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Really good advice from Herbo! Just to tack on a bit -

I started running Pathfinder specifically to run Rise of the Runelords. I have run other games for years, but this was my first time for Pathfinder. I said right up front that we were not looking up rules much - I would make a ruling and we would look up rules later and e-mail the correct ruling out to everyone so hopefully one of us would remember the next time it came up. It's worked wonderfully for us.

There's a lot of rules - don't let 'em drag your game down ;)

This thread has been a great resource for me. Thank you!

Looks great! Gives me some ideas for my terrain when we get there. I really like how you used the mastermaze for the barn - very clever. That was one big turkey on the table! Where did that piece come from?

Did there used to be a metal version of Gogmurt in the Reaper line?