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It took my playgroup about 10 months to finish S&S playing at 1 scenario per week at lunch and skipping any week where we didn't have at least 4 of 6 players.

With the playgroup for RotR we also took somewhere around 6-8 months by playing about one weekend per month at 4-5 scenarios per play session.

One new set per year seems to be about right for groups that play about as fast/frequently as our group did.

Definitely nice that there is no villain to allow Khorramzadeh to be shuffled into a random open location.

Dave Riley wrote:
Xexyz wrote:
Pfft. I wouldn't have cared if it was +10. I'm never not culling every BotG I have the opportunity to cull. Down with Blessing of the Gods.
Worth the risks; no Basic cards;down with BotG.

Just remember that you can't choose to fail to acquire a BotG like you can with most Basic and Elite cards. This makes them much harder to remove forever since you only can banish them using an effect that banishes a card from your hand or by closing a location with them still in it.

She can use her power to user her arcane skill + 1d6 or cast a spell or use a weapon.

On all of these they say the magic words: "for your combat check". You can only use a single card/power that sets the die for your combat check.

Sheriff Hemlock can be used to add a 1d6 to combat check assuming he says something like: "Add 1d6 to your combat check" or "Add 1d6 to a combat check" or "Add 1d6 to a combat check at your location". If you are casting a spell you cannot use him if he says something like: "Add 1d6 to a melee/ranged combat check".

Our group did something similar to Pyrocat's group. When someone joined the group late we had them choose feats to match those that the group had earned.

I have a new group that effectively adheres to the same principal. We play once per week with a group of six assuming that we'll have at least four people per week. When someone is out during a session they miss out on any of the scenario rewards other than feats.

I went with the illusionist primarily for the +2/4 for acquiring spells/allies.

Evading a monster to the bottom didn't appear to be terribly useful since Ezren's combat spells tend to be strong enough to crisp anything that comes along since defeating a bane is almost always better than evading it even to the bottom.

Augury/Scrying for monsters or barriers was the most common first thing done to put those far away or on top for the villians/henchmen/useful barriers.

In our 5 man party, with haste and the auto-explore after magic I didn't find myself needing to use allies for their discard powers especially after adding swipe to the deck. Swipe with Ezren reads: Take the really great boon that you can't use and explore again. It really isn't uncommon for Ezren to nearly clear a boon heavy location in a single turn.

The items for Ezren really started getting better after the role card was chosen. Every deck slot of mine went to items after maxing out on spells, which surprised me due to how relatively poor they had seemed prior to deck 4.

1. Yes only one person gets it. Not all scenario rewards are useful for everyone.

2. Evading a monster causes it to be reshuffled into the deck and the card often needs to be encountered again. It is almost always better to defeat a bane than to evade it because it is gone.

Bonus: No. Summoned henchmen do not allow you to close a location.