As I'm finishing up prep for my second Starfinder campaign set in the Starcraft universe, I figured I'd dump what I'd made for the players here; they've been absolutely loving the system for Starcraft, it's fit pretty effortlessly. Magic isn't a thing but psi powers are; the two Protoss players are a Zealot with a re-flavored Solarion and a High Templar using the new mystic connection. I'd happy to field questions, we've been having a ton of fun in this setting.

Protoss: Possibly slightly overtuned at first level, having a level 1 Protoss feels a little weird anyway. I haven't worried heavily about making a specific race graft, but the rubric should be fairly obvious. I made some gear for the Protoss players, they've been upgrading as they go, but you can get the typical vibe for their weapons and armors.

The new mystic connections ought to make sense to anyone who's played the games. The high templar went all the way last game, the dark templar connection has only been used in various one-shots.

Finally, I'll note that the medic class I wrote up was published before a whisper of the Biohacker was ever mentioned. A lot of the same solutions here, although you'll note I opted to make shooting the serums into allies automatic. Medics are slightly more focused than Biohackers, and more buff/debuff-centric, but the main mechanic difference is in the stims. Stims, as you'd expect from the games, are a nice damaging buff that can really ruin abusers.

Intreating thing is no you can cast this perfect spell to separate your archons option which is good, but still, 1 per day archon transformation kinda lessens the archons great sacrifice aspect. otherwise feels good to finally have Protoss that not cheesed to completely different chassis

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