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I think they're smart enough, but would never do it. They're undead after all, and exist only to destroy the living. They should never back down from a fight, even against insurmountable odds. They'd just hurl themselves in waves against whatever was doing the beating-down.

I ran the game, and the warlock/cleric of Dagon/ur-priest fell in love with Lavinia from the start. Naturally she shot him down because he's unbelievably evil, but it was funny having him leave her dead squid on her front porch as he tried to woo her.

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famous brothels of the Andes.

Larry Latourneau wrote:
For Size difference, do they mean the creatures size, or the weapon? this would mean the difference between another +8 or +12. Either way, he will probably hit on most of these attacks.

I believe it's for both. A huge creature (+8) wielding a gargantuan weapon (another +4, for being one size category beyond huge) ought to get a +12 on opposed attack rolls for sunder attempts, if I read my rules correctly.

Larry Latourneau wrote:
If he fails to destroy the weapon in one hit, does the damage still remain? i.e. he bypasses the hardness and manages to do 5 points of damage to a 10 HP weapon. Does this mean on his next hit, he needs to only do another 5 HP of damage?

Hardness applies for each hit, so yeah if after hardness is applied the weapon takes 5 more damage, it's wrecked.

Larry Latourneau wrote:
It states that you add +2 to hardness/+10 to HP per +1 enhancement. Do we simply count the actual +'s, or do we take into account other abilities as well? i.e. A Holy Avenger is considered a +5 sword. So we add 10 to hardness and 50 to hitpoints. Do we need to add anything for the 'Holy' ability?

Nope. Special qualities like holy, bane, flaming, etc. do not increase hardness or hit points of a weapon.

Larry Latourneau wrote:
Adamantine weapons. It states that they ignore hardness up to 20. Is this the same as ignoring...

Adamantine weapons do not ignore adamantine objects' hardness. It's "ignores hardness up to 20" but it does not ignore hardness 20.

of creole barbarian warblades sang

I actually did this once.

Kyuss brought about the Age of Worms and an undead apocalypse consumed the world. It was kind of a Final-Fantasy-Meets-Resident-Evil thing. Survival horror in the realm of D&D.

All cities had fallen except for Magepoint, which had been obscured by Manzorian with epic magic. The PCs, once they escaped the horror that Greyhawk had become, were tasked with accompanying Zeech to the new Spire of Long Shadows while Celeste and her armies distracted the undead from Alhaster. At the top of the Spire, the PCs, Zeech, Manzorian, and Agath must disjoin the monolith in order to rob Kyuss of his divine ranks and epic template. Then, they must kill him.

It turned out to be very scary and a lot of fun.

1) The PCs should not have been able to assassinate Zeech. They should have been killed outright for even trying. The entire chapter is based on the idea that the PCs have to behave, not wreak havoc. Just my two cents here.

2) The ziggurat/spire can easily be completed in a matter of minutes, even from scratch, with a few scrolls of wish. Nothing Lashonna can't get a hold of while the PCs are off fighting Dragotha.

*pours 40 oz. of Mt. Dew onto curb*

Goals: To discredit, humiliate, and overthrow Prince Zeech.
Scale: 12 (multiregional/kingdom)
Type: spy ring
Prerequisite: nonlawful alignment

character level - +1/2 level
bard - +2
chaotic alignment - +1
Charisma 13 or higher - +1
Charisma 20 or higher - +2
lives in Alhaster - +2
openly mocks Prince Zeech - +4
defies a Blessed Angel - +4
kills a Blessed Angel - +10
5 or more ranks Bluff - +2
5 or more ranks Knowledge (local) - +2
3 or more ranks Knowledge (history) - +2
5 or more ranks Knowledge (nobility) - +2
5 or more ranks Gather Information - +2
2 or more ranks Perform (comedy) - +2
1 or more ranks Profession (printer) - +1
5 or more ranks Disguise - +2
3 or more ranks Hide - +1
3 or more ranks Move Silently - +1
Leadership feat - +4
helps another Sinchaser elude law enforcement - +4
imprisoned by Prince Zeech - -2
cowed/defeated by the Blessed Angels - -2
helps the Blessed Angels - -10

3 or lower: No benefits.
4-8: VAST UNWASHED MASSES - +2 insight bonus on Gather Information and all Knowledge checks made in Alhaster.
9-12: RABBLE-ROUSER - +2 initiative bonus for any combat in Alhaster. +2 insight bonus on Diplomacy and Authority checks made in Alhaster.
13-18: DISSIDENT - Gain one bonus skill trick from the "Interaction" category. This does not count against your normal limit. +2 insight bonus on all saving throws against spells with the Law descriptor.
19 or higher: ENEMY OF THE STATE - +8 insight bonus on Gather Information, Intimidate, and all Knowledge checks made in Alhaster. +4 insight bonus on Authority checks made in Alhaster. +2 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls against the Blessed Angels. You are considered to have the Improved Critical feat for all weapons with which you attack the Blessed Angels or Prince Zeech.

make waffles using only glue.

as it highlighted his... shortcomings.

of a fiery poo storm.

Worm That Walks:

Weak - plotline, statblock
Cool - feats, signs

The Age of Worms plotline is loads better than anything in Elder Evils' plot of how the Worm That Walks comes to enter the world again. And he's only like a CR 16 critter. But the signs are great for setting a tone of "hey-the-world's-really-ending" and the feats are great to give nasty NPCs.

off with the Doom Booty,

red minivans made of monkeys.

Shaun of the Dead
The Matrix
Star Wars Ep. VI
Citizen Kane
Co-ed Lesbian Werewolves Get Naked at Spring Break Vol. XXIII

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damn fatcats in Zombie Congress

Loved the show, and I couldn't stop cracking up at the D&D scenes.

I actually had a Dagon-affiliated warlock, and he got on spectacularly.

The Night Twist couldn't even injure a single PC in my game. Complete fodder.


There is a Talk Like a Ninja Day.

But no one ever sees it coming.

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Dire Lint Elementals lined up

tavern known as: Unparsable Sentence.

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with Dire Zombie Half-Giant Jesus.

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of some films he made

I actually ran a game with a warlock/ur-priest who worshiped Dagon. We didn't get to finish the game, but there weren't any conflicts. Traditionally Dagon has been an ally of Demogorgon, but we played it as though Dagon had finally had enough of his tanar'ric neighbor. The PC was in complete bliss while sailing the Abyssal ocean.

"Your politics are, like, uncool",

Two words that can make Demogorgon into something that makes your PCs cry:
Mordenkainen's disjunction.

Karl "Obox-Ob" Rove, who secreted

know. "Hey, he's back!", mused

Shackled City group:
M human cleric (Corellan Larethian)/consecrated harrier/ruathar
F human paladin/monk/kensai/risen martyr
M dwarf fighter/dwarven defender
F human psion/rogue
M human wizard/cleric (Wee Jas)/mystic theurge

Age of Worms group:
M human wizard/cleric (Mak Thuum Ngatha)/alienist/fleshwarper
M human bard/monk/dragon disciple
M human fighter/exotic weapon master
M tiefling rogue/fighter/thief-acrobat
F human cleric (Pelor)/radiant servant of Pelor

Savage Tide group:
M human binder
M human barbarian/ranger/tempest
F human wizard/human paragon
M human cleric (Istishia)
M changeling beguiler

Age of Worms was my favorite, with Savage Tide a close second. Shackled City was okay but I would definitely place it third.

Amaril wrote:

I'm in Gainesville, but I don't know for how much longer. My current Eberron campaign is full with another friend waiting on the sidelines (literally no more physical space). That said, I do have a friend looking to start an Age of Worms campaign, but I don't know how soon.

Go on an epic adventure! Go Gators! ;)

Hrm, I have all the Age of Worms issues and have both played it and run it. If your friend is interested let me know here or email office_ninj4 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I'm moving to Gainesville, Florida and I don't know anyone. I'm looking to either run a game or play in one. Is there anyone in the area who's interested?

This just in: tapioca monks

Yup, same crew.
I was thinking of just having Demogorgon hurl blasphemy after blasphemy at them while pummeling the evil warlock/ur-priest/eldritch disciple to death.
Even then, he might fail to beat someone's SR on a blasphemy, in which case they'll all start gating/time stopping/etc.
The aforementioned warlock/ur-priest/eldritch disciple is planning on using a candle of invocation to summon the DoI version of Dagon (his patron) for help. I'm thinking of having Dagon just awkwardly say, "Um... I don't know you... wrong number."

I'm leaving town and only have one session left with my gaming group. They've been playing Savage Tide and have just hit 17th level at the end of Into the Maw. They're horrible power-gamers, and nothing has really been able to even hurt them. So I decided that for our last session, I'm just going to throw Demogorgon at them. The full CR 33 Demonomicon of Iggwilv version. And the scary part? They might beat him.

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