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I doubt that not having a recreation bay is anything like not having any entertainment. Even the crappiest ship based computer probably has many times the processing power of any thing currently in existence, throw in a cheap (by starfinder standards) VR rig and you are looking a "Ready Player One" levels of VR. Or you could just watch movies or play traditional 2d video games. The way I see it a recreation bay would only be needed for group activities like sports.

I agree with Berselius in that something like the Blood War is needed in order to maintain the balance of power. This is mostly due to the Pathfinder writers deep love of writing about the lower planes and the various semi divine fiends. Much less has been written about the upper planes and it always seems to me that empyreal lords as written are rarely proactive, with a small handful of exceptions. Almost nothing has been written about the powerful outsiders of the neutral planes that I'm aware of.

Link doesn't work for me as well.

I think you all are overestimating how much a credit is worth. The Handbook states that most places rarely bother with dealing in fractions of credits so automatically round up to the nearest credit. Can you picture having to pay the equivalent to $12 for a pack of gum or a candy bar? I think the low prices on things like food and basic clothing is due to advanced production and manufacturing, not because the credit is worth a lot. I would put the credit as being between $1 to $2.

I would personally love if a 3rd party publisher would put out a Starfinder compatible bestiary covering the more common monsters and outsiders from Pathfinder (barring any Paizo copyrighted creatures).

Fair enough. Thanks.

Looks good but I noticed that you have the Protectron as having a +4 to Int. Should that have been a -4?

Considering anyone can buy their ideal body type for 75 credits thanks to the Serum of Appearance Change I would bet a lot of people walk around in Second Skins or less.

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Burroughs' Red Martians did lay eggs, they also could live a thousand years. Starfinders version are just humans with red skin.

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Not sure about real world but they are aggressive, imperialistic, believe strongly in honor. If you can't wait for a official book from Paizo I think it would be pretty safe to use Klingon culture to fill in any blanks.

In the intro to the chapter on Races (sorry I don't have my starfinder book with me) it states that all races, with the proper medical treatments, can live indefinitely. I assume that the necessary treatments must be expensive since later in the same chapter they state that people are envious of Androids natural immortality.

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The big problem I have with the Drift drive is, why do the rest of the Gods put up with it? Can you imagine how Asmodeus would react to hundreds, if not thousands, chucks of HIS domain being stolen daily? In fact I can't imagine any god or demi-god who resides in the outer plans would be happy about this. Triune may be able to hid out in the Drift but his followers lack that protection.

So what does this have that Freeport Companion: Pathfinder RPG Edition doesn't?