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Ok,so i have a character that is Barbarian1/Alchemist2 level 3 altogether, that has never been played. all exp was from gm credit. this character has two vestigial arms and is meant to dual wield greatswords with two weapon fighting (which i do have). I'm well aware that the vestigial arms do not grant additional attacks. the purpose in the extra limbs is to wield the 2 swords. I was told a few days that this is not pfs legal and that id have to switch to different weapons. My only question is whether or not this is true and if so what makes it so.

I am currently looking for 4 consistent players for a new campaign that i hope to start on the first weekend of January. The campaign will be held every Saturday at "Atlantis Games and Comics" in portsmouth, VA. It will be the Shattered Star adventure path, so please read over the Shattered star players' guide prior to the first session. I am a fairly new
GM having only hosted a module and 1 book of an adventure path. Access to "Hero Lab" would be greatly appreciated, as it makes things easier on me. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.