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Bad products undermine the brand


Before I knew what I was doing in PFS, I bought this thinking (as the game store owner convinced me) that it was a useful companion for PFS play. I have found it a pointless investment. Skip it. You'll miss nothing of importance.

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Least Favorite PFS Scenario


I waited 48 hours after playing this to think it over.
Perhaps my GM did not administer it in an appropriate way, but this is unquestionably the worst PFS adventure I've played.

It features the gimmick of following an NPC who is so dumbly conceived that he falls off of a cliff and takes damage multiple times from being a complete GM fiat "spend resources for no good reason." I wanted to let Kalkimedes die and leave. That others give this plot device praise is confounding to me.

Further, I do not think this adventure is new player friendly at all. If you don't have Linguistics in your party, you're doomed.

And then you need to fail a strength check to succeed at a key 'puzzle' and that is another unforgivable GM fiat. In a game where high rolls are successful, turning on anti-success die-roll conditions is counter-intuitive to new players. I had two new players at the table and they were beyond bewildered.

Finally, we failed enough rolls and were not given sufficient GM background to understand the final encounter, so we watched as the super-demon (completely out of tier and another battle the new players are going to foolishly enter in to) tore apart the focus of the mission, and we probably should have gotten 0 prestige and 0 experience, but our GM 'let us' pay for a Restoration spell for Kalkimedes so we could get 1 experience and 1 pp.

Just hated the whole 3 hour experience, and cancelled my next PFS game because this left such a sour taste in my mouth.

An entirely pointless story, badly told.

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Great RP Investigation


From a player's perspective, this is one of the best PFS scenarios of season 5 for me.

As a veteran with PTSD, I want to congratulate the author and Paizo for addressing the issue in a way that works for the system. I'm just pleased to have it in the game as something for players to consider, even if it's just personally (i.e., it doesn't have much impact to the story directly).

Bring an RP personality to the table, and work together with efficiency in mind.

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Excellent mid-level game

This was my first time playing a 6-7 Tier as a PFS player. I brought my 4 Fighter with an APL that turned out to be 6.+ I did 'okay' and I paced myself accordingly. Had I tried what the higher level characters did, I could have been KOd (probably not KIAd). I had a good group, too.

I found the combat encounters excellent; I found the roleplaying straight-forward to understand the PCs' objective(s), and the path to 2 Prestige/Fame was reasonable.

My party barely achieved the second Prestige Point.

For my first encounter with Mendev/the WorldWound, I was very very pleased with it.

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Fantastic intro to PFS


I've played this once, run it twice, and am running it again tomorrow.
I think this is an excellent scenario for newer players. I myself am a newer GM.

First, it is fairly straight-forward and short, which leaves a lot of time for role-playing and for helping new players.

Of note: All combats are in wilderness style terrain, which I LOVE.
About half the game is role-playing, and the GM has 3 main NPCs to roleplay, each individually and in sequence. That's as easy as it gets. The roleplaying goals are achievable with only basic guidance from the GM.

The other half of the game is combat - 50/50 is as good as it gets for experiencing the Pathfinder game and the PFS rules set. The combats are reasonably challenging. The GM can adjust the difficulty (depending on the party classes represented) by setting combats on different days (allowing spell recovery between fights) or all on the same day, or in between.

I can't believe the low ratings this module is getting. It's pretty stellar all around.