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Hooray! A (wooden) palisade-enclosed town…. it's exactly what I've been wanting — created such a town for my home brew town for my D&D campaign!

Hopefully a large enough town to (visually) accommodate a few hundred villagers. Maybe I'm hoping for too much.

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Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
moon-beast wrote:

I'm confused. Is this one same mansion that is portrayed on both (flip) sides?

Or do we get two separate mansions, one on each side?

It is the same mansion. As the product description states, one side is the ground floor and the second side has both the second floor and the attic.

Got it. Thanks!

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I agree with Marco. The next "Bigger Keep" should be one set into a mountainous area…. essentially a mountain fortress, maybe one partially carved into a mountainside. Instead of a water moat…. what surrounds the fortress is a jagged cliff, where invaders could fall into a precipice with a 250-feet drop.

I'm confused. Is this one same mansion that is portrayed on both (flip) sides?

Or do we get two separate mansions, one on each side?

I hope it includes a few 1x1 or 2x2 mushroom trees than can be placed anywhere on a larger Flip-Map.

Let's Keep it interesting, Pazio!

So this is a double sided map. Are we getting two different sunken cities (one on each side)?

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I'd like to see Driz'zt in Starfinder. Dual-wield last pistols. He can be a Space Ranger like Buzz Lightyear.

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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Kraken!

This could be used as Candlekeep….. the legendary library in the Forgotten Realms.

It has a lifeboat. LOLWUT?? Is that small lifeboat also capable of air flight?

+1 to the wide/giant bridge. In the future Map Pack, I would like to see at least one bridge that can be described as "made by giants"….. because…. uhh…. because Giant Bridge screams of "fantasy setting" right?

last time I checked, this is still a fantasy RPG (barely). ;)

Are the dungeon chambers Hound of Tindalos-proof?

It would be splendid if one of them was a "made-for-Giants" stone bridge.

Inquiry minds want to know what the "opposite side" contains. A blank generic non-forest grid? That would be disappointing to say the least.

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Captain collateral damage wrote:
Squiggit: Yes, that's very true, but the point is if there are more good an neutral pcs out there, then why so many evil books. It's an excellent point

Because "being evil" has now become kewl in Pathfinder.

Honestly, I would much prefer that angry white supremacists spend their time hunkered down in their basements designing crappy delusional games (that won't sell too many copies), rather than trolling outside their homes and burning churches or vandalizing homes owned by innocent foreign (legal) immigrants.

Studying the screenshots of this so-called Bigger Tavern, to me it screams "Caravanserai".

Not many Pathfinder players probably know what a caravanserai is. But to those who know, this is the perfect Caravanserai. It is essentially an all-amenities-included resting outpost. It has everything the traveler needs. It even has a forge/smithy. Need repairs to your armor? It's available. Need new horseshoes for your steed? It's covered. Does your caravan need a large stable to provide shelter for your dozen horses/mules? No problem. Do you need a hostel that provides a nice "conference room" away from the gossip and spying ears of the pub? That room is available here.

I love it that this "Caravenserai" is also a walled (gated) compound.

P.S. — I already have the Country Inn, and this Bigger Tavern is definitely more spacious in terms of square footage. This is not a tavern at all. It's a gated outpost/compound.

Well, my Flip-Mat is already pre-ordered and will be shipping soon, so I'm getting it regardless of opinions. But I do agree with the previous comments. A minor disappointment in that this is a single-story building, which is not too impressive for a "noble" residence.

The Nobles that occupy this manse…. must be a really low-ranking noble that fell out of favor from the Family Patriarch. He has a decent courtyard, but no spacious ballroom! In any case, I got mine for a good pre-order price, so I'd still make use of this for my (ahem, D&D) campaigns. It would still be useful as a mansion/hideout for an NPC or villain.

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Whether tis nobler to pre-order months in advance….

I voted Mind Flayer. Why Mind Flayer no win?

You're gonna need a bigger tavern sign!

I'd buy the pre-painted Pathfinder Battles version of these.

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Nice! It sorta reminds me of the Pathfinder's Lodge house? Anyways, the building could be very useful, serving either as a villain NPC's mansion…. or even the estate of a high-level PC who's made it into the epic levels. He better surround his mansion with tons of bodyguards…. because he's probably earned tons of powerful enemies by then.

Going back to Tea….. I do love me some (bottled) Tazo Black Iced Tea, especially during the hot summer months. Nothing beats bottled brewed iced tea (mildly sweet) on a hot day. The Tazo iced teas are only semi-sweet, so I like it.

I dislike the ultra-sweet "Southern Sweet Tea" types.

Yes, I also drink hot tea, but no clear favorite. I tend to like strong black chai teas over green. British chamomille and earl grey is also good.

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I could see the very reason for a GM/DM to use these tiles….. wandering monsters while the PCs are napping! Hahaha….

Better keep one eye open, night watch!

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He who kicks most gnomes wins. - Confucius

Oh the cover image updated to show forest wildfires! This will entice every Ranger to go out and save Bambi! =)

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I play D&D 5th Edition rather than Pathfinder…. I know this makes me a heretic here. But I was wondering if this could also me useful in an urban D&D game. I could possibly make use of this for a session in one of the large Forgotten Realms cities like Waterdeep or Baldur's Gate?

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Need to see some sample images with actual winter/snow terrain.

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From the limited preview images…. it's hard to tell how this Map Pack will integrate or mix with the other Map Pack terrain. By itself, a bunch of twisting winding underground rivers is of limited use for a GM/DM because it's a very special kind of terrain. But if they are used in conjunction with other map tiles then it makes more sense.

…. because I like to bring a dagger to a crossbow-fight!

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Hooray!!! Finally… a spider-web infested forest!! This is exactly the kind of thing I've wanted for sometime, but such battlemaps have been lacking in either Pathfinder or D&D products. I imagine some small spider's glade, web-covered section of forest (evoking The Hobbit). A must buy for me.