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say i have a permanent reduce person on my character. thats a -2 to strength from size penalty. later on down the road i feel like casting form of the dragon and becoming a huge dragon with size bonus of +10 to str. do the two of these sort of "stack/cancel" toeven out at a +8 bonus? or does the form of the dragon temporarily override removing the -2 and giving a +10?

does each crew member need to use a full round action for the first full round action of loading to be complete? or is this the total number of full round actions between the crew members?

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StabbittyDoom wrote:
Skald's Vigor wrote:
While maintaining a raging song, you gain fast healing equal to the Strength bonus your song provides, starting in the round after you begin the song. If you stop maintaining your song, the fast healing ends, even if the effects of your song persist.

Two key points:

1) It says the bonus your song provides. This means that bonuses provided by other sources are irrelevant. You only get the fast healing 2 (or 4/6 at 8th/16th levels respectively).

2) It does not say the bonus your song is currently granting, or that someone is receiving, but the bonus it provides. This means that having a special that gives you a higher bonus doesn't increase the fast healing because it doesn't increase the bonus the song provides, it instead increases the bonus you receive (which is why an ally without the feat gains no increase in bonus)

if you read amplified rage it states:

Whenever you are raging and adjacent to a raging ally who also has this feat or flanking the same opponent as a raging ally with this feat, your morale bonuses to Strength and Constitution increase by +4. This feat does not stack with itself (you only gain this bonus from one qualifying ally, regardless of how many are adjacent to you).

it is increasing the morale bonus you gain, in this case the one you gain from the raging song. so yes, your fast healing could go up by an additional 4 with a raging friend nearby, so long as they have the feat as well.

Kalindlara wrote:

I believe that the template requires a skeletal structure, which generally seems to be interpreted as endoskeleton specifically.

There's nothing more specific than that on the books, so... ask your GM. Sorry. ^_^

There is already a template for vermin with hard exoskeletons like centipedes, but I'm wondering if your allowed to add the bloody part as a variant. Do the rules allow this?

I've been looking around to see if its possible to add the bloody template to an exoskeleton instead of a normal skeleton. Can anybody help with this?

this is a player asking, not a gm.

ok, so if in my game my DM gives us a way of mining raw mithral and other materials, how would be the best way of adjucating costs so that this can be made into armor? should having the material just mean im buying normal armor of that type and giving up the wieght of mithral?

in a campaign im in, we have run into the issue of having raw mithral, but now want to turn it into armor. we were looking at the rules to make armor from mithral and it doesnt state things very clearly. we saw that other items were 500/lb so we figured 250/lb selling price was reasonable.

however armors have set weights and cost modifiers to have it made. after being mithral, fullplate weighs 25lbs and so needs 25lbs of mithral, or 6,250 gold worth, if sold. if we dont do the work ourselves, how much does the work cost? most would say the total cost minus the raw material price(1/3) or 2/3 of the base cost. this means fullplate would cost the 6,250gp of mithral in weight, plus 2/3 of the total cost of mithral fullplate(10,500gp) so it totals out to being 13250!

are we over estimating the cost of mithral per pound? or is there something else wrong in our calculations? should it only be 2/3 the cost of normal(or masterwork) fullplate, since the work is still the same, just different material?

i just got the book and its great! paracosmist is the exact archetype i wanted, would have been cool to make it so buffing the eidolon was cheaper(lower spell slot) or was a stronger buff, but i cant complain.

i am noticing that there is the problem of the necrosummoner, control undead is a spell not a feat, and its impossible for the summoner to get for it's pre-req, is it supposed to be command undead? and is skeletal summoner supposed to be skeleton summoner?

lastly, it doesnt state anywhere in necrosummoner if the eidolon continues to grow in strength with this class, or if that is given up to be a controller of undead?