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Beginner box pregen Merisiel has an error on her sheet in foundry. Should be trained in medicine.

easy enough to fix. My player wasn't able to use the treat wounds macro because it wasn't trained on the sheet.

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Foundry Module released, looks like this page just hasn’t updated yet.

Linkified links, the first to the "bundle version", if you don't own the PDF (this will give you the PDF for free), and the second one can only be bought if you already own the PDF, and will be cheaper.

Foundry Module + PDF in a bundle
Foundry Module only
Thanks for helping! While PDFs go on sale at midnight the morning of Street Date, the Foundry VTT product generally launch at 11 AM Pacific. That is our SOP at this time. Then we manually make the buttons leading to them from this page.

Do you think we will be seeing a foundry subscription any time soon? I would definitely sign up for that. Keep em coming!