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Lantern Lodge

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Hmm... while I am interested in the new AP titles projected to come out, I do agree that there is a sizeable amount of space for another eastern-themed story. For the amount of dedication and effort put into fleshing the Tian Xia area and the amount of eastern-inspired content that was released around 2011-2012 (spanning the better part of a rulebook and bestiary even), it petered off rather quickly from the public eye as season 4 of PFS rounded out. The fact of the matter is that there was so much groundwork laid out for it, it felt like it was meant to have a much greater impact on the world of Golarion than it ended up with. Which I can understand, living in a western world and growing up with Tolkien, but I wonder if the development team was left unsatisfied and wanting more.

Furthermore, given that the book Ultimate Combat was so varied in the content that it wanted to touch on, it may be prudent to expound upon the eastern content therein and receive its own hardcover rulebook to join the ranks of Paizo's elite. If another Tian Xia campaign were announced, this would be an excellent incentive to consolidate the existing stuff and create more variant play to fit the setting and the intrigue waiting in Golarion's far east. Though I haven't experienced Jade Regent directly, I imagine it was conceived early on and didn't get the benefit of many of the elements that came out afterward. It also serves as a good jumping-off point to create events that tie back to the Inner Sea, the now defunct Lantern Lodge, and the myriad races that exist in both parts of the world. Overall, there is endless potential to explore, and plenty of chances to create and revitalize new and old world building. Those're my two bits on the matter.

Lantern Lodge

Okay, you now have every Pathfinder book... lodged into your navel. This causes excruciating pain followed by death from gastric distress.

I wish that the wishes made here could only ever have harmless outcomes.

Lantern Lodge

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Okie doke. Instead of the Doctor, Mr. T saved the world. Everyone is now required by law to rock an 80s mohawk and wear 50-pound chains on their necks.

I wish that orcs and hobgoblins would overcome their differences and learn to love each other as people.