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Hama wrote:

Tried to watch it on ABC

Error, you are not in US. thus you cannot watch. Blah blah blah international law blah blah bullcrap.

Now i either have to wait for one of our own channels to pick this up (hah fat chance) or i have to do illegal stuff.

In the UK will be on tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 and repeated tomorrow on the same channel at 7pm, hope that helps!

Aranna wrote:
They should let a woman take the role for a spin.

You know they could go with Catherine Tate and run with the fact that as Donna that event that the Master used to duplicate himself world wide actually cured her of the condition that would result in her dying if she remembers but this isn't discovered until River Song or perhaps Captain Jack discovers there's another Gallifreyan or Timelord on earth and are shocked to discover its Donna.

303: I have a conscience!

304: Well I'm the only arcane spellcaster in the party and I make the Paladin look bad... mostly because I'm able to do most things better than him barring antagonising everybody when he demands them to either convert or die...

305: I don't need to outrun the Paladin only walk to the side to let the people he just p***ed off go after him...

306: Someone has to protect them from that fool!

307: I protect the cleric and the bard since they can cast healing spells and I'm the only arcane spellcaster... I still do a better job of protecting them than the Paladin.

308: When I play the cleric, I know to keep tabs on the dwarf fighter and the human rogue since they're more likely to keep me alive as they know I'll do the same in return but I just don't trust that elvish wizard...

309: I'm possibly the only amost teetotal member of the party... did I mention I can cook and as a halfling actually very good at it... and no I don't use poison! (Laxitives work so much better when they have only themselves to blame after all if they nick them off the plate without my knowledge!)

Malachi Silverclaw wrote:

Sometimes it's the DM, sometimes it's the player...

When I was 16 I DMed my 14 year-old brother and some of his mates in AD&D 1st ed. One of his mates wanted to play a paladin so we had a conversation about what it means to be a paladin. At one point they took a goblin prisoner. After questioning, the paladin said, 'I kill the goblin!'

I pointed out that killing a prisoner (who hadn't actualy done anything wrong, had co-operated and who had been promised his freedom in return for said co-operation) would be an evil act.

'Right, I accidentally fall on 'im wi' me axe!'

At least they came up with an excuse in one game I played in the paladin's player gained the help of a captured bandit so we could infiltrate the bandit lair and even though the bandit kept their word he immediately murdered him before fighting the rest of the bandits and then tried to coerce the bandits' families to join his faith ignoring the fact he had openly murdered their spouses in front of their kids...

Later on after we stormed a goblin's lair my character questioned a goblin prisoner only to have the paladin storm in and kill her even after the rest of us protested as she was in no shape to even pose a threat and was unarmed and unarmored... given the guy runnign the paladin runs his games in the forgotten realms after reading one novel regarding paladins in the realms I can understand where that idea came from, completely wrong from my viewpoint but as this thread said earlier don't run a paladin if your view doesn't match your dm's viewpoint...

Roberta Yang wrote:
jj_wolven wrote:
If the rogue lies, cheats and poisons? It isn't the paladin doing them himself, but does allowing it make him and accomplice, thus indirectly violating the oath? (I say yes)
So if the rogue, who didn't roll a paladin and never signed up for the restrictions of the paladin's code of conduct, chooses to use poison, should the paladin... leave the party forever? Attack the rogue? Get a raise for Darklord Hitlermancer so that he can kill him properly?

I'd ask if the rogue is carrying enough antidotes for those poisons so each member of the party can carry two ot more in case they accidentally poison an innocent, if playing a paladin I believe the appropriate response from the paladin would be no but I can't see a paladin falling for emphasising to the rogue that if he wants to carry poison he needs to have more than sufficient antidotes if he doesn't want to be smited the first time he openly uses it in front of the paladin.

Not kill mind you, but a warning is required carrying antidotes to poisons' is fine the fact some antidotes are poisons in their own right mind you...

Set wrote:

My reactions;

** spoiler omitted **...

Bilbo not Frodo and Dain turns up way later otherwise pretty much yes.

This is the first film in a very long time that I actually want to go to the cinema to see again so wish me luck as I'm hoping to see it at least twice more!

The part you had most problems with had me wondering why there wasn't more swearing but it didn't have the same effect as Bilbo in the Fellowship when he met Frodo at Rivendell and got to see the ring again...

Firefly now if you said movie that would be Avengers his latest endeavour and no morse intended!

Yes i have to admit I enjoy it too!

I'd like an adventure involving former companions say the doctor is missing and they're trying to get help to figure out what happened perhaps involve a "surprise" party as part of the story but that during the preparations they discover a supposed threat and try to figure out what to do in an attempt to prevent it ruining the planned celebration.

I'd involve a shadowy figure who has sent a group of the doctor's enemies to interfere with something else going on that could be used as part of the next season revealing some of the Timelord's did escape the Moment and are trying to rebuild their society and don't want the doctor involved due to what he did during the Time War and are unaware he wasn't the bad guy.

I'd use them as a basis of explaining what happened in the last couple of seasons since many wondered if Omega was behind what happened to the TARDIS nobody wondered if other Timelords' survived and they were trying to limit the doctor's interference the fact it almost destroyed creation well.. Rassilon wouldn't have argued against it!

Might as well wish for the presence of the Black and White Guardians' whilst I'm at it but someone established the Time Agency in the 51st century and it was folded for quite possibly other good reasons that might play into this ploy on the doctor's name...

Still having the companions' take to the stage as primary protagonists rather than the doctor would make it alot more interesting as that bit about the doctor visiting sarah jane's grave would make it doubly important to keep the doctor's mind off of the loss of some of his companion's and the planned party would make a good end to the story with it ending by showing the shadowy figure watching them from a safe distance before disappearing using say the special effect for the Time Ring used during the 4th doctor era to provide a teaser to who is behind this.

The best rolled character I have ever had started with Str 16, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 16 and Cha 14 and when i mentioned that i was promptly accused of cheating.

And no I didn't it was just by that point i was used to having at least one ability score below 10 that I couldn't suppress my surprise.
That was drop the lowest die from 4d6 and assigned to which attribute in case you were wondering.

One time expecting a high character death i allowed the players in a game I ran to make use of another player's sheath of spare characters... needless to say his was far worse than that mentioned in the opening message of this thread!

Had them run into view of one of a set of magical mirrors so that a duplicate of their character appeared in front of the other with all their abilities except magical items, the player above did this several times and ended up running around the dungeon level trying to evade them whilst the one True Neutral character got on fine with his double!

I think they were called Mirror of Opposition or something like that?

Perfectly valid tool for a dm and I one day I am going to regret typing that!!!

Yes this is off to a great start!
Looking forward to seeing whats going to happen next and I really feeling sorry for those kids once they realise just how much trouble they're in!

Envious of America?

Which part?

This looks rather good!
It'll be interesting to see if they can match the quality of the trailer with the actual movie!

Dragon78 wrote:

Did anyone ever watch this show on toon disney?

If so did you like it? who was your favorite character(s)?

I'm afraid i'm too old when it first started from what i do recall it seemed not bad albeit prone to some power ranger mythos, but I won't go further without spoiling it for those who might want to watch it!

And yes I do recognise I just made the first line a lie but I also watched the first episode of Power Rangers and didn't like it even though Tommy is my favourite character!

As for Witch best thing i can say is that its as close as any show will get to another d&d cartoon series make of that what you will!

(Magi-nation doesn't count that involved one person not four+ technically)

I'd have thought the first movie would end with them captured by the Orcs in the mountains but that would mean Bilbo meeting Gollum would happen in the 2nd movie so perhaps we have Bilbo meeting Gollum in the first movie and leaving it as they flee the mountains with the indications they're being chased so that he scond movieleads to them taking shelter in the trees when Gandalf catches up with them?

So any word on when this will be released?

LazarX wrote:

That's assuming of course that all worlds that share the same past would have the same future. Humanity's origins may be nothing more than a fluke series of lucky rolls of genetic dice.

Actually the real kicker would be to discover that they'd actually traveled into the FUTURE.

You know that would be ironic enough to be true!

DM Wellard wrote:

No they changed it..instead the colonists are time travelling back 85 million years to the Santonian Age of the Late Cretaceous Epoch.No doubt they'll get the Dinosaurs totally incorrect.

James Jacobs might enjoy it though.

Would have been more interesting if it stayed a different world but kept the going back in time only the climax of the first season would reveal that they had travelled to Mars of the very distant past... well that would have been a good shocker!

3 player parties, hmm... okay how about paladin, sorceror or wizard/evoker and rogue or bard?

You have the fighter with clerical abilities however minor, the wizard with blaster spells but might have to select which 2 schools to be barred from and the choice of either a straight rogue with full access to rogue abilities or the bard who has somewhat lesser rogueish abilities but in time will have backup healing and some arcane abilities.

If one of your players wants to run a barbarian perhaps another should look at the druid with either a wizard or sorceror or bard as the thrid choice depending on their preference.

Ultimately you might want to let them run what they want and see how they cope, if little or no healing present either provide and npc cleric, if no warrior an npc fighter, if no rogue well you know what I mean.

What kind of game do you hope to run because that might give you more leeway with what characters they want to play.

Or worse this could have evolved from a prior relationship where we're led to believe she's the mother of the child but the child is swapped for that of another family so when the Pc goes after her she makes a big deal of leading said Pc and his allies into a fight where they kill said child and of course she takes pains to hide the fact he's killed the wrong child.

Years later the latest BBEG is found to be hunting someone in the hierarchy of the PCs faith, everything leads him to believe the BBEG is trying to kill some kind of chosen one of his faith but in reality the BBEG has discovered what the PCs nemesis has done and is tyring to prevent the coming cataclysm however the PCs nemesis who had escaped by faking her death set him up so the child will come into his own just as he gains the means to bring down the PCs faith at the crucial moment.

The child having grown up as the perfect infiltrator so perfect the PCs own faith cannot discern his true nature and he has by this time created his own splinter faith to rise into domination of the PCs' church and nation eventually leading to a coup unless the PC figures out whats really going on and that would also mean he'll be excommunicated and declared an enemy of his own faith by the time alarm bells will be ringing and thats if he has the sense to realise the BBEG was set up and listens to him before the REAL BBEG appears!

Take a look via the link below

OOC Thread

Miracle City

I'm not sure if this is allowed but I thought I'd check.

Or you can turn it all on its head by having the child be the reason said lady decided to turn a new leaf, unfortunately by this time her paramour has learned of her shady life and has set out to bring her in to restore his misconceived (sorry player conceived) notions of honour.

Maybe set it enough years later that when he does come after her he encounters the child and being the sort of PCs who think nothing about it interrogate the youth and when she finds out she returns to her old ways to get revenge perhaps eventually revealing the parentage of their child in a suitably explosive encounter so even if the PC does defeat her he will almost inevitably fall once its revealed she had been trying to do the right thing!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown!!!

I wonder back from when the Master jury-rigged that device to turn every human into a clone of him, perhaps someone used Captain Jack to allow his immortality talent to be spread through everyone on the planet except of course Jack since there must be a limit to that immortality stuff, right?

Allun the walking moutain wrote:

yes at the moment they would

Does he have family in either realm and by that I mean has he married and settled down in either?

Does he have the option of sending a message home in hopes of gaining aid so he can eventually go home once he's made sure this other realm has the means to survive without him?

Only found out about this on the Enworld site!

Caught completely by surprise i wish her family all the best in this most trying of times.

baron arem heshvaun wrote:
Latest composite photo, from the man himself.

No matter how they're being perceived thank you for this link, its going immediately as a desktop background and i much appreciate the opportunity to do so!

I'm amazed I didn't recognise James Nesbit!

Excuse me could someone explain to me what Hugh Jackman is doing dressed as a dwarf?

Given Captain Jack has a problem recovering it suggests the message was a deliberate attempt to force him to return so whoever is behind this debacle can steal his "immortality".
That would make it far easier to resolve once they find out who was behind this since it clearly hasn't gone the way they wanted since they would hardly want everyone being unable to die rather than whoever was the intended recipient of this special ability.
So therefore we might see the real reason for moving Torchwood is actually to secure Jack and correct the original mistake with the target in their possession rather than trick him to travel back to Earth.
Oh well...

I'd agree with the idea that they would have to learn about the bandits' past and see what caused their fall to devilry.

Perhaps that will illuminate a way to help them find redemption, after all not everyone is without hope but its better to remain guarded for after all for every soul that could be saved there is always one that defies reason and seeks harm for no better reason than their own bitter enjoyment, these manipulate such people simply out of a perverse need to prove their superiority even when its for their own betterment and they're just unwilling to accept it as such.

This is a quest that has the potential to be rewarding but not without matching perils.

God I wish i could type that and not sound so philosophical!

[quote=]Teen Titans: Led originally by Nightwing the group has changed since the early seventies currently the group is little more than a propaganda group to highlight the change in the world's outlook.
Once they included Robin I (Later known as Nightwing), Beast Boy, Cyborg, Kid Flash (later known as Flash III), Aqualad (later known as Aquaman II), Wonder Girl (Later known as Wonder Woman III or Donna Troy, a clone of Hippolyta's daughter Diana also known as Wonder Woman II)

Okay the original Teen Titans consisted of the sidekicks of the Justice League, this went out of the window by the time Beast Boy joined following him being the only surviving member of the Doom Patrol which would later discover had been betrayed by a member of the patrol who would eventually assume the guise of Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil.

The group would later expand to a team on each coast and tentative attempts to create similar groups abroad being firmly rebuffed due to excessive attempts to keep them under American control.

This doesn't stop teams being founded abroad with Justice League Europe working for a little while until it was almost completely wiped out by the Legion of Doom and was left inactive because of the same problems the Teen Titans Europe team initative faced.

Green Arrow: Oliver Queen was another of the backer's of the Justice League his son Connor assumes his identity as the Green Arrow seeking to fight injustice however the shadowy elements of the US Government force him to establish a group to work outside the system and with Bruce Wayne's begrudging aide establishes the Outsiders even as his son copes with his patrolling across Star City with his normal life as well as coping with his father's wife (who isn't his mother by the way) and the Black Canary as part of her time away from her job as a florist works part time with the Birds of Prey group which was established by her, the original Bat Girl and Huntress.

Birds of Prey: A mercenary group who are trying to prevent the collapse of the world's governments at the hands of various malevolent factions some of hire them to counter their rival's actions sort of an unarmored knights sabers group if you want a comparison.

House of El: Kal-l arrived in an escape pod in the early twenties, found by a farmer and his wife he is placed in an orphanage where he grows up aware of the perils of everyday life. Like every able bodied person he enlists in the war and discovers his powers managin to hide his identity with the help of a few friends. This comic starts off with his origin and then shifts to different periods depending on the story the idea is that it eventually explains how he discovered his powers, how he copes with them, how he became part of the justice society, explains how he kept his identity secret whilst other members didn't and what happened to them.
He eventually settles down and marries Lois Lane a reporter he met during the war but only after the war whilst they were friends it never became serious until both were ready (about the late fifties or early sixties I figure) this leads to the birth of Kal-El however not before he discovers his origin thanks to the arrival of his cousin Kara later named Karen Starr whose escape pod was delayed a few decades behind her infant cousin.
Krypton was destroyed in a bitter civil war, Kal-El's father sent both him and Kara offworld to escape the reach of the new ruler General Zod and Kara could only watch the gradually fading broadcasts as her pod fled the system as their family were killed along with many others in the bombing of Kandor.
Kal-l has a second child and with Lois's agreement she is named Kara after her aunt who will eventually pass her title as supergirl to her niece and assumes the name power girl instead.
During the seond world war Kal-l earned the emnity of a german born scientist named Alexander Luthor, following the war he immigrated to the US and used his technical brilliance to build a corporation named Lexcorp since naming it Luthorcorp might draw unnecessary attention to his past.
Left bald following an incident during the war which he blamed Kal-l for, this incident was used to make those hunting for him think he was dead. The animosity spread to the rest of Kal-l's family but when necessary he was prepared to aid his nemesis especially when other kryptonians tried to invade earth using a device stowed aboard kara's pod by her father.
Krypton was destroyed but not before the surviving residents fled inside the Phantom Zone, kara's father stowed the device aboard her pod as part of a scheme to save himself only to be slain by Zod himself once they fled inside unaware that since Kara's father was the only member of the El family left alive he was also the only one who could release them so the surviving Kryptonians had to wait until Kal-El accidentally found and activated the device.
It was the reason for the creation of the Fortress of Solitude especially after Luthor tried repeatedly to secure any Kryptonian artefacts for his nefarious use.

The Justice Society: Founded during the 2nd world war it was intended as a counter to the German, Italian, Japanese and early Russian superpowered teams.
When the Germans turned on the Russians the Russians became allies until shortly after the 2nd world war ended as both they and the US bitterly bickered over the remains of the three countries they had fought.
The Society remained operational until the time of Senator McCarthy who at the behest of Goverment and Corporate interests sought control over the powerful group, its subsequently dismissed its members most of whom retired and took great efforts to remain undiscovered by the angered McCarthy loyalists.
The establishing of the Justice League in the 70's brought this group back together as their differing views sought a place where they could do something about a world that was changing in ways they considered dangerously unwise.
Unlike the League they would remain very secretive and have strong links with Checkmate as a means of keeping that group in line as the world seems intent on going down the drain quite literally!

The Legion: A thousand years from now humanity has spread to the stars however Earth was lost to them many years past but its legends continue to prosper. A trio of youths whose homeworld had adapted them with remarkable gifts decide to use them for the common good and aving the life of a wealthy patron he helps establish them as the Legion.
Seeking to promote the good of society its opened to a single member of each world and member of the United Planets expanding its membership eventually to a few hundred but due to the size of the UP they're separated as group in smaller numbers so they can do the kost good.
Initially its mostly PR but when events turn bad some of their number decide to the right thing and try to help.
These brave people are known as the Legion of Superheroes but where there are good there is also the bad as some rejected as members along with criminal elements found their nemesis team.
In a society that has lost almost everything they know about their original homeworld the only knowledge they do have speak of the heroes of the past and it is this they seek to honour even as both their sponsor and the government of the Up seek to use them to their best benefit and their backers don't like their charges trying to sort out messes some of which they committed for their own purposes and don't want them resolved by well meaning kids when they have their own ends to serve...

As i said before I still think I'm getting ahead of myself there!

Really, really need to read that thread regarding the LOSH though!!

I'd reset it with an alternative continuity first to spark interest and then work it eventually so there would be an obvious passing of time allowing for character legacies to continue the series on as it continues.

By this I mean setting the first series in the present having the Justice League encounter its latest challenge but with a roster of say its led by the martian manhunter with Steel, Gipsy and their era which leads to a couple being killed leaving Martian Manhunter severely depressed enough to dismiss the current league and retire himself over the loss.

The true figures behind the league arrange for a new membership drive this time calling upon the more popular of the current era of heroes.

Namely recruit Nightwing, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy and Zatanna which leads into a mini series looking into the past of the league where we learn the Justice Society was the first Justice League which was eventually dismissed due to the McCarthy era.

The seventies brought about the Justice League led by Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan), The Flash II (Barry Allen) and the Martian Manhunter.

However the Superman of this team is actually Kal-l who first appeared during the second world war along with Wonder Woman. The Batman was also from that period but has been replaced by his son Damien whose a little too bloodthirsty for the original trio's liking which is why they're still involved in the League of the 70's after Hippolyta's daughter was kidnapped off of Themyscira where she was being raised after Diana's relationship with Steve Trevor ended since he couldn't travel to the island and Hippolyta as queen of the amazons chose her people over her love.

The daughter would eventually become the Wonder Woman of the early 21st century.

The League of the 90's was led by Superman II (Kal-El) also the son of Kal-l later aided by Kal-l's cousin Kara who was thus Kal-El's Aunt and would eventually let her niece assume the role of Supergirl so that she would become Power Girl instead.
The violence and bitter tragedies of this decade would be responsible for the gradual erosion of morale upbringing in the society such that at one point heroes actually killed villains which led to far greater acts of tragedy until the original Superman and his dying nemesis Lex Luthor I joined forces to condemn the vicious cycle managing to force the worlds governments to agree to a multinational body that would supervise and try to contain where it could not help guide those powered beings who continued this cycle of violence and pointless cruelty.

The body is eventually named Checkmate and in honour of its first leader the title of anyone assuming the post of director of the organisation is named Mr Terrific which was accepted following the death of the founding director in preventing the use of an old american satellite program codenamed "OMAC" to wipe out almost 75% of the population at the whim of an ancient supervillain known only as the Dragon King.

The comic series would eventually be set in various periods including the present.

So the present would include;

Superboy: Long thought to be the son of Kal-El his past will eventually reveal he is just one of many of Lex Luthor II's experiments to duplicate the House of El's powers. Adopted by Kal-El's mother Lois, his rebellious teenage years has left him at odds with his adopted father and brother fortunately his aunt keeps an even hand on him whilst he's away from home but his recent promotion to the new league seems to be just another way to keep him grounded something he is fighting bitterly against.

Superman: Kal-El has become more isolated ever since his nemesis Lex Luthor II went into hiding once Checkmate was founded and he is trying to keep his private life away from the publicity of his heroic guise.
What with Maxima visiting in attempts to secure Kal-El as her husband he finds himself much preferring to stay away from metropolis and haunt his father's Fortress of Solitude even as the world is changing far too much for his liking.

Batman: Damien is still in the role but in the background his father Bruce realising he has few years left is trying his best to set the plans for that eventuality going so far as being one of three people behind the Justice League's shadowy governing council. With Damien trying to cope with a world that really doesn't like him and Gotham is slowly slipping into a perpectual criminal haven he is searching for the means to regain control unaware that he's the problem.
Added to this mess he at his father's behest has been training a number of sidekicks only for some to turn evil or mercenary rather than tolerate his rather severe mannerisms.
The new robin is busy with the junior justice league better known as the Teen Titans whilst the Red Robin is Damien's new sidekick.

Teen Titans: Led originally by Nightwing the group has changed since the early seventies currently the group is little more than a propaganda group to highlight the change in the world's outlook.
Once they included Robin I (Later known as Nightwing), Beast Boy, Cyborg, Kid Flash (later known as Flash III), Aqualad (later known as Aquaman II), Wonder Girl (Later known as Wonder Woman III or Donna Troy, a clone of Hippolyta's daughter Diana also known as Wonder Woman II)

I think I'm getting too far ahead of myself!

"I have this sudden chilling feeling that millions of people are laughing at us!" he mutters to the Grand Moff.

Joana wrote:
This is awfully handy to avoid having to draw out the Crypt of the Everflame dungeon by hand, but how does anyone intend to implement the "fog of war" as the party explores the dungeon to keep them from looking ahead? I was thinking of cutting various paper flaps to tape to the map and pull off to reveal each room once they've decided which way to go.

VERY wicked grin

The best part is that you get to tell them this is what its "supposed" to look like... this won't be the first time I reveal "eventually" what THEY don't know...

"Would you like a jelly baby?" he asks them holding out to them an open brown paper bag.

A Wizard that reminds me of Sean Connery?

The cleric looks nice, not sure of the other two but I plan on waiting for the Pathfinder beginner's set and then reconsider buying the mini's... if I hold out that long!

Mactaka wrote:
anything different from the old Spinward Marches material?

You could probably get away with using the classic traveller version easily enough there is additional details mostly background related that from what I've read isn't that important unless you want it strictly mongoose traveller based.

So any one got hold of this yet?
Was wondering if this was worth buying but as yet hadn't heard a review of it.
Since I've only just picked up the little black book version of high guard was more looking at picking up those at this point but seeing this advertised got me wondering what everybody else is thinking about this particular setting.

Been looking the gm toolkit for M&M 3e and was wondering how you would describe your character whether they're a hero or villain.

For example I've been tinkering with the random generation and decided I ought to decide upon a suitable background story.

First off is Virtue based on the original superman story he arrived in the twenties and grew up on earth only really discovering his superhuman status during the second world war where his invulnerability led to him being recruited for the war effort as part of an allied supers team to combat the enemy's efforts in the same arena!

I picture a mixture of paragon and powerhouse to explain he is that strong but not just limit him to being a basic brick though this is still just an idea I'm still working on the stats!

Next up is an old idea of mine via Icons, Sunset Dawn originally conceived as a good natured master thief I'm still tinkering on how to suitably explain how a seemingly nonpowered heroine could overcome odds even superman would have trouble with!

Hmm for now lets see what you think about this!

ulgulanoth wrote:
very meta....

Have it set around a games table with a specific encounter dealing with breaking into a fantastic prison and rescuing a PC's family member.

Have it end with them working out various strategies and heading home with the dm taking a moment to make sure noone is watching as he/she casts a spell and mutters,"How about these plans for rescuing your sibling?" he/she asks his/her patron.

Thank you for the link it looks great!!!

Looking forward to seeing what's unveiled this weekend!

mdt wrote:

Celestial Armor is a unique item. Note that it's treated as light armor, even though it's based off medium chainmail armor. It's not mithral, it's gold.

Unique armor and weapons don't follow the rules for cost in the creation section. They are uniquely priced and do things normal armor can't. Trying to figure out their cost breakdown will just give you indigestion. :)

Oh thank god I've been trying to figure out how that works and been wondering what I was missing!

I'd seen a you tube video about an online game dealing with the witchwar legacy and they showed some of the details for the characters of the players involved.
After seeing 2-3 lots of +5 celestial armour I got wondering exactly how much stuff 17th level characters would be carrying so...
Since I still had the 3.0 books I got wondering after doublechecking both the 3.5 and then pathfinder and thats when I decided to check here.
Shouldn't the caster level for this be 9 instead of 5 in any case?

Oh before I forget I've ordered the module since it sounded interesting to run since I've been listening to some 3.5 private sanctuary podcasts and got the idea of seeing how this would work for a one shot to introduce some friends of mine to pathfinder.

I figure if its as good as it sounds it should give them a good reason to play some more in Golarion!

Now I know about the calculations for scrolls, wands and potions but I'm having a bad time figuring out the rest.

For now I was wondering if you could clarify the following;

Celestial Armour: Under 3.0 this was a suit of +1 chain mail with the ability to allow its wearer to use the spell fly 1/day along with the associated details that it was treated as light armour and so on.
Now its caster level was 5 and I was trying to work out the armour calculation as follows;

(Armour Plus x Armour Plus)x1000= (1x1)x1000= 1000gp

Fly 1/day ability: (Spell Level x Caster Level)x 1800gpx (No of Charges per day/5)= (3x5)x1800x (1/5)= 27000/5= 5400

Now this is a total of 6,400gp or 3,200 to craft as I understand it.

The Pdf of the Pathfinder core rules I bought states its actually a +3 suit of chain mail so:

(3x3)x1000= 9000gp

Which added to the above fly ability is a total of 15,400gp or 7,700gp.

My question is in both cases where am I going wrong with this calculation as neither match what is listed and I'm not sure if I'm misreading something or have missed a section that explains this properly?

Kthulhu wrote:

I'm going to put forth a wacky theory that most of you will immediately discount...

River Song is an original character, and not related to any previous characters. She's not Amy's daughter, the Rani, the Doctor from the future, or the little girl from the astronaut suit, etc. The "good man" that she killed/will kill is some bloke we haven't seen before.

I'm wondering whether the good man she was talking about isn't a good man from "our" point of view!

After all we don't actually know why they kidnapped Amy nor who her child is supposed to be used against, then again surely they'd have realised this would really anger someone whose known for taking on overwhelming numbers of daleks practically single handed and winning now how can I emphasize that last bit?

Tropes has a really interesting note about small blue boxes which involve not bothering about the planet and running away as fast as you can as if an angry god was chasing which as it mentioned he probably is!

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