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I'm going to side with the Designers on this one. A very good comparison has already been made with the comparison to Marvel Legendary. When I played that game, I often get confused by the cross-referencing of "Scheme Twists" and "Master Strike". And that game is way simpler mechanically compared to PACG. Another good point is the wear and tear that could occur with placeholder Henchmen cards if the same ones are used every scenario, even when Sleeved.

Yeah her other ability lets you scout the top card of the deck, and if its a boon put it at the bottom. So if you spot a Haunt, you could plan for it.

Hmm, interesting scenario indeed.

Curious. You say she "can" appear as a Villian. What are the choices are there, and how is it determined?

that's more than 30% of the cards of the next Chapter being henchmen. Going to be interesting...

I like the idea on BGG where someone suggested replacing some of the cards in the Blessings deck with monsters. If you turn them over on your turn, assume monster as Summoned at your location. Thematically, that would be "wandering monsters". I'd like that as a scenario.

You can still use your reward on replaying scenarios you have completed in order to help say.... that character who died and lost two Adventures worth of feats.

I use it with Lini. 4d4 + 1d4 from the animal raises the average a bit.

Would you be playin RoTRL 24/7 and not the NEW playset, complete with its own errata instead?

The problem with that is the new base set will only be released after all the AP packs are released which looks to be July onwards next year. Which is quite a long time to spend without errata. And quite possibly when that is launched we won't be playing the RotRL much anyway.

That's an interesting storyline for your adventure. Looking forward to see what happens next.

Nice, I'm gonna leave this as it is since you choose to ignore everything else in my post.

Nathaniel Gousset wrote:

Ghould Scarecrow seems pretty "Meh"...

A combat check of 11 during the AP2 is frankly not something I would be afraid off, considering we encounter a lot of 12-15 check since AP0.

Sure he is good looking, but that is just another canon fodder. Especially with the added vulnerability of the undead trait.

Brodert Quink : not too bad, not to good. At least you can discard him for the free explore. But when you put the 3 cards back in any order... from the bottom or the top of the location deck ?

Well, since the Scarecrow is tied to another scenario, the Scenario card could boost Scarecrows substantially to make them a threat. Though I do feel they are kind of weak as it is.

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Yes. Minus whatever your remove from the box after AP3 starts.

Well, there's the fact that it is your first game into it....

Vic Wertz wrote:
Fromper wrote:
Also, there are a lot of named henchmen here. 1-2 character groups won't see the Zombie Minions.
Don't worry—Caizarlu will make sure they face one or two.

Since they are Summoned rather than appearing in the location deck, they don't get shuffled back into other open locations. Even in a 4 player game there are only two Zombie henchmen it seems, making the effect of spawning continuous zombies a rarity?

Chad Brown wrote:
glenn3e wrote:
Alchemist is more to Alchemical items though there is not many of these in the base set. I can only think of one at the moment.
There are more than a dozen in the base set, and about half that many in the character-add on pack. Just FYI. :-)

Well, I've not been paying attention then :-D

How about a +2 per card then or a +3? Those are arbitrary numbers that can be modified easily through playtesting; the mechanic being the point here.

Burying from the discard pile and burying from the hand is a LOT different mechanically, since one is accumulated over time as you play the game while the other is spending your hitpoints to get a bonus. Very different indeed. And taking damage and using it for bullets? How is taking cards from the discard pile taking damage? Are you having confusion on how hit points work? Again, FROM THE DISCARD PILE.

Meaning like in certain RPGs you adventure, find bullets or arrows from a crate to fuel your ranged weapons. If you want to argue semantics further, how is burying the Elven Archer Ally from my hand giving Amiri an extra 1D10? She whacks the Elf into the next scenario and thereby gains enough confidence to beat up that goblin?

IMO, I have in my mindset hoping that the next set of Iconic characters have a totally different set abilities that are less similar mechanically than existing ones. There is still some design space here...

The idea to take weapon cards from the discard pile is interesting mechanically, but IMO is more fitting for the Alchemist using his Alchemical stuff or Witch using Potions.

I bet you didn't read my suggestion properly. "Bury X cards in your DISCARD pile". You can't compare that to Amiri's at all.

My point on it being a freebie is because you didn't lose a card for succeeding a check, but if you fail the check you will lose that one card you discarded AND take damage. Seems the variance is too high there and I don't see any other abilities in the game that punishes your character so much for failing to use his ability.

Seems a pretty hefty penalty if you fail the combat check, and a freebie if you succeed the check. I don't really like the recharge for free if you succeed.

I was thinking the Gunslinger could use the concept of bullets. Something like: Bury X cards from your discard pile and add that to your combat check. X has the maximum of 3[]+1,[]+2.

Your discard pile is the number of bullets you have, and you need to reload it next turn by putting more cards into your discard pile as you play the game.

There's a listing of a Heal spell in the later packs.

That seems pretty good mechanically since you can load him up with the very niche allies/items that do not have the "discard to explore ability" and make use of them.

I'm thinking the Cavalier's other ability could be an extra explore per turn, though with consequences for doing this. (Discard a card from the top of your deck perhaps?)

I'd use him on Merisel at the end of the turn like Harsk's ability and let the next player take advantage of the knowledge he offers. If Devil spawns, evade. Reusable scouting every turn is valuable, as Harsk's ability is nothing to scoff at.

I like the idea of banishing a random card from your deck if you lose the scenario. At least it gives the pressure to not lose the scenario rather than run away when the going gets tough.

Alchemist is more to Alchemical items though there is not many of these in the base set. I can only think of one at the moment. The Witch should be the one that uses potions I think.

The Alchemist should get a big bonus to craft though...

The Horse ability should be linked to his character sheet. Maybe the Cavalier can bring along another character to another location on his turn.

Or do some sort of charging attack: If Cavalier has moved from another location this turn, gets +3 to his melee Combat Checks this turn etc.

In your opinion, of course. I disagree.

Yup, that seems to be the plan. One base set per year to go for the new APs. I really hope for the Drow setting (the 3rd AP listed in their RPG) but I guess we will be getting the second one.

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I would pay for them, if also as a symbol of goodwill why not Paizo offer up some of the promo cards up with every shipment of the Errata cards?

It will probably get harder, still got 5 more AP to ruin your party.

h4ppy wrote:

Just to some of the comments here:

- @Nathaniel's comment: Merisiel CAN evade the devil, he's just saying that even this is a bit pointless.

- @glenn3e's comment: if you evade the villain he is shuffled into his (current) location deck. He is not shuffled across ALL the loacation decks!

Really? Then Merisel's ability just got a lot more useful. My point is the ability to have the chance to know where exactly the Villain is is pretty useful. Especially on a card that lets you use it every turn whereas other cards require discard or recharge.

Spyglass has limited use, while Ilsoary can be used every turn.... Same with the Archer.

WesWagner wrote:

My subscription cart, which has been setup since about 5 or 6 weeks ago, now has decks 2 and 3 consolidated into a single shipment in december.

Just a few days ago it has a message that deck 2 was shipping "tomorrow"... the system is toying with me!

Paizo Evil Shipping Demon wrote:

Payment method authorized: December 5

Should ship by: December 18

1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 2), $15.99 (in sidecart)
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Blessing of Zarongel~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Dance with Squealy Nord~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Promo Card: Birdcruncher Crown~
1x Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The Hook Mountain Massacre Adventure Deck (Rise of the Runelords Adventure Deck 3), $15.99

I have the same thing listed. Confusing...

Yeah, but if Merisel evades the Villain, he will be shuffled into all locations whereas if you use Ilsoari, you can just choose not to explore the place until you are ready. The same with henchmen and other dangers; if she is not ready for it, she can get someone else to explore who is able to. The fact that he is put on top of your deck means you can do it every turn, sort of a "safe" explore. If you meet the devil, just evade it.

Can Merisel evade the Sandpoint Devil? Might have some use then...

If they were to to release the Advanced Class Guide with another 10 characters, that's room for yet ANOTHER base set :-D

Henchmen: choice. Villain: no choice.

Yeah, I was looking at the 3rd RPG path which is the Drow city and I really would like it as an AP.

Mike Selinker wrote:
Our intent is that all characters from any base set will be compatible with any other base set. There may be some choices you make in one set that might not pay off in others (i.e., Kyra won't be as good if a set doesn't contain any Undead monsters), but they'll all work.


So my guess is the next set after the APs are complete is a standalone new base set for the "Curse of the Crimson Throne" AP with some of the newer Iconic Characters (Looking at the RPG section). Then maybe another character pack for the remainder of the iconic characters?


For some reason my retail came with Poog, which is nice though. But living half a world away there's no way to get a Fire Sneeze at a Paizo convention...

So, if you do make another adventure path set after Runelords and add the other iconics there, will we be able to use the ones in Runelords for that path and vice versa?

I want a Fire Sneeze card...