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For the purposes of the broken condition, are Shields considered to be armor? And since shield block is a feat, is shield blocking a normal shield function

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So, in other words, I shouldn’t even be looking at the chart that’s in the society guide. The adjustments in the scenario take precedence.

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so, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the challenge point system. I have six players for when I gm this. They are at 18 challenge points exactly. according to the chart in in the society guide, that's high tier, however, the scenario says that if there's 5+ PCs and are between 16 and 18 challenge points, to use appendix 1 for the encounters. Is the scenario still technically high tier or no? And if it is high tier, do I give a level bump to the level three PCs?

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Doug Hahn wrote:
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I'm running this on aug 23rd and have just one question. not sure if this has been answered yet but From what I could see, if the players don't accompany Lelzeshin, they straight up miss out on 3 treasure bundles. Is that correct or do they get the treasure bundles no matter the path they take. pg 18 of the sceanrio

I have GM'd this three times and interpreted the Rewards for Impressing as equivalent (2x the number of PCs=2 bundles; 4x = 3 bundles). I don't see how a 35 GP mask / Persona Mask, or a Persona Mask and Healer's Gloves on high tier, would be worth 0 bundles even though it doesn't explicitly say these items are worth bundles. If you break down the GP value, they are very close as well.

It's clearly an omission by the editorial team and not intended to punish players for making a certain choice.

I was thinking the same thing actually. however i couldnt figure out how

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I'm running this on aug 23rd and have just one question. not sure if this has been answered yet but From what I could see, if the players don't accompany Lelzeshin, they straight up miss out on 3 treasure bundles. Is that correct or do they get the treasure bundles no matter the path they take. pg 18 of the sceanrio

I just ran this, this past sunday, aug 9. At the end of the scenario, it says that the Verdant wheel reputation given is 1. Is this correct, or should it say 2?

Is it a multi table special or can it be run with one table

Im GMing this on saturday. What's the lighting like in each area.

I actually just noticed that only a leaf order druid can have a leshie familiar. So in order for a wild druid to have more than 1 focus point, they have to take order explorer, which is fine but i feel like this is a huge oversight

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I run a wild order druid in pfs and there's one thing that irritates me. Wild order only gets 1 focus point with no way of getting more or increasing the max capacity of the focus pool. Am i missing something?

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Dont know if this has been answered but if you have the natural medicine feat and the battle medicine feat, can you use nature to do battle medicine?

Natural medicine: trained in nature. You can apply natural cues to heal your allies. You can use nature instead of medicine to treat wounds. If your in the wilderness, you might have easier access to fresh ingredients, allowing you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check to treat wounds using nature, subject to gm discretion.

Battle medicine: trained in medicine. You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a medicine check with the same dc as for treat wounds and provide the corresponding amount of healing. As with treat wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. Ther target is then immune to your battle medicine for 1 day

I ran this twice at pax unplugged and got credit for it twice. Is that supposed to happen

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That actually does help alot. Thank you

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Im a bit confused on calculating challenge points. Its easy if the PCs vary in level. But what if everyone is the same level (say level 3 in a 1-4) or even if half the PCs are level 3 and half are level 2? How would you calculate challenge points in either of these cases according to the chart in the society guide?

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Thanks a bunch. I just wanted to double check since i originally couldn't find this info. Plus someone had told me there was a cap of 6 pcs. Again thanks so much

Question for running pf2 tables. Is there a hard limit of 6 players, or can there be 7 players like in pf1. Ive not been able to find anything on that.

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Does the vanity boon have a mechanical benefit, or is it just there to store things you don't want to sell

Is this a multitable special or can it be run with a single table?

Androids are constructs and humanoids. It's part of the first line on the androids "Constructed" racial trait.

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Im currently running this adventure with a 5 person party about to begin chapter 3. Only 1 person has completed the first 2 with everyone else having missed either 1 or both chapters. Not doing society rules but still giving chronicles. Coud i waive the requirement for fate of many things? If not its not an issue. Im just curious

I have a question regarding junpjets as well. They say that they can be activated as "part of a move action". A guarded step is a move action. Can jumpjets be used as part of a guarded step?

I'm about to gm this on the 19th of may and there's only one thing that confuses me. After reading out from cover to cover, i noticed that it's said twice that the pcs get 3000 credits at the end but the chronicle says 1500. Is this intended or is it a typo and should I change the chronicle to reflect what's written in the scenario?

one more question while im thinking about it. I was thinking about switching out two weapon fighting for exotic weapon proficiency (bastard sword) and purchasing a Large bastard sword or do i have to purchase one that matches my size? would this be legal?

o well. ill just have to settle for one greatsword and a shield then, keeping that last arm open for drink a mutagen when the other 3 hands are full. That's ok right?

Ok,so i have a character that is Barbarian1/Alchemist2 level 3 altogether, that has never been played. all exp was from gm credit. this character has two vestigial arms and is meant to dual wield greatswords with two weapon fighting (which i do have). I'm well aware that the vestigial arms do not grant additional attacks. the purpose in the extra limbs is to wield the 2 swords. I was told a few days that this is not pfs legal and that id have to switch to different weapons. My only question is whether or not this is true and if so what makes it so.

I am currently looking for 4 consistent players for a new campaign that i hope to start on the first weekend of January. The campaign will be held every Saturday at "Atlantis Games and Comics" in portsmouth, VA. It will be the Shattered Star adventure path, so please read over the Shattered star players' guide prior to the first session. I am a fairly new
GM having only hosted a module and 1 book of an adventure path. Access to "Hero Lab" would be greatly appreciated, as it makes things easier on me. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.

ok. That's what I wasn't sure about. Either way I still feel that the panther style feats are extremely OP.

If I have panther claw active and my wisdom modifier is a +3, and I trigger an AoO from 3 different enemies do i get the full amount of retaliatory punches on each enemy or just one punch per enemy?