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Shaudius wrote:
I'm gonna be attempting to run sfs 1-12 at 7 meeting outside thunderbird market if people are free and want to play.

Yea Id be up for that

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I have a question regarding the boon oreads favor. Can someone explain what this really does my group isn't that old of a group and is something we would understand if we had another piece?

I recently ran tapestry toil and it has a similar boon for wayangs and I didn't know what it did ether but no one asked that time.

k thanks that is kinda what i was leaning towards as well so until further notice i'm going to stick with that.

whip shot deed is a feat that reads

Benefit(s): Whenever you use your pistol-whip deed, you can fire a single bullet from your firearm at the same time that you strike a foe with the butt of your firearm. You must spend a total of 2 grit points to use the pistol-whip deed in this way, and must still succeed at a ranged touch attack against the target of your pistol-whip deed to hit. You cannot use the scatter weapon quality of a firearm when you use this feat.

does the shot provoke an attack of Opportunity?

when combining it with signature deed is whip-shot separate from pistol whip? which way does it work if i wanted to signature deed it as low as i could get it?

1 signature deed to reduce pistol-whip and 1 for whip-shot so it could be used for 0
or just 1 for whip-shot so it would still cost 1 grit for the full effect.

i know its not an amazing combo but i like the flare of it

thanks in advance for any info you can provide