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personally, i think the sixth pillar works much better than I must have eacy armor you guys are talking like my build would be sorc with sixth pillar archetype and kinny so I got good armor melee and at will blasting what your avatar the last void bender needs any way

with the kindled magic book already giving psychic magic users way to rage and cast at the same time, I don't know how broken the casting would be.

Intreating thing is no you can cast this perfect spell to separate your archons option which is good, but still, 1 per day archon transformation kinda lessens the archons great sacrifice aspect. otherwise feels good to finally have Protoss that not cheesed to completely different chassis

well the og psionics system kinda retired by both Wizards of the coast and Paizo due both adopting much easier developed psychic magic as their new mind based magic system I don't know why but one reason I can kinda think is it makes developing magic easier as you don't have two different spells/ powers doing the same thing

thanks but no thanks while I do love spontaneous casting on the witch. yours don't feel witch to me more like let me make Halloween cutesy witch and use that approach which makes it kinda worthless to brew.

well, I am up with having baba Yaga or nocticula as a patron but I think we are trying pull shifter out of commoner and kinda want to lose the main idea just so we have our dreamed clone of caster class as cannon caster. and I agree patrons need expansion as I want my seducer witch as a viable but hard concept back.

we don't even know summoner gone be an archetype or full class yet so care to wait for few books.

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interesting that fumbus basically rationalize the writing part and his fear of his soul in clean style basically he can learn writing and keep his soul since pictography actually valid writing style after few adventures with og crew he might lose his fears thanks to Kyra slowly teaching him the souls and the taboo he goblins have is actually kinda silly then on pathfinder 3rd edition down to road we might have goblin cleric giving lecture in society class about goblin history abut religion. know i want to see this happen.

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Luke Spencer wrote:
Is there a Twi'lek-esque creature in the background image, just underneath the main NPC's gun? Or is it just me?

that leaves togruta and zeltrın from star wars side remaining let's hope we get series of saving the princess adventure pats near future.

Joe Pasini wrote:
Sparrowhawk_92 wrote:
Joe Pasini wrote:
Ellias Aubec wrote:
Sounds nice. Good to see more weird and wacky playable races coming with that swarm race. Any chance that living hologram gets a PC option?

There is a player option, but it's not racial traits for playing one...

Hmmm. Hard light projector tech item maybe?


*checks the office for hidden cameras*

that's interesting news had light hologram solarion or vanguard any one.

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Phillip Gastone wrote:
Well at her worst, no doubt Sorshen was doing thing unprintable here, no doubt a certain Warhammer deity would give her the thumbs up.

oi, that certain Warhammer deity has his hands full right now.

The Gold Sovereign wrote:
I wasn't expecting a new alien archive announcement, that's cool!

talk for your self mate its either alien archive 3 or armory 2 gonna be the second book this year so it screams I am coming from December.

thecursor wrote:
I IMMEDIATELY assumed that Vanguards were just Solarians who decided that sitting around and meditating was keeping them from bringing order to the universe so they learned how to punch people.

me to mate

well any mythic stuff is okay for my pathfinder lounge but i am looking for that new items and class stuff.

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marshmallows get your marshmallows here 5 silver fr a pack get your marshmallows here

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well stream says they need to look as wands in new perspective thus one of the biggest problem of wands is kinda solved if wands become something other then heal stick. then we kinda dont need resonance to throttle the healing player can receive. this stream kinda shows paizo kinda gets the main issue that CLW spam was problem as it was cheap effective healing ripe for abuse from get go. if wands instead gave something like resistance piercing to spells or make us use our spells in new ways like produce flame acts as bolt when we have a particular wand then whole CLW spam basicly removes it self as problem since wand is not free spells cast but unique modifier to spells it makes spell casting have more crunch to effect story while stopping cheap healing abuse and makes sure healing potions are the healing not cheap enchanted stick even random adept can build one per week.

Rysky wrote:
Combination Feats are neat, and Combat Rhythm is cool... on first reading. Reading it again it's sadly not any good, unless "voluntary penalties" covers the penalties from TWF, which is the only real reason to use the Feat as is due to the setup. If not then I don't see this Feat seeing much use as I don't think people regularly use TWF and Power Attack together, otherwise spending a Feat to maybe get a +1 on a third attack in a round just isn't worth it.

looks like some has the book in her hands.

okay it might bit early for both Cthulhu mythos and home brew but who cares nice work buddy lets hope your work cuts for the main book.

HWalsh wrote:
Paizo is going to have to increase the Spell Points for Spell Point classes. If they don't Paladins and others are going to miss out on being able to use items or their class abilities.

well if you ask me my gut says all spell point using class get spheres of power style treatment to them so in end game we might look 26 points in spell pool if we dont go all the way in to spheres and intruduce drawback as well then we basicly in end game 52 point pool which is good enough to pull decent enough shenanigans for a while.

well if you ask me i want holly trinity to be complete so my first pick would be the advantage class guide for starfinder as soon as possible. After that small bite size chunks to for both veskarium and azlanti star empire. in my option space ships can be wait few more months as biggest problem i feel is we cant get solid builds in most of the classes and there is to much spaceships in the damn market to sufficently keep playing for atleast starfinder season 5 or 6 with out putting big book of ships each year and lack of regular material like classes can pay bills as every one with spark of idea trying to find how to heal in x class. what type of AP i want damn kingmaker updated in to starfinder were pcs start by managing spacestation or planet then get chance to become the faction in galactic scale decideing the fate of galaxy by intracting between various factions to keep their fragile peace.

Selene Spires wrote:

I suggested Prostitute...hoping they keep to the more mature themes we have seen in 1st ed.

Besides how else will we get Brothels of Golarion.

if we ever get that background i want pimp as background to with free leadership feat at 1st level so we have the stable.

Themetricsystem wrote:

I want my martial Characters to be as awesome as a full blown Sayin Warrior, I want to be able to cleave a solid stone wall in half, I want to be able to be able to put a Huge Devil in a Chokehold and crush his neck until he says uncle.

I want my martial Characters to be able to fire an arrow from a kilometer away and reliably hit a target, I want to be able to survive being thrown THROUGH a building and destroying a brick wall which stops my momentum. I want to be able to jump from a standstill and kick manticores in the underbelly.

so you want fighter to be goku thats bit op but right kinda op as i do love to be able to fire kamehameha against wizard point blank.

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i think people want more dynasty warriors then common fighter currently is. but personaly i want my monk to be more like ryu hayabusa rather then random budist monk they try to sell.

1. Bring back 9+int skills for sorcerer.
2. Make wizard a prestige class
3. Get rid of martial style feats and integrate the freaking path of war content in the game.
These are enough for me

I am on with just the 3rd one but here is another idea for potency for spells. orbs that casters can be bound( pay resonance for day) to increase few paradigms of the spell like they cast.

can you give better info for kineticts and vigilante archetypes

@possiblecabbage hey i am down for druid order of metal but then come to think of it metal order druid with bard dedication would be funny

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I can hear you ask why druid breaking their oath at beginning of the game. let me explain the most idiotic move druids doing since the AD&D they eschew use of metal armor but did any one of them ever think for a sec. iron and most of the metals are natural resources thus technically its eligible in the oath to wear iron armor yet our idiotic arch druids are banning the metal armor. Thus making sure you are technically break your core anathema then use their powers willy nilly acting all knowledgeable. so can creators actually explain why the druids cant use metal armor.

I can work with this is any one on design team reading this can you put the idea on development list.

well sign me up to its much more easy to grasp then current ones.

@Ryzsky i hope we see the dragon himself the nerigigante in core books.

hell we still have more skills then wizard

well you do missed mine but my question kinda vague for the time so is there some thing for solarians in the setting.

i want my half goblin tiefling character please.

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Well as i read the play test core book i see few problems needs to be solved in next iteration of playtest core rule book.
1. I think we need to rethink the every thing needs feets aproach as it limits the character creation. my solution is kinda boring but old pf style class features was good and just needed more feats to flesh the ideas 10 feats is kinda not enough to get flavorful character while keeping power levels just enough to do the content.

2 anchestries and races okay even amateur home brewer can write better feats then that. As all feats kinda lacking luster as even Tolkien's haughty elves has much more flavor then our current elf ancestry where is the options that take advantage of long life to become wizard. We can introduce at least 5 or six time the current feats and current flavor cant change any way so solution again why fix it when its not broken we can keep pf 1 ancestries and give more usefull feats to make sure ezren actually feels like way old nearly immortal wizard that married in past
3. resonance and other stats while alchemist getting int to resonance is kinda good but it opens desire to abuse the hyper competent wizard mold as changing resonance stat to anything other than cha actually makes sure wizard becomes the god class again. since we can multi class into magus( and we still need spell strike feat) solution this one is actually kinda simple dont give int to resonance or if you gonna make a feat for it make sure the damn thing has at least charisma 18 as prerequisite so you have solid reason to screw math you guys trying to balance.
4 multi classing well the new multi classing looks good but can we please buff caster ones little bit like one more casting slot feat at i dont know level 14 to reach decent spell casting chance or at least buff the initial feats for a little bit so they can worth the damn feat we pay.

we do realy need that unarmored defense problem solved since there is no way wizard and sorc to survive first 2 levels to get trained in armor unless they are human and unarmored training is armor proficiency option.

This is a realm where every church has demon as cleric instead of regular cleric of the church and lot of priests dump their common sense roll so roll with it

you know small stamp meaning this 3rd party content approved by paizo would be nice hell i put my hat on the group deciding what 3rd party contend can be approved.

well that it time to educate few fools. is any of you play path of exiles since the rune system basicly taken from there. in my vision at least each rune comes with gem and you put gem in the weapons slot so there is no immersion breking on my part. And for resonance we kinda have items that increase resonance which named head band of charisma. this little sucker gives you additional resonance equal to its enchantment bonus with cost of one just one resonance. As for potions they feel in the perfect please cheap enough that you can buy at the start of the game but useless enough in late game that you need better ones in later levels. as CLW abuse thank gods its kinda reighned since none of my games wand of CLW used that much to become problem.

if this would be intresting i hope this time shifter will be good.

Mbertorch wrote:
I hope Sorcerer.

I too hope they reveal sorc as next blog all the wizard nerfs raised my hopes that sorcerer will be awesome.

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Its kinda easy and same time hard to create anchestries if you have few racial feats ready then its kinda easy to continue and get 20 or 30 anchestery feats but if you dont have any feats to start you are kinda out of luck.

to many to choose from on my side.

Weather Report wrote:
TheFinish wrote:

None of them, I just want someone to bring g$#~$# Spelljammer back. I don't care who it is. I don't care how you do it, as long as you do it well.

Just gimme my Spelljammer.

The 5th Ed D&D crew seems to be teasing that, maybe by 2027 you'll get it...

nah though luck even by then since they prefer to make midnights book of culinary magic rather then lets say introduce incarnum one more time.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Gregg Reece wrote:
Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
khadgar567 wrote:
my money is on either that or they gave us rouge as blog post
So you're saying they're going to make a blog post solely on a certain shade of red commonly used in feminine make-up products, and not about a class with underworld specialties?
What do you have against delicate shades of crimson?

Nothing at all. I just think it strange that make-up would be worthy of its own blog post, considering how misspelled the word Rogue is across the world.

I mean, I can see it being involved in the follow-up Skills blog in regards to Disguise, granting a minor Item bonus to the check, but having it's own entire blog post? Is this PF: Designer Fashion edition?

**Edit** Yes, this is largely poking fun.

I know so i dont gonna bother to explain my post but its either rogue, bard( aka every ones favorite skill monkey) or skills.

my money is on either that or they gave us rouge as blog post

you know I think some people wishes friar tuck one of the monk archtypes but the point of making monk with cleric based fluff is either kinda hard but but i kinda like to atleast read about it.

welp. community still jumping the shark except few smart souls. I give up you guys gonna be shocked when play test reveals we still have the old point based system and ranks work as mastery's were you unlock new options like battlefield surgeon feat revealed in the one of the marks posts.

after having society game where my party literally found goblins rock n roll in dungeon of rune lord of wrath i can safely say few goblin bard groups can chance what you thing for little buggers in short time. and they are not fully bard to they are alchemists rocking decently hard that my parties bard cried from joy.

who used summon bard rage power. I am getting calmer by the music and i want to rage.

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