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Lucas Yew wrote:
Do you get retroactive new trained skills if you boosted your INT later levels? As CON boosts still seem to have you "catch up" to the expected HP total...

Yes, you do.

CRB, p. 31 wrote:
If an ability boost increases your character’s Intelligence modifier, they become trained in an additional skill and language.

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I would prefer to use a spellcasting class's key ability score for all attacks or checks involved with their spells.

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rixu wrote:
Well, we finished the AP few weeks ago and everyone really enjoyed it. In the last book there were a few things that the players didn't enjoy, including the final Boss fight.

Yeah, Serovox was rough with the greater invisibility and wall of force. Locked down the android operative for most of the fight by trapping him in close quarters with a kurobozu in round 2 (per tactics). Since the vesk soldier and lashunta solarian couldn't see Serovox, they started trying to break the wall down. Once they had it down to about 100 hp, Serovox cast another wall of force, and layered it over the outside, just to toy with them.

I wasn't sure if each of the kurobozus in the trophy room were supposed to have all three spell ampoules, so I just figured there was only one of each. They didn't hear the party coming, so they didn't use them. The ysoki technomancer used the see invisibility ampoule early in the Serovox fight for himself but wasn't super effectual (aside from wall of fire: 5d6, no save, double damage to undead - woof), so the admiral didn't bother dispelling it. Later, the PCs remembered they had a spell gem of see invisibility from way back and used that on the solarian. Once he got a good hit in, Serovox dispelled that. Then it was Perception check, pray, jump, and swing. They eventually pulled it off.

Nintendogeek01 wrote:
Definitely the latter. No question. The Bad Omens event makes a point of saying the PC's stats are not equal to that of a tier 20 ship's crew and neither the text in the event or the Electroenchephalon Command Key's text says anything about the PC's getting control over the other officers. The PC's get as many actions as they typically do.

Cool, yeah. That's how I played it. They were fine.

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What if the target is suffering from something other than acid, bleed, or fire (which have examples in the Persistent Damage section)? What is the action one would take to reduce the DC for negative damage (from Disrupt Ki, e.g.)? Is the fact that they spent an action trying to recover from the persistent damage sufficient?

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Midnightoker wrote:
That may be what you define it as in your head, but there is no book definition for a Will DC at all, it is a completely foreign term. Despite that it may be possible to infer what it is means, this would be the only ability in the book I've read thus far that uses "Will DC" as a term.

FWIW, p. 8 of the Rulebook (under "Your Difficulty Class") says:

Often, you roll dice against a Diffculty Class determined by the GM. But when a creature or situation is testing your character’s ability, it attempts a check against a Difficulty Class based on the most relevant of your character’s statistics. The DC for any statistic is 10 plus all the same modifers you’d add to a d20 roll using that statistic.

"Will DC" certainly appears to be implied there.

Also, I saw references to "Will DC" in the Make an Impression use of the Diplomacy skill (p. 150) and the Coerce and Demoralize uses of the Intimidate skill (pp. 150-151). "Will DC" is also referenced under the Group Coercion and Group Impression feats (p. 166), and the Scare to Death feat (p. 170). There was one more reference to "Will DC" on the Gorget of the Primal Roar (p. 392).

All of that said, yeah. I'd still like it called out somewhere, maybe as an example in the "Your Difficulty Class" paragraph.

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On p. 228, the spell Grim Tendrils comes before Grease.

Minor alphabetical quibble, I know.

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Yep. That did it. Thank you, Chris.

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Eric Roth wrote:
I can't get the bestiary to open it downloads the file, but when I go to open it says it can't be opened and the file shows that it empty. Am I the only one here who is having this problem, and what should I do?

Happened to a few of us. They are aware and working on the issue.

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My players upgraded between AP 4 & 5, so their Sunrise Maiden is Tier 9. The starship combat in AP 5 was long, but they barely took any hull point damage, and were never in any serious danger of reducing shields to concerning levels.

I was just going to let it ride as is for the final chapter, whether they want to use their ship or steal the Corpse Fleet one. I assume it'll be fine either way.

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Welp. That's pretty scary. :D

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SCR, p. 414 wrote:
Curing an Affliction: Diseases, drugs, and poisons can be cured if they are treated before the victim reaches the end state. In the case of a disease, the victim must fulfill the conditions in the disease’s Cure entry (usually succeeding at one or more consecutive saving throws). Each time she does so, she moves one step back toward healthy; once she reaches healthy, she is cured.

Does this mean that the character moves one step back toward healthy each time they meet fulfill the conditions of the disease's Cure entry?

For example, let's say the character contracted Filth Fever (p. 418), and has failed enough saving throws to become Impaired on the Physical track because of the disease. When they make two consecutive saving throws, do they then move from Impaired up to Weakened? And another two consecutive saving throws to move from Weakened up to Latent? And another two consecutive saving throws to move from Weakened to Healthy?

If so, in the absence of medical or magical assistance, it requires 6 days of successful saving throws to recover from the Impaired state of a disease with a Frequency of 1/day and a Cure entry of 2 consecutive saves? Is that correct?

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I'd allow it. I approve of your entrepreneurial spirit. : )