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does anyone know how much lost omens lore/character guide will be? I'm a GM with a lot of interest in the lost omens setting so it would be nice to pick it up

is there a known time when pathfinder 2e will get released in a pdf format or maybe when it will get put on roll20? I would rather not have to get physical versions if I can avoid it.

ok, thankyou for the clarification.

for the new pathfinder pre-order, it says hardback and hardback deluxe, is there a pre-order exclusively for a PDF version or do we not need to pay for those like in the playtest? I'm not seeing a PDF option anywhere and I have problems with physical copies mainly because I just don't have any space to put a bunch of new books, it's why I've gone to digital media for my games (also as I'm a slow reader the use of a ctrl+f function helps)

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Torg Smith wrote:
With Foxit PhantomPDF Standard, it is pretty easy to do forms.

yeah, except for how much it costs, either monthly or as a package

there's no roll20 sheet and the pdf isn't form fillable... this is already making things incredibly complicated for online play