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Such a joke


This is seriously such a joke. You've clearly displayed with the newly released Urban Sprawl pack that you can make perfect gridlines, but these are still completely awful, with some half-grids and thirds-of-grids jutting out of the sides, but whyyyy? Just have it jut out by an entire gridbox, that'll give the players some room to sneak around to boot. But no, let's mess it up.

Nice art, awful grid, fix it.

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Art is lovely, would be better if it were a street rather than a park


So one of the maps is basically a Mad Max-esque(or Akitonian) bandit hideout, and I think it's pretty good, and I'll probably get some good use out of it.

The other one is set in what seems to be a Castrovellian park(?), and I don't see my players going to a park especially often. I'd definitely prefer if it were a busy street with some different shops to both sides. I'll probably force it somehow, but I wish I didn't have to.

Dunno about grid lines yet, will update if they're bad/good.

Edit: Gridlines are perfect. If you want to export this to roll20, they're 24(width)x30(height), or 1680x2100.

Edit2: Please, please, please have these maps be the future standards by which you make your maps. Both the Cantina map pack and Adventure Path 1 and 2 maps have been a nightmare, with horribly uneven gridlines and half/two-thirds squares protruding out of the sides of the maps, completely messing them up. But these maps are completely effortless, and I cannot understate how important this is, at least to me.