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I do totally understand the idea that most tabletop gamers will not work as a team right away. It takes time to develop dynamics and most groups die before that happens. I do agree most players will just play solo and contribute to the whole by just being awesome themselves. In my games, teamwork doesn't happen often but It also hasn't destroyed our gaming experience. The group does minor things to help each other and I will usually remind them to buff each other. I don't think more than that really needs to be going on.

I also always let all the players see sheets openly, but my group doesn't really take advantage of that most of the time.

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I distrust that this is being driven solely by character fantasy.

Don't be a dick about it.

The general problem the OP is highlighting applies to a huge variety of weapons. If you dislike Falcatas, then pretend they're asking about karambits or daiikyus or any of the other extremely underwhelming advanced options that exist.

My question is why not just reskin a longsword, scimitar, or falchion or something like that in order to make the character look right and have the proficiency stats that they need? If the Advanced weapons are underwhelming, don't use them.

I totally agree with this. In my current game, I had the idea to include a broadsword but I couldn't find that particular weapon so I just reskinned a bastard sword. It had the same kind of mechanics I wanted anyway.

One of my players is asking for a Nodachi which is basically a Japanese Greatsword so I could probably do something similar for that.

When it comes to running games I think the major things I change are ancestry backstories, particularly with Elves. That's not to say that I dislike the elven lore in Golarian at all, it's just my playgroup is very well-read on the more traditional LotR elves or Forgotten Realms Drow. One of my friends has read the novels and I've also done a lot of research recently for a Menzoberranzan game and I don't like that going to waste. I like trying to use the geography and gods of the main setting a lot though. My players like the deities and are willing to learn about the different regions. Sometimes I'll use the smaller adventures and alter things a bit or find a sandbox and plop it into an established area. Like for example right now I'm using the Isle of Kortos and the Abomination Vaults as a centerpiece for a small sandbox game using an old-school adventure that helps fill out a surrounding area.