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i really like this idea alot, i think its got real potential

Sorry if someone else posted something like this already but theres like 100 posts and ill read them all eventually

I want some sort of alternate melee combat system. i like it the way it is, i do, but the problem i have is that magic is just so much more interesting to use and play with then melee characters. you can have some variety but right now its mostly, i swing, roll damage, next turn, not exactly the most entertaining combat system.

I was thinking something along the lines of like a video game system where.. say that theres 3 types of attacks, light attacks, heavy attacks and special attacks.

our fighter has a longsword so he has a stab ( light attack) and a swing (Heavy attack) its harder to hit with the heavier attack but does more damage or something along those lines. where other things like a heavy axe or something might not have a light attack and takes a full round action to use but does significantly more damage.

i dont know i was just thinking and thought if anyone had any other ideas for an alternate melee combat system