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Thank you very much

Sorry for the thread necro, but does anyone still has the map? The original link is dead


Saeter wrote:


What a lucky day I found this post. I'm in Indonesia that is GMT +7, and would like to join as well if there's any campaign online either by IRC, Fantasty ground or any other means..dying to play in here..

Hi there,

Apology to OP as I don't mean to derail the thread, but I just want to mention to Saeter that we've a group playing in Jakarta, Indonesia. Please email me, joesys [at] yahoo [dot] com to find out more.


I personally like Goodreader for PDF reading. Much faster than iBooks for large, image heavy PDF like Paizo's. However, Apple handles PDF in slightly non standard way such that the capital letter "A" is often rendered incorrectly for Paizo's PDF.

Another list of great iphone/android app for RPG can be found here

I changed the Moon Radish quest as follow:

Upon returning/giving the radish to Svetlana, she gave the player a token reward (10 or 15gp). Then, as she sells her moon radish cake, the player gets a cut of the profit (20gp/week). This will go on until the party gets a total of 250gp or when they start to establish their kingdom.

With regards to bandit quest, I split the quests into 2 parts:
As someone suggested, I made Svetlana very pregnant and give birth right after the player finished ambushing the bandits at Oleg's. They successfully deliver the baby and name the baby. I gave them the XP reward for RP.

The party then go and write a report to the swordlords and suggesting them to send reinforcement to Oleg's. They also send a report right after holding a trial for Kressle (after defeating her bandit camp). The swordlords are impressed with their achievement and send the GP reward of the bandit quest along with Kesten Garess and his warrior.

I thought it works out well for my party. They really thought it was their action that lead to reinforcement of Oleg's. Also, they are thinking of grooming Oleg's and Svetlana's baby to be the heir of their empire.