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What new melee attack feats in Starfinder Armory?

One of my players runs a melee Vesk upgrading to Level 7 by our next session on 8/3. They’re hoping the Armory releasing on 8/2 adds some melee-focused feats. Especially something that helps with their attack roll -they’re already doing pretty good damage.

Plan B: I recommended we could work together and invent a feat that’s mathematically in-line with RAW and narratively justified for the character.

Thanks for any new feat info!

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Kelly LeBrock...
...Royal N-1 starfighters... Zentraedi vibes...

I just like that I can be in a thread with these references and there's no need to say the source material cause we all know it.

But if someone didn't know the reference and asked, they would not be ridiculed. What a great community!

I was thinking about making 3D mini ships. Either sculpting from clay or a laminated card stock approach. Each has their pros and cons. The clay models are more fragile to breaking if dropped but take paint and washes better. The 3D paper/card approach is likely to get dirty looking after repeated handling. Actually, that might be kind-of cool looking.

Thanks for the facts AND the experienced what-usually-happens info. Since my priorities are...

  • Obtain content in any format at earliest possible date
  • Eventually own the physical materials and PDF
  • Support the Paizo community and FLGS (friendly local game store)

...sounds like the best plan is to wait for Paizo to open subscription sign-up which should get me the PDF as early as possible. I'll also pre-order physical materials at my FLGS which are more likely to be available on release date (vs Amazon) and still dodge the shipping fees.

Undecided on where to pre-order Starfinder materials. I'm new to RPG and my only Pathfinder purchasing experience is the Beginner's Box, Core Rulebook and Ultimate Equipment from my local comic shop.

Paizo direct: If I pre-order Starfinder physical materials directly from Paizo, do I automatically receive the PDF as well? Will materials arrive at my home on the day of release?

Amazon Prime: What if I pre-order at Amazon Prime? Some of the items have a discount. Will these orders include a PDF? Will Amazon ship early so materials arrive on the final release date? Are these listings sanctioned by Paizo, or some kind of speculative reseller?

Local shop: What about pre-ordering at my local comic book shop? PDF? Available on release day? Any drawbacks?

Also interested in opinions on which purchasing methods best support the Starfinder community. It's not just about the price.