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Couple of quirks...


I typically refuse to write out Pathfinder character sheets because there is too much hidden math to keep track of during character creation and leveling up. The folio is a huge improvement towards making a character easy to edit as well as read. At the price, I hesitate to buy a folio for every character, but there are definitely niches where having a folio is very useful.

However, I did bump into a couple of significant (imo) quirks:

* The pouches aren't quite big enough to hold 8.5"x11" paper. Probably need to take 1/8" off the left and right sides in order to get them to fit. Unless you have a paper cutter, good luck keeping a log of what's happened.

* The "Spellbook" page barely holds enough spells for a stock sorcerer with no bonus spells. If the pouches were actually big enough, I'd just create more spellbook pages and stuff them in the pouch.

* I did not feel like I could really use either of the Animal Companion or Familiar/Follower/Mount sections for logging a sorcerer's familiar.

EDIT: I docked a star because these quirks are really getting to me. Fun fact, a custom-printed cover for this would be $30 from Kinko's.