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Hey gang! We're exceptionally proud to finally have a real product out! We're available at all the usual locations (d20pfsrd.com store, RPGNow, and now even here at Paizo!)

I wanted to post some more info about the book here and give credit to all of the contributing authors!

Within this 26 page book you'll find 6 new summoner archetypes, 4 new evolutions, 3 new eidolon base forms, 10 new spells, 3 new summoner friendly prestige classes and a new alternate base class for the summoner.

Here's some more info:

Dissociatist Archetype
By Frank Gori
For some summoners the eidolon represents a rebellion in an overly orderly mind. When extreme compartmentalization meets magical talent a dissociatist often is the result.

Eidolon Master Archetype
By Taylor Hubler
Unlike most summoners who have only one eidolon they can call upon, the eidolon master has many eidolons ready to serve them. These masters of many do so by forging pacts and bonds with multiple unique outsiders, but in doing so they lose the ability to summon less specific creatures as easily as other summoners do.

Elementalist Archetype
By Frank Gori
Elementalists forge a connection not only to an eidolon, but to the Elemental Planes themselves. This connection manifests as a wider array of spell-like abilities at the cost of the potency of the normal summon monster ability.

Paracosmist Archetype
By Scott Hall
A paracosmist focuses completely on the enhanced abilities of a single eidolon and gives up use of the Summon Monster spell-like ability.

Shadowcaster Archetype
By Keil Howell
Blending themselves with their eidolon, some summoners are a uniquely powerful force to be reckoned with. Shadowcasters replace their own shadow with an eidolon. Stealthy combat and assassinations feature prominently in the vocabulary of a shadowcaster.

Swarm Sculptor Archetype
By Frank Gori
A swarm sculptor is more of the specialist than a standard summoner, in that he focuses on using what others might regard as lesser beings to achieve his ends. While most summoners are arcane in nature the swarm sculptor instead utilizes divine energies similar to that of a druid.

Tribal Shaman Alternate Class
By Frank Gori
A tribal shaman bonds with natural spirits rather than an outsider. The shaman’s role is similar to that of a cleric’s within tribal societies.

Lyrical Summoner Prestige Class
By Frank Gori
Lyrical summoners have music so ingrained into their souls that it is expressed in their Eidolons which share their talents and passions. Together lyrical summoner and eidolon can create harmonies that a bard alone could not achieve.

Necrosummoner Prestige Class
By Frank Gori
Necrosummoners believe that the walking dead are an evolutionary step rather than abhorrent abominations. Rather than fighting for survival the living should focus on adapting to a form beyond death, and this carries into their summoning skills.

Primal Summoner Prestige Class
By Jeff Harris and Frank Gori
Some people think man is above beast, some think that beast is nobler than man, and then there are those that know man and beast are one and the same. The primal summoner knows this truth and draws power from it. Their bond to animals and other creatures lets them take on some of their very essence and share their own animal rage with them as well. Primal summoners don’t fear the beast, they call it kin, and they become it.

New Eidolon Base Forms
Brachiator, Shadow, and Swarm

New Evolutions
Instrumental, Sickening Strike, Engulfing Strike, and Deafening Roar

New Spells
Summon Bee, Summon Lesser Swarm, and Summon Undead I-IX

If you'd like to know more just ask!

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Totally excited. It was fun to work on this.

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the shiny hasn't worn off yet :P

Hey there. Is there any options for paypal somewhere?
Because through paizo.com I can only purchase it via credit card, something I don't have.

edit: Nevermind I got it with paypal via d20pfsrd.com

thanks :D

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Second on how shiny this is!

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We've updated the layout on it and added some errata updates also. Anyone who purchased it here, or at d20pfsrd.com, or RPGNow should have received an update notification by now also. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

i just got the book and its great! paracosmist is the exact archetype i wanted, would have been cool to make it so buffing the eidolon was cheaper(lower spell slot) or was a stronger buff, but i cant complain.

i am noticing that there is the problem of the necrosummoner, control undead is a spell not a feat, and its impossible for the summoner to get for it's pre-req, is it supposed to be command undead? and is skeletal summoner supposed to be skeleton summoner?

lastly, it doesnt state anywhere in necrosummoner if the eidolon continues to grow in strength with this class, or if that is given up to be a controller of undead?

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