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Alright. I wasn't aware of the Dirty Grapple feat. And Crynad, did you completely skip over chair-breaker strike? That's exactly what I did, dude. I'll scrap say uncle. I agree it was poorly conceived.

Hey, just looking for advice on my homebrew archetype for the brawler. I pulled all the abilities from other existing archetypes besides "Say Uncle," but I've changed the name to suit the flavor of the archetype better.

Brawler Archetype: Bar Fighter
She’ll break a chair over your back. She’ll slam a tankard into your face. She’ll hold you down and rub sand in your eyes. She’s a bar fighter, and he idea of a party involves lots of broken furniture… and enemies.

Proficiencies: The Street Fighter is proficient with with all simple weapons and can wear light armor, excluding shields

This alters the brawlers weapon proficiencies

Bonus Feat: At 1st level, street fighters gain catch off-guard and throw anything as bonus feats

Brawler’s Flurry: Starting at 2nd level, a brawler can perform a
series of unarmed strikes and improvised weapon attacks.

This alters the Brawler’s Flurry class feature

Say Uncle: At 3rd level, a bar fighter can attempt to demoralize a grappled enemy with a dirty trick as free action that provokes attacks of opportunity but with a -4 penalty. This penalty decreases to -3 at 7th level, -2 at 11th level, -1 at 15th level, and she takes no penalty at 19th level.

This replaces the Martial Training

Improvised Weapon Mastery: At 5th level, a brawler's damage with improvised weapons increases. When wielding an improvised weapon, she uses the unarmed strike damage of a brawler 4 levels lower instead of the base damage for that weapon. If the weapon normally deals more damage than this, its damage is unchanged. This ability also increases the critical threat range of improvised weapons from 19-20 x2. The brawler can decide to use the weapon's base damage instead of her adjusted unarmed strike damage—this must be declared before the attack roll is made.

This replaces Close Weapon Mastery

Chair-Breaker’s Strike: At 5th level, a brawler's unarmed strikes and improvised weapon attacks are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 9th level, her unarmed and improvised weapon attacks are also treated as cold iron and silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 12th level, she chooses one alignment component: chaotic, evil, good, or lawful; her unarmed strikes and improvised weapon attacks also count as this alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. (This alignment component cannot be the opposite of the brawler's actual alignment, such as a good brawler choosing evil strikes.) At 17th level, her unarmed attacks and improvised weapon attacks are also treated as adamantine weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and bypassing hardness.

This alters the Brawler’s Strike class feature

Tankard Stabbing: At 8th level, a chair-breaker can choose the type of damage her improvised weapons deal (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing)

This replaces the brawler’s 8th level bonus feat

I love the brawler's flavor, but I'm not a fan of martial flexibility. It's a great class feature, but I don't want to waste time trying to find the "perfect feat" like I know I will if I use it. :P

My question is this: Would it be overpowered if I created an archetype that replaces Martial Flexibility with Rage? I plan on switching out some smaller stuff to make him into a dirty fighter, but I'm worried about how this major switch will affect the balance of the class. Any other suggestions for replacements are welcomed.

Thanks for your time.

I've noticed that the Burrow trait in't listed.