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I know that many will disagree with me, but I believe that multiple minor crew actions may be taken in a given round. Let me explain my reasoning.

CRB, pg 326, emphasis added wrote:
Minor crew actions are computer-aided actions that allow a starship limited functionality if it doesn’t have the necessary crew to fill all the roles (for instance, the lone crew member aboard a Tiny starship might always be the pilot but may need to fire one of the vessel’s weapons in an emergency). You can take a minor crew action regardless of your current role, but only if no other action was performed this round for the role associated with that minor crew action. A minor crew action can be performed only once per round and doesn’t count as your action.

The two minor crew actions we currently have include wording like this:

CRB, pg 326, "Glide", emphasis added wrote:
You can only take this action if no other pilot actions have been taken during the helm phase (including glide).

I believe that when you take the wording together as a whole this means that a specific minor crew action may be taken only once per round, not that only a single minor crew action action may be taken.

What would this mean in play? If you didn't have a pilot or a gunner, you could take both a glide and a snapshot every round. This would be a boon to single crew starships as it would mean you are able to imitate both the gunner and pilot while still doing any of the other 3 roles. For most PC groups this would not matter, but for GMs running tiny craft, or PCs groups running such craft you would be much more capable. As it is, once you fall behind even a little bit you are severely disabled just from not being able to divert/balance/fly and shoot.

You forgot to bold another part of can take “A” minor crew action regardless of your current role...a as in 1

But taking "a" minor crew action does not mean that you could not take another. why include verbiage precluding repeated minor crew actions in a given round if multiple minor crew actions cannot be performed?

You can only take one minor crew action per turn on top of your main crew action. You can't take every available minor crew action every turn, only one single minor action. The verbiage with Glide was to re-emphasize that Glide is a piloting action, as a reminder that you can't Glide if you've taken another piloting action this turn.

FWIW, I agree with you, baggageboy.

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I appreciate that. Either way the wording is ambiguous and I feel my interpretation allows for more varied play without becoming over powered, so that's how I will run it in my campaign.

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