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Lucas Yew wrote:
Do you get retroactive new trained skills if you boosted your INT later levels? As CON boosts still seem to have you "catch up" to the expected HP total...

Yes, you do.

CRB, p. 31 wrote:
If an ability boost increases your character’s Intelligence modifier, they become trained in an additional skill and language.

Filthy Lucre wrote:
If I cast Magic Missile as a 9th level spell using all three of my actions and target a single creature does that produce 27d4+27 damage?
CRB, P. 349 wrote:
Heightened (+2) You shoot one additional missile with each action you spend.

By my math:

1st Level Spell = 3d4+3
3rd Level Spell = 6d4+6
5th Level Spell = 9d4+6
7th Level Spell = 12d4+12
9th Level Spell = 15d4+15

Dig. Thanks for the feedback, gang.

CRB, p. 287 wrote:
You can scatter caltrops in an empty square adjacent to you with an Interact action.


Deployed caltrops can be salvaged and reused if no creatures took damage from them.

Cool. How much time/effort is it to clear or recover caltrops from a square? Exploration activity amounts of time/effort?

Brew Bird wrote:
I would argue it's when you drink your mutagen that you make the change. Making the decision during preparation doesn't really follow, since you're changing how the mutagen affects you, but not the mutagen itself. Any Bestial Mutagens you make will still affect anyone else normally, since you're not actually brewing a different mutagen.

Also seems reasonable.

Thanks for the feedback, gang.

Seems reasonable. Thanks.

Feral Mutagen wrote:
Finally, you can increase the mutagen’s penalty to AC from –1 to –2 and, in exchange, increase the damage die size of your claws and jaws by one step.

When do you decide whether to make this exchange? When you first take the mutagen? Round-by-round basis? Other?

All right, then. Thank you very much.

Rysky wrote:
Pretty sure it’s talking about the ghoul.

Okay, so. A Ghoul has a level of "Creature 1" by default. Does that mean it doesn't gain an extra 1d6 healing from Consume Flesh?

A Ghast has a level of "Creature 2" so it would get 1d6 extra healing from Consume Flesh?

Bestiary wrote:
Effect The ghoul devours a chunk of the corpse and regains 1d6 Hit Points plus 1d6 for every 2 levels it has.

Does "it" refer to the corpse being consumed?

shroudb wrote:
masda_gib wrote:
mirtexxan wrote:

Nope, it doesn't.

Under the description of critical damage seems pretty clear that fatal (similar to deadly) is an additional damage that does not get multiplied.

Where? The Critical Hit text doesn't say anything about that. Page 278 says all damage is doubled and page 279 "Counting weapon dice" just says that for effects based on weapon dice count the extra die from fatal isn't counted.

With the specific mention to not double the dice from Deadly, I would think it gets doubled.

p.451 on doubling, it even uses the fatal trait as the example^^

"Benefits you gain
specifically from a critical hit, like the flaming weapon
rune’s persistent fire damage or the extra damage die
from the fatal weapon trait, aren’t doubled."

Thank you. It would've been nice if there had been a clause in the main Fatal entry like with Deadly, but at least it's in there somewhere.

Haven't seen anything specific, but you may be onto something with the grapple thing. Critical success on the grapple makes them restrained.

Core Rulebook, p. 622 wrote:


You’re tied up and can barely move, or a creature has you pinned. You have the flat-footed and immobilized conditions, and you can’t use any actions with the attack or manipulate traits except to attempt to Escape or Force Open your bonds. Restrained overrides grabbed.

Maybe an Interact action while you have them pinned?

Does the additional damage die from Fatal get doubled with the rest of the critical damage?

The CRB makes it clear that the additional die from Deadly does not, so I wondered.

I don't see it in the Skills chapter, but the Escape action in Playing the Game suggests Thievery.

Core Rulebook, p. 470 wrote:
You attempt to escape from being grabbed, immobilized, or restrained. Choose one creature, object, spell effect, hazard, or other impediment imposing any of those conditions on you. Attempt a check using your unarmed attack modifier against the DC of the effect. This is typically the Athletics DC of a creature grabbing you, the Thievery DC of a creature who tied you up, the spell DC for a spell effect, or the listed Escape DC of an object, hazard, or other impediment.

Right on. I wondered if maybe I accidentally withheld a something crucial that might have made the difference. Appreciate the feedback. : )

Mats Öhrman wrote:
The undead flesh, the holy symbol, and the letter makes Arami and Keyt think that Wennel had come back as an undead and had gone on a murder rampage.

My players failed the check on the flesh, but even with the holy symbol and the letter clues, they never considered the possibility that the priest of Milani was now the undead killer. They also got the clue from the Bloody Barber they questioned about the murder of the half-elf cleric, though they didn't get his name...

Did the GM provide some other key detail that helped you reach this conclusion?

Appreciate your feedback, gang.

I wound up allowing it because a) there are only two PCs, b) half plate is not really better than splint mail, which the character could have just purchased, and c) it's a playtest, and these characters are going either be replaced or respec'd for the next adventure anyway.

Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, p. 348, Treasure for New Characters wrote:
Whether you’re starting a campaign at higher level, a new player joins an existing group, or a current player’s character dies and she needs a new one, your campaign might have a PC who didn’t start at 1st level. In these cases, refer to the Character Wealth table, which lets you know how many common permanent items of various levels the PC should have, plus additional currency. The player can spend her currency as she wishes on consumables or lower-level permanent items, keeping the rest as coinage.

I have a group starting at 2nd level. I'm not sure if the common permanent item is more intended to be a magic item (and I haven't found any Level 1 permanent items, anyway). Common weapons and armor are considered to be level 0, IIRC.

Anyway, I had a player ask if they could pick half plate armor as their "Level 1 item". Would this be too much?



Draco18s wrote:
jozh wrote:
it seems like every time you attempt a melee touch attack spell you're taking a gamble that it's going to get disrupted.

Try to determine if the foe can make attacks of opportunity first. Did someone move through their reach? Has anyone picked up an item, changed their grip, drawn an item, etc?

Yes? Did they get hit?

No? You're safe.

I hear you. Of course, then this thread comes to mind and it makes me tired.

I know Attacks of Opportunity and other such reactions are less common now, but it seems like every time you attempt a melee touch attack spell you're taking a gamble that it's going to get disrupted.

If that is by design, I don't care for it.

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I would prefer to use a spellcasting class's key ability score for all attacks or checks involved with their spells.

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rixu wrote:
Well, we finished the AP few weeks ago and everyone really enjoyed it. In the last book there were a few things that the players didn't enjoy, including the final Boss fight.

Yeah, Serovox was rough with the greater invisibility and wall of force. Locked down the android operative for most of the fight by trapping him in close quarters with a kurobozu in round 2 (per tactics). Since the vesk soldier and lashunta solarian couldn't see Serovox, they started trying to break the wall down. Once they had it down to about 100 hp, Serovox cast another wall of force, and layered it over the outside, just to toy with them.

I wasn't sure if each of the kurobozus in the trophy room were supposed to have all three spell ampoules, so I just figured there was only one of each. They didn't hear the party coming, so they didn't use them. The ysoki technomancer used the see invisibility ampoule early in the Serovox fight for himself but wasn't super effectual (aside from wall of fire: 5d6, no save, double damage to undead - woof), so the admiral didn't bother dispelling it. Later, the PCs remembered they had a spell gem of see invisibility from way back and used that on the solarian. Once he got a good hit in, Serovox dispelled that. Then it was Perception check, pray, jump, and swing. They eventually pulled it off.

Nintendogeek01 wrote:
Definitely the latter. No question. The Bad Omens event makes a point of saying the PC's stats are not equal to that of a tier 20 ship's crew and neither the text in the event or the Electroenchephalon Command Key's text says anything about the PC's getting control over the other officers. The PC's get as many actions as they typically do.

Cool, yeah. That's how I played it. They were fine.

Quick question: Assume the PCs use the command key to grant each of them authorized access. During Event 6 vs. Dusk Bade and Orphanmaker, can each PC control one "role" using the bonuses of the Empire of Bones' crew? Can they roll once for each officer in a role? For example, do they get 5 Engineer actions, 10 gunner actions, and 4 Science Officer actions?


Do they each serve as a single officer in whatever role they select, use their own skill modifier, and lean heavily on the four +10 bonuses the Empire of Bones allows?

Please advise.

Zwordsman wrote:

pdf quick jump to 322.

This states all persistent damage is a flat check dc20. Unless someone attempts helping, or a reasonable environmental aid (such as water vs acid or fire), in which case it is reduced to dc 15 flat check permanently (or until reapplied by whatever applied it originally)
What kind of persistent doesnt actually matter one iota--Unless. the ability has a specific line about required elements,and trumps the general rules listed below.

This is, of course, bypassed by specific statement.s Such as Alchemist's Fire stating

"The target can end this persistent damage by spending an Interact
action or by becoming submerged in water or otherwise entering
an area deprived of air. A creature adjacent to the target can also
end the persistent damage by spending an Interact action." where there is no check, it simply requires an action to end.

I can dig it.

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What if the target is suffering from something other than acid, bleed, or fire (which have examples in the Persistent Damage section)? What is the action one would take to reduce the DC for negative damage (from Disrupt Ki, e.g.)? Is the fact that they spent an action trying to recover from the persistent damage sufficient?

Vahnyu wrote:

General Rule: You need to meet a given feat's level requirement in order to be able to choose it.

Specific Rule: Background 'X' says you have feat 'Y'. Not "you may choose", but "you have".

Specific Rule > General Rule

I suppose that answers my question regarding things like Monk's Abundant Step letting you "gain" (and presumably use) dimensional steps at level 6 despite the fact that it is a level 4 power and non-spellcasters are supposed to be limited to powers half their level (rounded up).

Saved me quite a bit of reference + editing to ask the question. Thank you. : )

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Midnightoker wrote:
That may be what you define it as in your head, but there is no book definition for a Will DC at all, it is a completely foreign term. Despite that it may be possible to infer what it is means, this would be the only ability in the book I've read thus far that uses "Will DC" as a term.

FWIW, p. 8 of the Rulebook (under "Your Difficulty Class") says:

Often, you roll dice against a Diffculty Class determined by the GM. But when a creature or situation is testing your character’s ability, it attempts a check against a Difficulty Class based on the most relevant of your character’s statistics. The DC for any statistic is 10 plus all the same modifers you’d add to a d20 roll using that statistic.

"Will DC" certainly appears to be implied there.

Also, I saw references to "Will DC" in the Make an Impression use of the Diplomacy skill (p. 150) and the Coerce and Demoralize uses of the Intimidate skill (pp. 150-151). "Will DC" is also referenced under the Group Coercion and Group Impression feats (p. 166), and the Scare to Death feat (p. 170). There was one more reference to "Will DC" on the Gorget of the Primal Roar (p. 392).

All of that said, yeah. I'd still like it called out somewhere, maybe as an example in the "Your Difficulty Class" paragraph.

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On p. 228, the spell Grim Tendrils comes before Grease.

Minor alphabetical quibble, I know.

I've seen a few references in this thread to using Dispel Magic with the Counterspell action, but I cannot figure out how that would work within the RAW.

Counterspell says you have to use the same spell.

Ready allows you to prepare a single action as a reaction, but Dispel Magic takes two actions, so that doesn't seem to work.

The Swift Dispel feat almost gets there, but is dependent upon a different trigger.

What am I missing?

Jesse Thibault wrote:
Readied actions occur as Reactions (I ready an action to shoot him with an arrow when he concentrates on the flame sphere).

That's pretty meta, but I guess you're right.

Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, p. 197 wrote:

[Concentrate] Requirements You have at least one spell active with a concentration duration, and you are not fatigued.

Choose one spell with a concentration duration you have in effect. The duration of that spell continues until the end of your next turn. Some spells may have slightly different or expanded effects if you concentrate. Concentrating on a Spell for more than 10 minutes (60 rounds) ends the spell and makes you fatigued.

If you take damage equal to or greater than your level from a reaction or free action triggered by this action, your spell is disrupted and immediately dismissed.

So, my first thought about disrupting with a reaction was Attack of Opportunity, but Concentrate on a Spell doesn't meet the criteria for triggering that. Can anyone direct me to other reactions that this action triggers?

Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook, p. 174 wrote:

Each item has an item level, which represents the complexity of the item and any magic used in its construction. Simpler items with a lower level are easier to construct, and you can’t Craft items that have a higher level than your own (see page 148). If an item’s level isn’t listed, its level is 0.

Creating an abjurer and overthinking areas of effect because of Protective Ward. I note that it is a "10-foot-radius burst centered on you" one of only four powers/spells that have this phrasing or something similar for area (see below). I wondered if these should maybe have Aura area of effects, instead, since bursts generally tend to be centered on an intersection (assuming grid play). The description of Protective Ward even refers to it as an aura.

Moonlight Glow (60-foot burst centered on you)
Protective Ward (10-foot radius burst centered on you)
Sanctified Ground (30-foot burst centered on you)
Weakening Ground (30-foot burst centered on you)

Looking for other similar examples, I note that Globe of Invulnerabilty and Prismatic sphere specify 10-foot burst centered on one corner of (or within) your space.

Smokestick and Dust of Appearance specify the burst is centered on a corner of a space.

Anyway, just curious.

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Yep. That did it. Thank you, Chris.

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Eric Roth wrote:
I can't get the bestiary to open it downloads the file, but when I go to open it says it can't be opened and the file shows that it empty. Am I the only one here who is having this problem, and what should I do?

Happened to a few of us. They are aware and working on the issue.

Much obliged.

I've tried the "Problems downloading this file? Click here" repackage a couple of extra times, but it remains the same file.

Please advise.

(Not a super high priority, but I would like it addressed eventually, please. :D)

Anyone else have a problem with the Bestiary PDF? The zip file in my downloads is 1KB, and the file inside is 0KB...

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My players upgraded between AP 4 & 5, so their Sunrise Maiden is Tier 9. The starship combat in AP 5 was long, but they barely took any hull point damage, and were never in any serious danger of reducing shields to concerning levels.

I was just going to let it ride as is for the final chapter, whether they want to use their ship or steal the Corpse Fleet one. I assume it'll be fine either way.

A5. Suffocation Chamber Kreth's prep action is to ready to turn the atmosphere toxic. Considering that the Empire of Bones has no atmosphere (generally), it stands to reason that the PCs that need to breathe would have environmental protection active. Would that not protect them from the toxic atmosphere?

The jubsnuth (p. 57) appears to lack a Space/Reach entry. I assume Space: 15 ft. because it is huge, but what should its Reach be?

jozh casts raise thread.

Poison has been sticking in my brain recently, and so I jumped into the book, but I still have questions. Perhaps this has already been discussed to death elsewhere, but my search efforts only revealed this thread to me.

Shaudius wrote:
Suppose I make one of these saves and fail the other, am I cured and back to healthy? Or since I failed against one of the doses am I now Immobile, with one dose of poison inside of me.

For this part of your post, I think that you are now immobile. Even if you had made both saving throws, I think you'd still be at staggered, and not back to healthy. Here's why I think that (emphasis added).

Core Rulebook wrote:
Curing an Affliction: <snip> Poisons and drugs work differently—fulfilling the cure condition (or reaching the end of a poison’s duration) removes a poison from the victim’s system, but she remains at the same step on the track and recovers gradually. For every day of bed rest (or two nights of normal rest), a victim moves one step toward healthy. This rate of recovery is doubled by successful Medicine checks (see Long-Term Care on page 143), though tenacious poisons might require a longer recovery period.


FWIW, I agree with you, baggageboy.

Can the Sarcesian Sniper (Alien Archive, p. 98) use Trick Attack? Its listed gear is a tactical dueling sword (analog) and advanced Diasporan rifle (Sniper 500 ft., unwieldy). In the absence of a melee weapon with the operative special property or with any small arm, it seems like it could not. I see nothing under the Class Graft guidelines to suggest it can ignore these restrictions.

John Compton wrote:

I just asked around, and the standard for calculating NPCs' critical hit effect DCs is the ability save DC listed in Tables 1, 3, and 5 in Starfinder Alien Archive. Remember that a combatant array can boost the save DC of an especially important ability by 2 during design.

For Panelliar, I don't think that the wound critical hit effect is central to his design; it's a nice thing to have and a mean surprise in the unlikely event it lops off a PC's arm. As a result, I'd have his critical hit effect save DC of 14 as advised on Table 1.

Works for me. Thank you, sir. : )

If Panelliar happens to crit with his solar spear, what should the DC of the Wounding be?

If he were a PC, it looks like the DC would be 18.

18 = 10 + 3 (1/2 item level - Least Gluon Crystal: 6/2 = 3) + 5 (Strength modifier for melee attack)

But he's not a PC, so I looked to the Alien Archive for guidance.

Table 1 on p. 129 lists a Base Ability DC of 14 for a CR 6 Combatant, but since "Wounding" isn't spell or spell-like ability, I'm not sure what to add to that base to end up with an appropriate DC, per the guidelines on p. 127 (Ability and Spell DCs).

Please advise.

Jhaeman wrote:
Huh, he actually escaped in the game I just ran. Reached the mine exit and had a couple of rounds of head start on the PCs (and was completely unharmed thanks to holographic duplicates). They took a couple of long-range shots but missed due to range increment issues. I had to assume that the locals in Tasch would shield him or get in the way of pursuing PCs, and called it there. Fortunately, I have awesome players and they weren't too miffed that they lost out on the fame and reputation.

Talbot escaped when I ran this, too. The PCs didn't hit him until all (4!) of the duplicates got taken down. Talbot took out the PC Operative in the second round, while the sharpshooter soldier (played by a 12-year-old) jumped in the cart with him. The other three PCs got fixated on the miners for some reason. Talbot jumped off the cart when he got to the trapped zone and made a break for it with his speed. The soldier in the cart biffed a couple of rolls to get out of the cart. The PC Mystic revived the PC Operative, who chased Talbot down but was dropped again moments before Talbot stole their ride and drove off.

To their credit, the PCs called the AbadarCorp agents to report Talbot's escape and I gave the NPCs a chance to catch him before he got back to Tasch. Rolled high, so I said they got him, but weren't willing to give the Starfinders the McGuffin (after a failed Diplomacy check).

Gary Bush wrote:
Questions like these should be asked on the GM Discussion forum for the specific adventure. Spoilers are expected in that forum, not so much in this forum.

I am now aware of the GM Discussion forum and will use that going forward.

All righty. Thank you, sir.

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