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Hmmm. This is definitely going to be a pre-order for me.

It would be interesting to see additional player options, such as undead ancestries, new feats to combat the undead, and new backgrounds like Vampire Hunter. Regardless, I'm sold.

Good morning Owen. I was just wondering now that we are into 2020, will we be notified by the Open Gaming Store when the new PDFs are available for download? It gives the first date as yesterday, but I haven't seen or heard anything yet.

No complaints if it is behind. I was more interested in seeing how this works and will patiently wait to get my hands on the new materials as they are released. Thank you!

Man, I spent tons of time pouring through the free PDFs from this deal this weekend. I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality of these materials.

Initially, I thought they would be simple scrap PDFs. Not even close. I am pleased with this purchase without even getting the first installment of the actual product or opening the additional PDF I received for spending 20 dollars on the Open Gaming Store website.

If you have any interest in third party materials for the Pathfinder universe, buy this.

I picked this up this morning. In case anyone is not quite convinced, Open Gaming Store sweetens the deal even more by giving you another free PDF for spending $20 dollars on their site.

Owen, I look forward to seeing your upcoming products. In the meantime, I have 501 PDFs to submerge myself in.

Lastly, are you fine with me sharing this deal on the Facebook Pathfinder 2nd Edition groups I belong to?

I will definitely be taking advantage of this. Sitting in my basement at the moment so will probably nab it at work tomorrow when I have my wallet handy.

I watched a few of these earlier today. Very nicely done and quite helpful.

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Thank you for that. That clears it up for me.

Hey all,

I hope I don't sound like a buffoon, but I am completely confused on a couple things from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

I have bounced around a number of areas looking for the Dexterity modifier that is added to Armor Class, but I cannot find it anywhere with an explanation. At what level of Dexterity does this modifier come into play?

On the same note, does the Strength modifier come in at the same level when in use?


I wish I had caught this in time. As it is, I picked up Advanced Races: Shadow Fey and Advanced Races: Derro and love the style. I will definitely be shopping for more of your products in the future.

OK. I am trying to follow this to get everything down because I am also a bit confused on this area. I have not picked up the Bestiary yet, as I am still rolling through the main tome.

Is the Dexterity Modifier simply each point over 12 Dexterity or am I looking at this incorrectly as all examples above have 14 Dexterity listed?

Damanta, if all classes are trained in unarmored; would that put the final modifier at 1 then in your opinion?

Sorry. I have been out of gaming for some time and the area of Armor Class and stat modifiers feels oddly incomplete. With that, I appreciate any assistance in these matters.