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OOC Thread

Miracle City

I'm not sure if this is allowed but I thought I'd check.

So any one got hold of this yet?
Was wondering if this was worth buying but as yet hadn't heard a review of it.
Since I've only just picked up the little black book version of high guard was more looking at picking up those at this point but seeing this advertised got me wondering what everybody else is thinking about this particular setting.

Been looking the gm toolkit for M&M 3e and was wondering how you would describe your character whether they're a hero or villain.

For example I've been tinkering with the random generation and decided I ought to decide upon a suitable background story.

First off is Virtue based on the original superman story he arrived in the twenties and grew up on earth only really discovering his superhuman status during the second world war where his invulnerability led to him being recruited for the war effort as part of an allied supers team to combat the enemy's efforts in the same arena!

I picture a mixture of paragon and powerhouse to explain he is that strong but not just limit him to being a basic brick though this is still just an idea I'm still working on the stats!

Next up is an old idea of mine via Icons, Sunset Dawn originally conceived as a good natured master thief I'm still tinkering on how to suitably explain how a seemingly nonpowered heroine could overcome odds even superman would have trouble with!

Hmm for now lets see what you think about this!

Now I know about the calculations for scrolls, wands and potions but I'm having a bad time figuring out the rest.

For now I was wondering if you could clarify the following;

Celestial Armour: Under 3.0 this was a suit of +1 chain mail with the ability to allow its wearer to use the spell fly 1/day along with the associated details that it was treated as light armour and so on.
Now its caster level was 5 and I was trying to work out the armour calculation as follows;

(Armour Plus x Armour Plus)x1000= (1x1)x1000= 1000gp

Fly 1/day ability: (Spell Level x Caster Level)x 1800gpx (No of Charges per day/5)= (3x5)x1800x (1/5)= 27000/5= 5400

Now this is a total of 6,400gp or 3,200 to craft as I understand it.

The Pdf of the Pathfinder core rules I bought states its actually a +3 suit of chain mail so:

(3x3)x1000= 9000gp

Which added to the above fly ability is a total of 15,400gp or 7,700gp.

My question is in both cases where am I going wrong with this calculation as neither match what is listed and I'm not sure if I'm misreading something or have missed a section that explains this properly?

Anyone interested in a Mongoose Traveller game?

Looking for 3-4 players using only the core rulebook for Mongoose Publishing's version fo the Traveller system.

The Spinward Marches sourcebook, Mongoose has released is set in 1105 and the game I'm hoping to run is set in 1256 where the X-boat route is actually a Stellar Gate Network (sort of Stargate meets Babylon V) which allowed instaneous travel between each gate.

Well it did until 14 years prior to the game start when they inexplicably exploded wiping out most of the Imperial military as well as many of the sub-sector capitals.

Have added more detail on my avatar but if there's interest I'll set up a thread in the gamer discussion and go from there.

Have run the standard exalted twice so far, I moved home last year and kept these books because I knew one of the people I roleplay with likes the system.

However i have misgivings over it and am looking at running a dragonblood game hopefully to expand into a campaign based around a mix of X Files meets Rome with possibly a dash of Sorceror Hunter and Orphen.

One is planning a sidereal character whilst another is figuring out a dragonblood character with the last 2 players still undecided on the system and the setting.

What I envision is that the PCs are travelling to the mainland by ship but are caught in a storm that has delayed them so its during the calibration.

Washed ashore they discover evidence of anathema when an entire settlement has been turned into a grove of trees hiding a truly dreadful secret.

This would be their first mission and how they deal with it will give me ideas as to where they go next.

What I'd like to know is have you had difficulty coping with the setting as written?

They've just released episodes 1 & 2 of this below is the link to their website and hopefully a link to where you can watch the first two episodes.


Journeyquest on youtube

Hmm makes me wonder whether they'll keep it generic or someone can say if its pathfinder or 3.5?

Gencon Perkins Game

To further demonstrate the interchangeability of the classes, we’re going to include Player's Handbook classes alongside Heroes of the Fallen Lands classes in the special celebrity game event we’re running at Gen Con this year. Chris Perkins, Dungeon Master to the Stars, will host a game for such D&D superstars as R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, Larry Elmore, and Tracy Hickman that we will record and make available for anyone who wasn’t able to attend the event.


Okay this has probably been done to death but I figure two with one stone might make things a mite more interesting.

You have the chance for two new series whether animated, cgi, web series or even live action one based on the new 4e version from wizards and a paizo version based on Golarion.

It doesn't have to be a remake of the 80's series it could even be based on a future RPG superstar event where you get to offer potential ideas that could be included.

So you've got the standard adventurer team, say four to six maximum and have to decide race, class and background.

For 4e lets for example say we have a human cleric who is the senior member, a pair of siblings one a human bard the other a half elf sorceress and the last a half elf paladin youngest son of the bard with the opening episode dealing with them on an important mission but they are betrayed and the bard is killed leaving them trying to survive long enough to discover whats really going on and stop the bad guys from getting away with their betrayal.

Anyway what I wanted to ask is what would you do if you were given this chance.

Would you rather have a web series ala sanctuary or a new cartoon series even a remake of the 80's series?

Sorry about this wasn't sure which section to put this, due to sky deciding to keep to themselves how much of an increase they were charging for their broadband after I moved I was left without access and the other two attempts involve direct debits including taking on the costs for my parents phone line charging which I can't afford at present.

If any of reading this can let others know that I'm apologising for the delay and hope to be back online in May once my employers manage to resolve the mess they made with my wages and I can actually afford to go back online since I don't want my parents shelling out for something they shouldn't have to.

Anyway my access at present is extremely limited as this is the first time I've tried using a computer at the library so I hope to get back online sometime in the new year as I work all week and am lucky if I see daylight travelling to work and then travelling back home!

Sorry for the angst hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Take care and all the best!

Remember last year when there was talk about Scott Rouse taling to Times Warner about a new D&D series?

I've been wondering if they ever get that off the ground (thats if it was ever serious in the first place) what would be the basis of this new series?

For example the show opens with a group arriving at a house and settling around the table with the dm as part of the opening intro explaining the backdrop with the possibility of a little alteration as the series goes on.

Of course the players would have their characters introduced say in the usual tavern or they're part of the opening scene where they get to introduce their characters to each other before going into the first episode perhaps having it end at a suitable flash gordon/buck rogers old cinematic series cliffhanger to make the viewer want to watch the next episode to see what happens next.

The idea being even if a character dies they can introduce a new character and expand on whats involved in the series perhaps having a dm and the players sequence for the entire episode to highlight how it is a social hobby to offset all that negative publicity d&d used to get and maybe a character only multi-episode to advance the story when necessary.

Even have the season end in a cliffhanger to keep the interest and perhaps throw in game related info via a forum set up to facilitate chats on it maybe even test the waters for new ideas even if its just kept as slight as possible to maintain the game and introduce it to newcomers.

So what would be your view on this?

How and what would you want the new D&d cartoon series to be?

And maybe even suggest your ideas for the group whether their characters, the players dynamics and maybe even which campaign setting should be used?

And most importantly have fun!

Due to a couple of players dropping out have 2 to 3 spaces available if you're interested.
Its for 1st level characters and you can use the classes and races available in the phb 1 & 2.
Here's the link to the game thread if you want to have a look before deciding if you want to join in.

One Dark Stormy Night in Aundaire

Thought this might be of use to discuss the new series separate from the other thread and openly marked as a spoiler so to avoid people learning of stuff they didn't want to know until seeing the series for themselves.


Remember this is the spoiler thread do NOT read any further if you'd rather see this series without spoiling any part of it by virtue of reading any messages on this thread


Please when posting replies and wanting to observe the above post your comments in spoilers please see at the bottom for details on how to do this when you're typing your reply


I guess I don't need to repeat myself that this is to discuss the new series and the ramifications or any other interesting bits you want to mention, talk about and discuss...


Okay here goes will leave this until tomorrow before posting those that have seen Monday's episode hope you enjoyed it!


Jack as you will have learned is a grandad, Yanto finds out having a car with a triple deadlock doesn't prevent it getting nicked and Gwen is expecting!


Pardon my language but the ending of episode 1 is a bit of a jaw dropper...

Just a note that yesterday the first of three Torchwood audio plays was released on BBC iplayer I believe on BBC Radio 4?

Have listed to the above won't spoil it for whoever wants to listen to it, just to say its up there if you're interested.

Been watching Gamer Geek on you tube and decided to pick up the Savage Worlds rulebook however am wondering which of the supplements would be best to pick up.

I'm planning a game where it takes the best part of the Lost series namely its pilot episode and have the PCs aboard a plane that gets into difficulties and they wake up in a forest glade or island and have to figure out whats happened to them and possibly find a way back.

I've been tinkering with using either Sundered Skies or Slipstream but the idea for the campaign I'm trying to think through involves them being trapped in a pocket universe where the worlds are the shattered remains of several worlds and they have to eventually find a way to travel through them to find a way home, however I am wondering if it would be better to just explain that their plane was caught within a rift ala flash gordon except it opens into several continuities essentially a tyrannical empire, a fantasy world and perhaps a dinosaur era ala primeval.

Am I going too far?

Should I just stick to one setting and which one is best for this kind of campaign?

Is it worth it?

Does it allow for far more than what feels like another excuse to run jedi or sith or in this case imperial jedi?

What else does it include?

I'm been wondering if this worth buying, admittedly I was more interested in Eberron but have been playing in a couple of Faerun based games and been more interested in the setting as a result.

Is it worth picking up and by that I mean I wouldn't need any other books in the faerun setting so I could run games based on that setting?

I had heard it wasn't that good, but wanted to know the opinions of those that actually bought it to see what they think now they have had time to read and run games using it as a reference for this 4e setting.

Currently running a game using the Marvel superheroes system and was looking for a couple of extra players if you're interested?

Superheroes in New Proverbial

Take a look and see if you're interested.

And if you don't have the rules check this site out but be advised you'll need to download the pdf's since there's a problem with bandwidth when looking at those pdf's on the site.

Marvel rpg

Anyone hear anything about this?

I was wondering what they have released as info regarding this specifically any changes they have planned even if they have said they won't advance the timeline.

Having been testing the waters for a 4e eberron game, I was wondering if anyone was running using this setting and whether they're using 3.5, 4e or pathfinder beta?

Years back a d20 version based on diablo was released and the best part was that it allowed magical items to have its name to go with its abilities but it could literally be anything.

Its just that so far we have the stock items I was wondering what people think of a mundane item generator that courtesy of say Craft Wondrous Item could be turned into an interesting item say like a Monocle that allows the wearer to see secret doors or an earring that ggrants the wearer Hide from undead.

What do you think of this?

Does it have merit or is there something else you think needs closer inspection or development?

Are you interested in the classic Marvel rpg?

If you are there's a game currently running linked below thats looking for more replacement players.

New Proverbial

You can either generate your own character or choose one from the following link;

Marvel rpg rules

Heroic Roster

So here's hoping for a couple of new players!

See you on the other side!

I'm planning on running 4e and having a few Eberron books want to use that as the backdrop but given the fact I'll have to wait a few months for the campaign and players guide I am setting up this thread to discuss ideas.

The players have designed their characters using the phb and FR player's guide and include a Tiefling Wizard, an Elven Ranger and a Genasi Warlock and have been planning on using some Paizo scenarios along with some adventures I'll write and need to run these ideas here in case there something I've missed.

So as far as magical items are concerned my plans are that they require dragonshards of which bloodstones being the most common are used to fuel and even provide enchantments to mundane items explaining the limited selection in the phb and why things such as rings of protection don't exist anymore.

The backdrop is that its set a couple of years after the Mourning and events have led the heroes to investigate rumours of undead in the ruins of an old fortress built on top of a cliff overlooking a valley which holds the only known means of entering the ruined fortress.

Although the treaty has been signed most of the events of the Five Nations haven't really spread to where the PCs are given they're somewhere in the back of nowhere so much of whats explained in the Eberron Campaign Setting doesn't need to be explained nor why certain races aren't available as PCs (yet) but I was thinking of introducing them to this by making the Emerald Claw being the chief foe behind undead activity and involve the dragonmarked houses when they start looking for either fast transportation, banking, trading, etc...

However I've yet to see anything explaining how they're going to shift Eberron 3.5 to 4e and whilst I'm not looking to compare with FR I would like to know your opinion on these changes in relation as to how they'll effect the game world I'm planning to run this game in and hope to turn it into a campaign.

So what advice would you give?

Alan Tudyk on you tube about the possibility of a sequel of Serenity, what do you think?

Hope this link works!

Hidden by virtue more of neglect than actual design the tor towers above the surrounding countryside, at its base where a massive stone disc had once lay across the entrance there is a lot of debris showing the opening had been more due to erosion across the centuries when it was first sealed rather than any actual digging.

There are signs others have been here before you as there is evidence of camp fires within, but nothing that suggests anyone has been here in a good few years.

The gradually worsening weather makes the interior look all the more welcome after you doublecheck to make sure this is your goal.

(Making sure to see which would work better)

Entry Chamber

Entry Chamber

Having just watched the interview on you tube and tried... I seriously tried to watch the doctor who confidential on bbc I... sorry I've posted a link to the interview below take a gander and then if you don't mind post your thoughts on this thread please.

Youtube interview

Currently playing in a greyhawk 3.0 game running a halfling sorceror and things seemed okay until a period when I couldn't attend because of a chest infection and a cold caught around late October or so of this year.

Came back and found that they had given the only magical item my character had to the rogue so he could sneak into an enemy camp which didn't happen as a result of a fight that happened before they could do so and they couldn't even be bothered to rub the item off my character sheet, when I asked why there was now 2 cloak's of elvenkind in the party the dm decided to ease the tension with the location of another one which I refused and offered it to the wizard since I was more annoyed that they couldn't understand all they had to do was let me know what had happened instead of leaving it to the dm to find out and explain what had happened.

My question however is to do with what happened after that as we had just beaten a major foe and retrieved a cursed crown a certain evil wizard was after and we had to secure for destruction, the foe blew up upon its defeat and my character was one of two caught in the blast the rest made their save as the dm explained that the crown we were after had rolled past them but then added three items had hit the deck after the creature had blown up.
My response was to cast detect magic and after the dm inadvertedly revealed a set of bracers had a spell my sorceror could cast I declared my character was picking them up and then putting them on after I was pounced on by two other players who declared I didn't have the right to do so and that they had the right to declare who best in the party could use them.

Please note of these two players one was playing a LG monk wearing bracers of defence a loaned ring and another item whilst the other was a ranger with an enchanted bow, limited number of enchanted arrows and so on, their argument was flawed because when we first started back when I was the only arcane spellcaster and had to (dumb enough) to learn the identify spell the items we found the paladin of the party grabbed a ring of protection I was offering to the monk and later claimed nobody had wanted it (ignoring the fact there was a unarmoured sorceror in front of him), I only got the cloak because nobody wanted it at the time until that is they decided otherwise whilst I wasn't there to argue...

They eventually decided I was to carry the bracers until they decided who would use them after I identified the three items a spell the wizard also possesses but I passed the bracers to the wizard to use after he asked me about them and I made sure the dm knew he had them but only whilst it was done away from the table so the others didn't know since there had been far too many instances of players acting on knowledge their characters didn't have.

At present the party is heading for a port to sail off to the nearest volcano to cast the crown into, I'm more inclined to help them get to the ship and wave them off before leaving this game for good as I see no reason to waste my time since the only impression I'm getting from this is that some of them are a bunch of jerks that I'd rather not have anything to do with whilst the others seem fine with whats been going it had been the faerun dm's antics (he is currently playing the paladin in this game and wasn't present in this situation) when he was behind the screen that made me give up going to that group for over a year.

Am i overreacting or am I missing something here?

Okay lets see what happens now...

A few weeks before the Mourning occurred in Cyre, Aundaire attempted to upset the ties its rival enemy of Thrane has with the other five nations.
Although they cared little for their competing nations for the throne of Galifar they had suffered a great deal of loss over the course of the Last War losing much of their land to Thrane.
To offset the loss of morale they deliberately invited members of the various five nations to attend a semester at their prestdigious university seeking to turn the opinion of the other nations against Thrane even as a member of that nation was invited.

The Thrane delegate however had other plans because he had come into possession of a map detailing the location of long lost Darguun tomb located within Aundaire with information of some ancient secret that could provide him with a promotion from his people if he could secure it and return to his homeland without the famed Aundaire Eyes discovering his plans.

So using an intermediary he has hired a group of adventurers' for the simple purpose of investigating this location and in return for a 50gp purse they get to keep all but one item of their employers' choice, however the trip was hardly uneventful for not only the weather was awful but they came across signs they weren't alone out in the wilderness, but as the foul weather was about to cut loose another rainshower they find the sealed entrance to the tomb.

With either the choice of waiting out the storm in the forest and guaranteed to be left soaking wet and fatigued or finding a way in and maybe getting a fire going before searching the place is where the game begins.

Let the discussion commence!

Am trying the waters to run a 4e game.

Looking for 3-5 players in a short game set during the last few weeks of a war between five nations.

The players have been hired to investigate the site of a Darguun tomb in return for a purse of 50 gold each as long as they return with proof of their investigation.

The problem is the site is in Aundaire and whilst getting in isn't a problem, getting out might be.

So thats 1st level characters using only the 4e phb for races and classes if you're interested.

Thought I start this thread to see what people have heard about this campaign setting specifically any changes planned or what you think should happen?

I can't help thinking that with the changes with magic items they don't have any upgradses in equipment come either courtesy of a dragonshard delivering a charge to an existing magical item to upgrade it or have House Cannith simply perform the upgrade if there's no available wizard, since if you have to have specific treasure caches or whatever they're called why would any player want to swap their +2 dragonslaying sword for a basic +3 weapon?

I have a question for you.
A new d&d series or movie is planned and YOU get to decide what characters and races are involved, however it only uses the first phb and the forgotten realms players guide for choices... what characters would you choose for either the movie or the series and how would you explain them being together in the first place?

Sorry its just that after reading the latest who would play who in an OOTS movie and the Shine on Me video it got me wondering what you would think of this and by that I mean who would you choose and why?

Well I thought it was an interesting question to ask..

En world has a thread on this have found a verison of this on you tube so I'll post it here and see what you think.

Shine on Me

I'm hoping this works but if you're interested here's the thread

Scott Rouse likes this

I have been thinking about this and of course that means not enough as its come up for questioning and I think I better see what the general verdict on this is.

As you know you can get opportunity attacks but its only listed for melee and it struck me as strange since it should also apply for ranged attacks so that as one of the people who queried suggested as an example;

Bill the fighter is charging Joe the Archer, Joe is far enough away that it will take Bill two rounds to reach him so when and what would provoke an opportunity attack my response would be that each round it took Bill to reach Joe, Joe would get his normal attack and an opportunity attack because there was no way Bill could avoid this happening charging as he is towards Joe.

This of course doesn't include the possibility of cover and other effects, which is where I decided I needed to understand why its not covered by the rules and I'd like to know the general viewpoint on this.

Why are there no ranged opportunity attacks?

Does WOTC have a lock on changelings, shifters and warforged let alone Kalashtar?

I've been wanting to run an Eberron game using the pathfinder beta but there's no rule system yet for psionics and I've been wondering about the Eberron specific races let alone the artificer class.

Have there been any attempts to convert them to pathfinder beta rules?

Been wondering if this has been discussed?

If it has anyone care to drop a link or if not would you be willing to discuss how to deal with this for the purposes of setting up a pathfinder beta game in the Eberron setting with the possibility of Kalashtar being used as PCs or even NPCs for that matter?

According to wikipedia (and yes it hasn't been verified only so far suggested) Scott Rouse talked about wizard approaching Warner about a new D&D animated series to be shown on Cartoon Network in 2009.

Does anyone here know anything more about this?

Have you seen this?

Simply hilarious hope you get to see it and if you can't watch it on bbc iplayer then hopefully youtube will be obliging.

Me on the other hand hope they'll release this as a special one shot dvd or video cd... its that good!

Its early and for the inhabitants of Waypoint its just another day in a rather dreary life except most do know matters could be far worse.

Waypoint is a waystation one of many located between Falcon's Hollow one of the Lumber Consortium's bases and Olfden which is pretty much the Lumber Consortium's main headquarters or so some claim.

Life has been getting worse of late, the Eagle Knights who routinely patrol the trade route don't make things easier especially as the settlements main source of money comes from the very organisation thats seeking to surplant it as its done others on the trade route.

Nagina sighed and looked around, her arm still felt stiff in its cast she could still feel the blow that almost claimed her life just the other day.

She had joined the Eagle Knights after training for most of her childhood in Vudrani where she had been nothing more than some low caste cannonfodder in the society's occasional tifs between the nobles.
She had fled following the death of her parents in one such battle mostly a revenge attack striking at something neither side cared a whit for ultimately it had been merely a spiteful slap in the face that was ignored in return such had been her experiences of life.

But she had escaped and even managed to find a new life here in Andoran, her first mission had been part of a patrol but she had been assigned to Waypoint simply as part of an administrative lesson and she had used any excuse to explore the countryside around the settlement which was why when the Ogre and his pack had attacked she had been in position and armed for battle.

The Orge used his goblin minions as a diversion only pausing long enough for one blow at her before fleeing north, she had managed to slay three of the goblins in return and the rest had fled after the ogre ignoring her after he had nearly killed her.

It had been especially odd as she had warned that the goblins were especially insane but that they allied themselves with an ogre that they apparently followed so willingly left her intrigued.

Returning to the settlement she had found three of the inhabitants were missing including a waitress at the inn, a gnome merchant and a dwarven blacksmith all of whom seemed almost unremarkable except for the evidence that this hadn't been the first such raid.

With the likelihood of reinforcements being less than likely to turn up in time to save the missing inhabitants she was forced to delve deeper and question the locals only managing to confirm two of the three had been definitely kidnapped the third hadn't been seen since the attack and she couldn't remember seeing any of the prisoners except for the huge bag the ogre had evidently used to cart them off.
So using what leverage she had as an Eagle Knight she posted up a notice on the messageboard in the settlements only Inn.

"To all interested parties I Nagina Bala'Datha have authorised a reward of 100 gold pieces for each person who participates in a successful mission to rescue the maid Dale and the merchant Jonas from the lair of the Ogre any treasure recovered during the course of this mission is theirs as long as it is declared during their report on this mission. Any interested parties be in front of the Inn by noon"

She hoped for a better turn out, but at least it was a start as she walked to the Inn paying close attention to those gathered outside.

Am in the process of setting up a game using the Pathfinder Beta where the starting PCs are at 0th level and its been raised to my attention that the Beta doesn't include how much money each of the npc classes start off with.

Now I'm agreeing with the use of the 3.5 dmg rules on this but I thought I'd ask here about this and also raise the question about what you think about starting your game at 0th level?

Okay here's where we discuss the details for the game to be set in the next section.

So to rehash whats been written so far;

What I'd like to run is a 0th level game so that starting characters choose their classes from the npc classes at the start with an opening adventure set near Falcons Hollow in Andorra.

The backdrop is that the hamlet its based in is located on the trade route from Falcons Hollow and it has been beset by raids led by an Ogre accompanied by a band of goblins.

Their requests for aid from the Lumber Consortium have been turned down with no reason for the refusal so they have approached a low level member of the Eagle Knights for aid and following the latest raid she has posted a reward of 100gp per party member for the safe rescue of a pair of locals whom were kidnapped in that raid with the addendum that anything found belongs to the group as long as they make a report and show what was found to the Eagle Knight so she can complete a report on the matter.

However the only ones to step forward are a group of neophyte adventurer wannabe's who see this as their chance to become what they've always dreamed.

You can select one optional extra from the list of traits listed below and have maximum gold for buying equipment otherwise usual pathfinder beta rules.

Listed below are the basic traits you can choose;


Basic Traits
These come in four types;

1) Combat
a) Anatomist: +1 to confirm critical hits
b) Armour Expert: Reduce armour check penalty by 1 to a minimum of 0
c) Bullied: +1 on opportunity attacks strictly unarmed in nature doesn’t grant access to improved unarmed attack by the way
d) Courageous: +2 to saves vs fear
e) Deft Dodger: +1 to reflex saves
f) Dirty Fighter: +1 damage with flanking attacks
g) Fencer: +1 on opportunity attacks using daggers, swords and bladed weapons
h) Killed: Deals extra damage equal to the critical multiplier of a weapon when doing a critical hit but this damage isn’t multiplied
i) Reactionary: +2 to Initiative checks
j) Resilient: +1 to Fortitude saves

2) Faith
a) Birthmark: Resembles holy symbol of patron deity grants +2 to saves vs charms and compulsion effects
b) Caretaker: Gain Heal as a bonus class skill and +1 bonus to this skill
c) Child of the Temple: Gain either Knowledge/Nobility or /Religion as a bonus class skill but also gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
d) Devotee of the Green: Gain either Knowledge/Geography or /Nature as a class skill but also gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
e) Ease of Faith: Gain Diplomacy as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
f) History of Heresy: As long as having no levels in a divine class gains a +1 bonus to saves against divine spells
g) Indomitable Faith: Gain +1 to Will saves
h) Sacred Conduit: Gain +2 to Turn or Rebuke Undead checks
i) Sacred Touch: Can stabilise a dying creature merely by touching it
j) Scholar of the Great Beyond: Gain either Knowledge/History or /The Planes as a bonus class skill but gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills

3) Magic
a) Classically Schooled: Spellcraft is a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill
b) Dangerously Curious: Gain Use Magic Device as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill
c) Focused Mind: Gain Concentration as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to this skill HOWEVER Concentration has been merged with Spellcraft and doesn’t exist as a skill now
d) Gifted Adept: Select one spell you can cast, you are so adept your caster level is treated at +1 level when casting this spell
e) Hedge Magician: Reduce the cost to craft a magical item by 5% in both money and xp.
f) Magical Knack: Multi-classed character whose spell casting level is increased by a maximum of +2 as long as it doesn’t exceed their total character level.
g) Magical Lineage: Select one spell and any meta-magic feat they possess when used with that spell has the level alteration increase reduced by 1 for that spell only.
h) Magical Talent: Select one 0th level spell gains the ability to cast this spell once per day treated as caster level 1st if no spell caster levels possessed and the save against this spell is Charisma based.
i) Mathematical Prodigy: Select either Knowledge/Arcana or /Architecture & Engineering as a bonus class skill and gains a +1 bonus to both of these skills
j) Skeptic: Gains +2 to saves versus illusions

4) Social
a) Adopted: Can pick up a racial trait from the race of their adopted parents
b) Bully: Gain Intimidate as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
c) Canter: Gains +5 to both Bluff and Sense Motive checks when received or deciphering secret messages
d) Charming: +1 bonus to Bluff or Diplomacy checks with people who find them attractive
e) Child of the Streets: Gain Gather Information as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to skill checks
f) Fast-Talker: Gain Bluff as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill
g) Natural-Born Leader: All followers under your charge gain a +1 bonus to Will saves versus mind affecting spells and if the Leadership feat is obtained this grants a +1 bonus to this score.
h) Poverty-Stricken: Gain Survival as a bonus class skill and +1 to this skill
i) Rich Parents: Initial cash increases to 900gp
j) Suspicious: Gain Sense Motive as a bonus class skill and a +1 bonus to this skill

Any questions drop a line here and I'll answer them.

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