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Hillarously Awesome


I just played this at a local con and had a blast. I will say that it definitely needs a long slot, and some bonus time to get the players to acclimate to the characters (both mechanically and RP-wise).

We had a great time- I played the Enchanter and loved how it worked out. Our GM did a great job of streamlining a part of it to account for too much time spend in the first act (again, wish we could have had a 6-7 hour slot for this one to truly enjoy everything).

I also see a lot of potential for learning more about the "Catastrophe" backstory. WHAT HAPPENED IN Saringallow???? Why do they think the Aspis are werewolves there?? This is a story that needs to be told!

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Great fun and excellent writing


I played this module as part of PFS. It was a great experience. Having a harrow-deck on hand enhances it even more.

The author did a great job of making the world intriguing - the characters (good and evil and in between) were all interesting and well crafted. There was great variety in the type and style of encounters (puzzles, skills, combats, avoidable combats, negotiation, etc.).

Challenge was about in the middle - highly optimized groups may find this adventure 'easy' without GM help to spice it up. It was a wonderful, exciting change from standard PFS play.