse.

Lou, you are just an outstanding guy! I think those in your life are very blessed to have such a kind, responsible gentleman.

Quick question; is it possible to get the pdf of Razor Coast for those that ordered it?

Anunnaki wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:
No worries man. I just wanted to have an idea of when I should check.

I got close, then we had some fun and games wrestling the shop database into shape to retrofit Downloads into existing orders. Update here:


The Pathfinder PDF placeholder will be updated with the real thing tomorrow evening. It's almost ready to roll, but I need to grab some sleep and I have work tomorrow (day).

We will be using placeholders in the future to ensure that we don't have to hack orders to insert download links.

So many lessons learned from this exercise. Thank you all for your patience and support as we roll through each unanticipated surprise.

Will you have the PDF available through the Paizo Store as well?

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The Great City AP has some very good higher level urban adventures. Breaking of Forstor Nagar, Citadel of Pain and Coliseum are all outstanding as well.

I think you might be missing a bunch of stuff from Open Design, for example, Midgard.

Hank Woon wrote:
Chuck Wright wrote:

How heavily will these draw upon the original titles? I know that a lot of work has to be done on the crunch side but should we be expecting fresh material from the fluff as well or no?

I'm good either way. :D

Books like Denizens won't have new fluff; most of our new fluff will be all-original books, such as the Adventure Campaigns and new creature/Horror books.

What levels are the adventure paths for? I take it that the classes will be new and unique from Pathfinder? Any hints on what the adventure is about?

I love Earthdawn. I am looking forward to how magic and some of the classes are treated, as well as Horrors.

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