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Pretty good product overall- the Paladin's Armour Divine Bond has me giggling and making character concepts in particular :P

My one complaint- not even really a complaint, just something that I intend to change- is setting-wise how Aasimar and Tieflings are noted as automatically hating each other. That's mostly a holdover from me really liking how Pathfinder reversed that, and mentioned that Aasimar and Tieflings often get along remarkably well, since they both know what it's like to be isolated because of your heritage.

Hey, my first thought was to start shipping the pair. :P

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...hmmm. I'm now curious whether Marzbar and Lilith might become good friends from their shared failure. :P

This will be awesome to read through! :D

Maybe it should be made clear that she thinks they're idiots?

The people who are muttering about how destroying the Wardstone was treason, that is, not the PCs.

Also, point out that as a Lawful Good monarch, she doesn't feel like it would be a proper use of her powers to simply silence people.

I do have an idea for a Swashbuckler/Paladin Half-Elf- her mother's the elf (and taught her the whole 'Swashbuckler' thing), while her father's a Paladin. They met when her mother spent some time near the Worldwound, and she's travelling there to meet up with/learn from her father when she gets... side-tracked.

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NobodysHome wrote:
The Queen was Not Amused

*starts bursting out laughing*

This was one of the funniest lines of the journal so far. Maybe that's why she's a bit of a jerk to the players a bit later on?

Well, after my eager readthrough of RotRL (I still find the 'have your kids play the goblins' strategy hilarious), I'm eagerly looking forwards to the continuation of this one! :)

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

It's BDSM without the safe, sane, or consensual parts. Pretty scary.

I wonder if SM would be called Kuthism or something in Golarion? Calistrians seem to enjoy it as well, with less creepiness and a lot more committment to consent.

Well, there might always be a focus by a part of the Church of Shelyn on the Safe, Sane and Consensual parts- the act of loving someone and trusting them enough to be willingly helpless at their hands.

Also, it's deliberately contrasting and opposing the outlook of Zon-Kuthon's church. So, there's that possibility.

I love how Svevenka extended her offer to Raesh. XD

And Wrath of the Righteous, huh? That should be completely awesome to read about. :D

Well, as you increase in levels you do get more Grit points.

Ah, right.

Phew. And I need to check all the feats involved next time, huh.

Looking over the Holy Gun archetype of the Paladin from Ultimate Combat, it gets Smiting Shot at 2nd level, which requires 1 Grit Point to use. The thing is, as far as I can tell Holy Guns only get access to Grit Points at 11th Level, barring multiclassing into the Gunslinger.

Am I missing something here?

...also, after playing Fire Emblem Awakening, if I wanted to create a character like Gregor (who basically speaks a lot like Heavy from Team Fortress 2, although he isn't as dumb), what area would fit the accent?

I'm curious as to how two Good-aligned deities would handle a Paladin who wanted to transfer her allegiance for whatever reason.

Actually, how common is a situation like that? I imagine it doesn't happen very often with Good deities.

The Holy Roman Empire doesn't get enough analogues. When you see 'Empires', they're generally bigger kingdoms, very monolithic.

The Holy Roman Empire, at times, was... really not that, and that'd be a fun campaign setting all on its own. The adventures that could come when an Emperor was near death, and all the lords start jockeying for power...

This campaign journal is awesome, just letting you know. Seriously, the interplay between your characters...

Makes me want to play in RotRL even more (well, that and the hilarious opportunities inherent in playing an Aasimar character through Burnt Offerings in particular), and curse the lack of other in-person players I know of! My only real option is PbP. Yeah.

I'm curious as to which schools of magic Hi draws most of his spells from and how that matches up to his Sins of choice.

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Watch Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist (whichever works) is my opinion. Painfully mature in some ways... but quite possibly idealistic in others. And potentially has a Beserk Button about being called shor- *is destroyed by Alchemy*

On the other hand, you beat him quite handily for 'trauma at young age', so... yeah.

Drejk wrote:
Son of the Veterinarian wrote:

Found in the nobleman's private offices....

Copies of all Pathfinder Chronicles with illustrations of tribeswomen from the Mwangi Expanse. 75 gold each

Two books on anatomy, with the sections on female elf, human, halfling, and minotaur anatomy marked and well worn. 100 gold each

One apparent copy of the Prophecies of Kalistrade, which really contains salacious poetry, stories, and imagery. 150 gold (to the right buyer.)

One holy text of Callistria, bound to resemble a holy text of Abadar. 150 gold

Four portraits, framed so they can be turned around easily. One side of each shows a conservative image of Kalistrade, Abadar, or members of the nobleman's family. The other side of each is an orgy. 75 gold each

Assorted toys. 175 gold

Three potions of Bear's Endurance. 300 gold each

Two potions of Remove Disease. 750 gold each

Add partly depleted wand of grease and wand of enlarge person.

No wand of web? ;)

And for those of us who only want the PDF, we've got to wait until next week... ;_;

James, how do you guys come up with ideas for APs?

James Jacobs wrote:
DrDeth wrote:

James, in Golarion there are two Stat arrays for NPC's.


What % of the general population fit into either?
What % are PCs?

I'd probably guess that 90% of the population have the standard array. That percentage drops dramatically if you're talking about NPCs in any one adventure.

The percentage that is PCs is an infintesibly small number that more or less is equal to 0% since it's so small. AKA: There's only like 4 PCs in the entire world, or however many players you have.

Rephrasing for the good doctor, what percentage are Adventurers?

Speaking of deities, do people in Golarion tend to worship one specifically, or do you get people who worship a number of them?

James Jacobs wrote:
horngeek wrote:
What would happen if a group of elves lived in the Underdark but did not go all CE? Terms of appearance, mostly.
The Darklands are as much responsible for turning elves to drow as anything else; other elves that lived down there too long would probably change appearance to look quite similar to drow, but would not go evil.

Well, this is what you said when I asked. :P

LazarX wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Lucent wrote:

So on that notion, if Elves are that susceptible to the darklands... why aren't gnomes? Svirfneblin aren't anywhere near the drow in terms of corruption from the darklands, and yet gnomes are easily the most regionally morphic races in Golarion based on the descriptions in Gnomes of Golarion.

Because environment adaption in this manner is a feature of elven biology and spirituality. It's not a feature that gnomes share at all.

I'll have to double check the bit about being "regionally morphic" in Gnomes of Golarion—it's very possible the author screwed that up.

Aren't the drow corrupted for other reasons than their location? And as I recall. the big baddie of Second Darkness became a drow despite the fact that she wasn't a darklander at all. As I understand it, any Elf who's evil enough can go drow regardless of where they live. I always figured it was more of a racial curse, or perhaps the fact that Elves are alien to the planet, after all.

An earlier answer from James says that non-evil Darklands elves would end up looking somewhat similar to the Drow, IIRC.

Say, James, on the topic of Game of Thrones- which nation of Golarion would be the best one for that sort of plot?

And just asking your opinion here, what valid reasons might there be for two paladins to fight each other where neither is taking fall-worthy actions?

Game of Thrones-related: what would House Jacobs' motto and emblem be?

...also, what's your favorite of the Core races?


Okay, returning to my 'desert elf' question, when you say 'deeply tanned', which human ethnicity of Golarion would be closest?

Or is this a 'depends on the desert they're living in' answer?

On a related topic, how do the GMs here get inspiration for their storylines?


Mythic, overall, is something I'm VERY interested in.

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Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Hides Tyrion.

So if you had to choose one character from the following Books/Series to make a Parody/Homage to in a Pathfinder Module/AP which would you choose?
-Lord of the Rings.
-The Hobbit.
-A Song of Ice & Fire/A Game of Thrones.
-The Hunger Games Trilogy.

As above, but add the Wheel of Time and the Dresden Files.

James Jacobs wrote:
horngeek wrote:

Say, James. The description of elves (in most PF material I've read) says they adapt to their environment physically. With this in mind…

What would you say elves living in a desert environment might look like? How about jungle?

Desert elves would be deeply tanned, with hair colors ranging from blonde to red to maybe even shades of orange.

Jungle elves would likely end up looking similar to "regular" elves, since a jungle and a forest are kinda the same type of terrain—they might look a little bit more tan though, and might have greener eyes.

Thanks! Got a hypothetical for you now.

What would happen if a group of elves lived in the Underdark but did not go all CE? Terms of appearance, mostly.

Say, James. The description of elves (in most PF material I've read) says they adapt to their environment physically. With this in mind…

What would you say elves living in a desert environment might look like? How about jungle?