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Buckaroo Bonzai
Demolition Man
Strange Brew
Kung Pow
Flash Gordon
Doctor Detroit

Honorable Mention: Tron

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Well, well. Suddenly I don’t look so crazy up on my soapbox with the cardboard sign screaming about liars and fornicators.

Someone sick Richard Stallman on WoTC, please.

The best thing about the GSL? You can reject it wholesale and continue to publish fine products.

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Dead Horse wrote:
Is it over?

Shhh, just lie still.

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I keep refraining from posting to keep this thing from rising again, but it seems as if 5 hours is the absolute maximum (if your thread refuses to subside after 4 hours, consult a physician).

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a deer wanders in front of the car you’re driving. Maybe you weren’t looking, maybe it was too fast for you to react, regardless, it happens. You’re staring at a cracked windshield waiting for the shock to wear off. You look around, pat yourself down to make sure you’re ok, then unbuckle the seatbelt and get out to see how bad the damages are. The headlights are broken and filled with green and brown deer feces, there’s brown and white fur in the grill, blood covers the hood, and there on the ground in front of the car is a gorgeous animal with broken legs. It looks up at you with beautiful, innocent, pained eyes and bleats at you a few times, trying to stand and failing. You can’t help the deer, you know it won’t recover, and there’s nothing you can do to make things better. You’re going to have to do something or both she and you will suffer for hours. What choice remains in this situation? You walk back to your trunk, retrieve a tire iron, and bash its skull in as it looks up at you with the same sad, beautiful, and innocent deep black eyes, staring up at you for help as you watch it breathe its last breath on Earth. You’ll never be the same, but it didn’t have to drag itself into a ditch to die alone and in pain.

A car has hit this thread, and someone has to cowboy up and bash its brains out.

I don’t want it to go away because I don’t like discussion, or don’t like to see the topic, I merely want it to return to focus or die quietly.

So if you want to talk about how homosexuals fit into Golarion, by all means keep on trucking, and we’ll all restart at the end of page 10 (Selk’s post raised some excellent questions, by the way, regarding how one goes about indoctrination into the faith or how matrimony works). Otherwise, start a new thread in OT like, “Civil discussion of sexual preferences,” or a thread in Pathfinder General that says, “Feedback: Wish to see more / less LGBT in Pathfinder material,” because neither one of those subjects belongs in this thread. Personally, I’d love to know how homosexual men feel about circumcision, so by all means, start one of those threads up and I’ll join. But, if your question is “attitudes towards lesbianism (or whatever they’d call it there, not having an Isle of Lesbos) in ancient Thassilon,” here’s the place.

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In other news, all homosexual social issues solved on gaming website. Film at 11

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My goodness, this thread took a long, long time to pop up. I noticed the homosexual Paladin first read through, because it was such a bold choice. It definitely leads to an interesting debate regarding the nature of alignment, sexual preference, and what a deity considers acceptable. “He’s sleeping with whom? Wait…still getting spells? Huh, ok, guess it must be ok…”

Unfortunately, the tedious “whore with a heart of gold in love with the sheriff,” and the stereotypical homosexual playwright quickly overshadowed one standout NPC, but still, I thought it was an interesting pick.

As far as what it means out of game, never crossed my mind. Pathfinder contains more mature themes than other adventures, so par for the course.

Also, if we’re taking sides; I love religion, I think it’s a beautiful thing, and I think everyone should have one. I just don’t think they should ever get together and talk about it.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
I demand answers, or I'll start chucking bottles.

When the City Watch arrives, you need someone to point a finger at!

101 Reasons for bar fights

1. Dog fighting match fixed with ringer young adult dragon polymorphed into a canine.
2. Booze accidentally watered down with Rage potion.
3. Bartender asks Barbarian, "Can't you read the sign!?!"
4. Elf tells angry farmer, "I thought she was 110, honest!"
5. A bleary-eyed half-orc exclaims, "Dwarves, aren't those just gnomes with beards?" or "Your mother was the Tarrasque!"
6. 24-7 all male review revealed to be glammered zombies.
7. Cursed? That sword isn't even magic. Show me!

Your turn!

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There was also a comment recently along the lines of "D20 has negative connotations" but I forgot who made it and I'm far too lazy to search for it. I prefer my own explanation:

So like, for D&D and stuff?
While the site makes frequent use of the 3.5 SRD under the Open Gaming License, legally we can't claim compatibility with the D20 system, or use any of the logos related to it, without accepting and agreeing to the D20 trademark license.

Uh, what?
Basically it goes like this:

I had a few choices for licenses on the site, which I liken to choosing undergarments:

1. The boxer short / granny panty method.

Go it alone, and build everything from the ground up. Comfortable, but no support!

2. The Boxer Brief / Lace Boy Short method.

Comfortable and supportive without being too restrictive, this method also has sex appeal.
We can make use of the SRD, but can't use any of the D20 copyrighted material, claim compatibility to it, or make references to the books which contain it.

3. The Tidy Whitey / Thong method.

Definitely supportive, but can be restrictive, and hard to pull off correctly.
So I decided to stick with boxer briefs (or boy shorts for you ladies :) ).