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Very clever, guys & gals. Very clever indeed. First you hook me with a subscription for the item cards and now this.

Ikthya wrote:
Sannos wrote:
When I try and add this I get this "Pathfinder: Second Darkness Player's Guide (OGL)~ was removed because it is not available" error message and the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription does not show up in my cart.

Hi all, I am a new fan of Pathfinder from Belgium and I have the same problem as Sannos when I am trying to Subscribe to The Adventure Path.

Could you tell me if you know what's going on? Thanks. ;-)

P.S.: Sorry for my grammar, my mother language is french. ;-)

I too am wishing to subscribe for the Second Darkness storyline, however it will not allow me to add a subscription to my cart.

This really caught me off guard. It just doesn't seem right that Dungeon and Dragon should cease to exist.

I've converted my subscriptions over to Pathfinder - I wish everyone at Paizo all the best.

Gawd - I feel like I'm writing an obituary.