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I'm thinking perhaps Weather domain might be easier, as the differences between the two domains are actually quite minimal imo. Assuming that I go with that... What's a good build out to 20?

I'm thinking a grand majority of my blasts will be stuff like AGTC, flaming sphere, that kind of stuff, 60/40'ed with summons/battlefield controls/spot heals.

Also, which trait? I honestly thought druids had access to that subdomain...

Well to be honest I can't say I want to focus 100% on blasting, because otherwise why wouldn't I just build a sorcerer or a wizard (my question to myself).

I'm thinking probably 60% elemental blasting, 40% summons/battlefield control, plus a couple of spot heals here and there?

On first look, the feats I was interested in for this build were:

Improved initiative

Natural spell
Planar wild shape
Divine intervention

Spell focus (conjuration)
Augment summoning
Superior summoning

Wild speech

Quicken spell
Spell penetration

Spell focus (evocation)
(and not sure what else really...)

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Currently looking to build out an elemental blaster druid to lv 20. Basically a spell caster that does very minimal wildshaping. Manipulates the weather and the elements primarily.

PB 20, Human, Menhir Savant archetype.

Currently statted out at Lv 1 as follows (open to suggestions even for this):

Str 7, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 20 (Human Bonus +2 applied here), Cha 7

Alternate Racial Trait: Heart of the Fey
FCB: Hitpoints

Traits: Gifted Adept (Use this for Entangle, or Flaming Sphere?), Student of Faith (Campaign Trait)

Feats: Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (Conjuration)

Nature Bond (Lightning? or Weather? Domain)

Also, good spell choices?

Thanks both. To my last, I think I will use RotRl2 to introduce Magnimar as Golarion's version of Gotham, perhaps I won't make Foxglove my version of Joker though.

On the other front, I'm thinking definitely use the Oni and their agents as a background to Tsuto's recent malignance. Since he does kill Lonjiku and kidnap Ameiko during RotRl1, I'm thinking that he knows something about her inheritance, but how much? Perhaps he shares what he knows to Ameiko to get her to join him, but when she slaps him he attempts to rape her and the PCs jump in?

Which brings me right back to the intervening years. I'm thinking of something to tie Amaya into the story, and I just can't see CoT1 as a good way. I understand that Amaya is a minor fixture in CoT, but I just can't really see myself stretching CoT to fit the flavor. Anyone have a suggestion?

So currently I've got this build as follows, but I'm not entirely convinced that this is the best way to go about it, it seems as though Ascetic stuff is a little late (primarily wanted to account for the 500gp cost for Versatile Design), and I have some holes to fill with regard to the Ki powers and style strikes (I've never played monk before so...)

Human (Tian-Min)
20 PB Allocation: Str 16+2=18, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 7
Alternate Racial Traits: None (?)
Traits: Reactionary, Martial manuscript

Cleric (Crusader) of Shizuru 1, Unchained Monk 19

1 (UnM) - Power attack, (Hum) Furious focus, (UnM) Dodge
2 (Cru) - Domain: Repose, (Cru) Weapon focus: Katana
3 (UnM) - Crusader's flurry, (UnM) Scorpion style
4 - Con
5 - Improved initiative, Ki power (Qinggong power: Barkskin)
6 - Style strike: Flying kick
7 - Cleave, (UnM) Gorgon's fist, Ki power (?)
8 - Str
9 - Hammer the gap, Ki power (Qinggong power: Restoration)
10 - Style strike (?)
11 - Weapon adept, (UnM) Improved critical, Ki power (Qinggong power: Ki leech)
12 - Str
13 - Ascetic style: Katana, Ki power (?)
14 - Style strike (?)
15 - Ascetic form, (UnM) Medusa's wrath, Ki power (?)
16 - Str, Style strike (?)
17 - Critical focus, Ki power (?)
18 - Style strike (?)
19 - Blinding critical, (UnM) Improved trip, Ki power (?)
20 - Str

Hmm... I'm now bouncing between a UnMonk 1/Crusader Cleric of Shizuru 1/Unmonk X build vs a Sacred Fist Warpriest of Shizuru (or half-elf ancestral arms, whatever gives me the katana) build, apparently sacred fists get flurry too...?

One more thought: Guided hand feat.

I'm assuming if I built say the cleric 1 unmonk x without guided hand, I'd want perhaps maxed str, wis about 14-16ish. Something to the effect of STR 18 (16+2), DEX 12, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 7 at chargen.

If I spend a feat to go guided hand, I could potentially drop Str, and just max Wis?? I'd then be foregoing extra damage based on str... How much would that hurt, and how would the two builds stack up?

That's certainly an idea. Though, it would still mean I would need to invest in a significant chunk of cash for the weapon, but with brawler's flurry I then open up the TWF option... Hmm...

Lmao... Val'bryn2 is a moray eel. Got it.

Everything else I can more or less chalk up to "oh that's some devil fruit tomfoolery", Zoro, I can't...

Also, don't forget chibi Rudolf the red nosed were-reindeer...

Lol I feel you Derk. It took me a lot of swallowing to get into OP myself, and it was primarily because of my then-not-yet-ex that I did. I completely disagree with the whole niten ichi ryu with two katana PLUS a tooth grip third that they depict with Zoro. Being a practitioner myself I understand the horrific impossibility of what they're trying to portray.

That said, let's just assume that my primary interest is in a one-sword practitioner with flurry at the moment.

Let's also say that I'm willing to dip. I can see cleric and warpriest, why crusader cleric (is it just for the bonus feat and nothing else)? Also, what benefit would I get from Kensai magus besides the AC? Would the katana be able to effectively strike against touch AC?

And let's assume that I'm willing to take a dip for 4 levels of warpriest, potentially for other benefits in the class (spells and such), how would that affect the effectiveness of the flurry attacks (assuming that that is the pony's primary trick), and other tricks our pony might possess?

I'm not understanding the whole thing about the crusader clarification. From my understanding dipping crusader cleric is more or less just a 1 lvl dip? Or was that a clarification about crusader's flurry?

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The idea was inspired from two separate conversations with my current group. One involved two of my group's current players having the idea to create "bro fighters", the other involving another player/gm wanting to create a closed quarters combatant for perhaps an upcoming game.

I was then contemplating the practicality of building a samurai or sohei inspired character, just not necessarily built with that class or that archetype respectively. Equally, I'm not wanting to build this character with any kind of ninja/rogue/sneaky business.

Necessarily, I wanted to build a katana wielding combatant that follows some form of a moral code, but doesn't necessarily rely on mounted combat or challenges.

Enter, One Piece's Monk Zoro... (Nope, I haven't watched OP for years, I have no idea what's going on or what these new character restylings are even about. I just think the pictures look cool.)

So, to solidify my idea a little better then, I believe my version of a "monk zoro" to be a nihonto wielding combatant. Human probably, unless there's any compelling reason to be otherwise. He will either be adept in the traditional styles of kenjutsu, wielding the katana as a two-handed weapon, or perhaps in niten ichi ryu, wielding a katana and wakizashi with TWF. Also, like the sohei, he should be able to become spiritually invested with his weapon, therefore having the weapon becoming an extension of his own body. Being able to flurry with it would be nice (and the only reason to go with monk versus some form of fighter in my opinion).

So here's a couple of questions: Without having to use the sohei archetype, can I somehow make the monk be able to flurry with his sword(s)? Also, for the purposes of grabbing a free exotic WP from the deity's favored weapon (Shizuru), is there any downside to dipping warpriest versus cleric? How would a one-sword build look like versus a TWF build, and how do they stack up?

The build is currently as follows:

Catfolk (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis)
20 PB Allocation: Str 10, Dex 13+2=15, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12-2=10, Cha 7+2=9
Alternate Racial Traits: Cat's claws, Climber
Traits: Bruising intellect, Chance savior
Vigilante (Cabalist)
1 - Combat expertise, Transformation sequence
2 - Lethal grace
3 - Weapon focus (claws), Ancestral enlightenment
4 - Dex
5 - Improved feint, Many guises
6 - Concealed strike
7 - Catfolk exemplar (Sharp claws), Quick change
8 - Abil: Int?
9 - Greater feint, Mockingbird
11 - Craft staff, Skill familiarity
12 - Int?, Tattoo chamber
13 - Skill focus (Stealth), Immediate change
15 - Hellcat stealth, Everyman
16 - Dex?
17 - Dazzling display, Any guise
18 - Living shadow
19 - Shatter defenses, Hidden magic
20 - Dex?, Shadow jump

Just had a first session over the weekend and finding my character slightly under-useful for the diplomacy and knowledge stuff required for the first bit... But meh, that's why we have a pally and a bard (for now). xD

Badblood wrote:
Robe of Needles

Duly noted, thank you :D

At this point also thinking perhaps of multiclassing white haired witch after gaining immediate change at 13? Not sure how useful that would be... Wouldn't grant me additional spell levels that's for sure... Perhaps one level dip and then 6 in a PrC?

Hmm... both shatter defenses and hellcat stealth xD Blood spurt is cute, but mechanically requires me to hurt myself, so no.

So for the purposes of this campaign, the GM has decided to allow natural weapons (such as claws) to be able to be feinted in combat (even after I've specifically mentioned this improved feint + concealed strike mechanic). Creatures with natural weapons are also considered to have the quick draw feat according to him.

Okay, so I'm decided on ditching the whip (it's a sad day). Going with the suggestion to use claws instead. Delaying living shadow till late game. Also, ditching familiar for the lethal grace etc etc (forever sad, forever lonely).

So the build...

Catfolk (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis) (Holy Bastet this hurts)
20 PB Allocation: Str 10, Dex 13+2=15, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12-2=10, Cha 7+2=9
Alternate Racial Traits: Cat's claws, Climber
Traits: Bruising intellect, Chance savior

Vigilante (Cabalist)
1 - Combat expertise, Transformation sequence
2 - Lethal grace
3 - Weapon focus (claws), ST
4 - Dex
5 - Improved feint, ST
6 - Concealed strike
7 - Catfolk exemplar (Sharp claws), Quick change
8 - Abil: Increase Dex or int for the rest??
9 - Greater feint? (for the benefit of the other stabby mcstabby party member), ST
11 - Craft staff, ST
12 - Abil, Tattoo chamber
13 - Feat, Immediate change
15 - Feat, ST
16 - Abil
17 - Feat, ST
18 - Living shadow
19 - Feat, ST
20 - Abil, Shadow jump

I'm thinking the rest of the feats should be focused on adding ways to deny enemy dex to AC. The rest of the social talents, thinking either buff all my skills, or go into the guise line or both.

The only problem I see with putting Whip of Vengeance, and don't get me wrong, I like the talent, in there, is that I don't have enough early level slots for vigilante talents anymore as a cabalist. Losing 4, 8, 10, 14 and 16 means that I either don't get tattoo chamber or living shadow till 18, or I forget whip of vengeance or familiar. That's the biggest issue I have currently I think.

My thoughts: Social side I'm gonna have Catcat pass for a witch or clergy type. Vigilante side Catcat's gonna be (I dunno... how do you describe a debuffing cabalist that makes people bleed?) General idea is to use whip to start bleeding damage and then AoE to Bloody Horror everyone in range. Debuff and support from there as party needs. Whip amps up the cool factor (plus opens up some CM options at 10ft range no? Cause Imma keep my 10' distance if I can), but I'm not above using claws I suppose, though losing Natural Hunter sucks, or I suppose I could get it through Catfolk Exemplar... (I'm also not above going Warlock instead I guess? Though I'm unsure about the actual usefulness of Mystic Bolts, given range and the hard shutdown from a simple Resist Energy. I suppose I can flavor it similarly though if I had to play it? Assuming a cabalist build for now tho.)

Ability scores: No int bonus sucks, oh well, I'm doing this for flavor this time. On a 20PB I'll try to spread for Str 7, Dex 15+2=17, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12-2=10, Cha 7+2=9. Progression 1 Dex then Int, or all in Dex? Don't know.

Alt Racials wise: Nothing I can see that will realistically make or break my build here, probably gonna take Climber over Sprinter just to open up a new movement option, but nothing else.

Skills: 4+int/lv still isn't bad, losing perception sucks balls. Probably looking at all the things that allow me to deny opponent dex, like feint, intimidate and stealth, then spread it out from there?

Feats: Black Cat is awesomesauce, besides that OMG no clue.

Social Talent: Besides transformation sequence, quick and immediate change, social grace, skill familiarity and ancestral enlightenment, no idea.

Vigilante Talents: I'm really in love with most of the cabalist talents. In fact, I love Living Shadow, Tattoo Chamber, Whip of Vengeance, and Familiar (in a game with 2 ratfolk and a kitsune, what should I pick for a familiar? xD). Even Shadow Jump is not so bad. Having to take 2 of these late game sucks. Is there no way to gain more vigilante talents? Because Signature Weapon, Cunning Feint, Lethal Grace are all wants as well... Not enough vigilante talent spots!!!

Traits: Bruising intellect, probably going for chance savior cause there's really no other CC campaign trait that I see fitting well...

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So, because of a need of role filling for the party, and also hilariousness, I have decided to shelf the John Constantine styled Gun-quisitor in favor for a whip-wielding Catfolk Cabalist Vigilante named... Catcat!

That said, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how to build this character, with regard to feat and talent selections. The ability to slap debuffs on enemies is extremely important (This is why I'm choosing the cabalist over the gunquisitor), and the whole build should pretty much revolve around that. Bleed damage is cool, if I can make it work, and doing that with whips? Even better. Besides that, I don't much care about the whole dual identity thing, as being catfolk in Ustalav (it's a Carrion Crown campaign) is pretty unusual on its own as it is.

Hating the fact that as a cabalist I'd pretty much have to give up 1/2 of the vigilante talents, and can't multiclass out without risk of losing more.

Also, under spellcasting, it says that "A cabalist casts arcane spells and cantrips as a magus. He prepares spells using a spellbook, choosing them from the 6th-level and lower spells from the witch spell list; higher-level witch spells are not on the cabalist’s spell list." I'm a little confused by that. I mean, other than a slower spells/day progression and needing a spellbook, what's the difference? Also, does the cabalist cast magus cantrips, or witch cantrips?

Also, is judgement bane worth it at all?


I was thinking of perhaps pushing Clustered shots back a few levels now so 11-15 would look like this:

11 (I6G5) - Snap shot
13 (I8G5) - Ricochet shot deed
15 (I10G5) - Clustered shots

Though, After Ricochet shot deed and Snap shot, I still have three options:

1) Improved precise shot + Improved snap shot
2) Judgement surge + Spell bane
3) Martial focus + Marksman's utility/Burrowing shot/Impressive grit

Also, if I was to consider taking up some levels of Riftwarden late game, would that be useful? What would my optimal # of PrC levels be, and how would that change things?

So taking that advice, my later level feat picture still looks like this...? Yes I'm undecided o.O;;

13 (I8G5) - Improved precise shot/Snap shot/Favored judgement/Shared judgement/Spell bane?
15 (I10G5) - Ricochet shot deed/Martial focus?
17 (I12G5) - Judgement surge/Marksman's utility/Burrowing shot/Impressive grit?
19 (I14G5) - Extra bane?

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So, I'm trying to build a John Constantine styled character for a Carrion Crown AP (which will likely get reincarnated as Strange Aeons at some point down the line), with his holy symbol drum magazine shotgun (from afar, hopefully never actually having to use his brass knuckles), and just flipping the proverbial bird at every occult/undead/demonic/generally weird thing in his way.

So far the build looks as follows:

Human (+2 Dex)
20 PB Allocation: Str 8, Dex 18+2=20, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 7
Gunslinger (Musket master) 5 / Inquisitor (Preacher) 15

Traits: Blessed touch or Strength of Submission?

1 (I1) - Point-blank shot, Precise shot
2 (I1G1) - Rapid reload (from Rapid Reloader)
3 (I2G1) - Weapon focus (rifle)
4 (I3G1) - *Wis->16
5 (I4G1) - Rapid shot
6 (I5G1) - *Access to Bane
7 (I5G2) - Deadly aim
8 (I5G3) - *Dex->21
9 (I5G4) - Extended bane, Blind-fight (Gunslinger bonus)
10 (I5G5) - *Musket training
11 (I6G5) - Clustered shots
12 (I7G5) - *Dex->22
13 (I8G5) - Snap shot / Signature deed / Hammer the gap / Favored judgement / Shared judgement / Spell bane?
15 (I10G5) - Ricochet deed / Signature deed?
16 (I11G5) - *Dex->23
17 (I12G5) - Judgement surge?
19 (I14G5) - Extra bane?
20 (I15G5) - *Dex->24

Rationale for going 1st level Inquisitor is that I want him to have a connection to the church as part of the background, the guns, well they can be delivered to Lorrimor's by his contacts.

Where this build starts to get hazy for me is around level 13, where I've got most of all the staple things for a musket-toting build, and my head was swimming from long hours and lack of sleep and I'm like "and THEN what?"

Please feel free to offer advice, it will be appreciated.

@Scott Wilhelm
Thanks for the heads up. Will be more mindful in the future.

That said, any thoughts you have on these builds (personally interested in something of a mix between unarmed/nonlethal martial arts and grappling takedowns) would be appreciated.

kadance wrote:

Just to be clear, you're still in the first book, right?

If so, my planned first encounter with Mythic would be the fight with Azrinae. The party would see her pop some of the crystal mythic drug during the chase and fight and would find some extra crystals on her or in her room.

If you're past that, consider having the dark elves processing akata (or their stand in) corpses into the mythic-granting substance, so the players can get some of it at the beginning of book 2.

Indeed. My characters just came back from the Broken aspire Keep that I injected into Kaer Maga, and are just about to return to the Gold Goblin to have it out with Saul (Part 4 of Book 1).

Good ideas! I never thought of using a drug to "induce" a mythic state of being, even though I probably did read about the consumables a dozen times in the book. Also, my version of the Akatas I think will resemble the Ridley Scott/H.R. Ginger Aliens I think, and again I never thought to engineer any use for them, much less to the actual manufacture of drugs.

Good ideas indeed.

J Nakagawa wrote:
3. My favorite tactic that I use that has been efficient - Spring Attack!

@J Nakagawa, you don't happen to have a sample of this build available for reference, do you?

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Kadance, thank you for the idea.

I am currently running a Second Darkness campaign where I'm beginning to borrow from your mythic mashup.

In the 1st book the PCs practically went through the first 3 chapters without much change to the Second Darkness storyline. During The Boneyard Ambush, two of my players (just so happens they both played spellcasters) were away for one session, which gave me the opportunity I need to inject some weirdness.

The dummies in the middle of the ambush turned out to be scarecrow, and I gave them a little bit of liberty to clobber the casters (the players weren't there to defend themselves), and disappear with the casters in tow. Following the fight, Kwava did this usual intro, but suggested for the PCs to check up on the wizard at the Riddleport Light.

While there, the PCs find weird things (lovecraftian monsters, and a teleportation circle) and are transported away to the Broken Spire Keep (ported from Night Below), which I've placed somewhere in the Bis district of Kaer Maga, and instead of bandits, the place now primarily houses a cult of the elder mythos. The PCs are in the middle of going through the dungeon now.

Amongst other things planned in the future, I'm thinking of dropping a Dreamstone (ported from The House on Hook Street) into Gold Goblin's undertunnels, and using dreamscape visions as their mythic "contact" event.

Though, herein is the beginning of my issue. Skimming through the rest of the books in Second Darkness, I'm hard pressed to find any events to identify as the PCs' mythic "awakening" event. Any suggestions? currently displays the Archetypes and Class Options of the slayer class, not the not the hybrid class info.