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for the new pathfinder pre-order, it says hardback and hardback deluxe, is there a pre-order exclusively for a PDF version or do we not need to pay for those like in the playtest? I'm not seeing a PDF option anywhere and I have problems with physical copies mainly because I just don't have any space to put a bunch of new books, it's why I've gone to digital media for my games (also as I'm a slow reader the use of a ctrl+f function helps)

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The PDF will eventually appear on the page for the standard hardback version of the core rulebook. The future progression of the product page can be seen in the last three volumes of the Tyrant's Grasp adventure path:

Volume 6, like the core rulebook at the moment, does not yet show the PDF.

Volume 5 gives the release date for its PDF but still no link. The core rulebook page will shift to this format some time in July.

Volume 4 shows how the page will look from August 1st on, when the PDF is available for sale.

Needless to say, the prices for the core rulebook won't match those of the adventure path products, but the format will.

ok, thankyou for the clarification.

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