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Just as the title says. I would like to see an Anthropomorphic Mushroom added as an avatar option. It would go well with the character Puerta Bella who is an Hispanic Mushroom.

Thank you, Eric.

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I did a search and didn't find anything so here goes...

Do we get to see the entries from the alternates. If the answer is 'no' then why not?


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Hello Misfit Studios folks.

How does this product fit in with Player Races: Dragon Men (Savage Worlds) PDF?

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I need to name a holy two handed sword that I am putting in my campaign for the Paladin.

And I am drawing a blank...

Please list any suggestions you have. Even if you think it's awful. It can be anything from real world words to made up words or even words in another language. You never know where inspiration might come from and right now I am needing some big inspiration.

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Howdy Folks. I have been trying to work through the rules on pricing some magic item. Here is what I have so far...

The Ghost Child's Bracelet
After 24 hours in contact with this item the wearer gains the ability to use Ghost Touch and True Seeing.

The intention is the wearer has True Seeing and Ghost Touch always active.

Ghost Touch 1500 (1000 + 50% for being on the bracelet)
True Seeing 90000 (5th Level spell x 9th Caster Level x 2000 x 2 for continuous)

Total 91,500

Is that right?

Wizard's Bonded Object: Bracer
The wizard wants to add Shield as a permanent affect to his bonded object.

Shield 4000 (1st level spell x 1st level caster x 2000 x 2 for continuous)

That doesn't seem right since a +2 shield is 4000 and the Shield spell also protects against magic missile and incorporeal attacks.

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I have been working on designing my own RPG. Nothing for production or sale. It is just a challenge I have given myself. The idea being that I would create a game that made sense to me and it would stand on its own without relying on someone else's product.

If anyone could recommend a site where others engage in such activity I would greatly appreciate it. It would be nice to have others to bounce my ideas off of and maybe I could learn something in the process.


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My brother sent this email out to me and some friends. I thought others would find it interesting.

Eric and I spoke one night about what 'initiative' really meant and what it meant to be 'ready for anything' all of the time.

There is a concept in the shooting/law enforcement/military community called "The OODA Loop." OODA stands for:

Observe - what is going on around you
Orient - what options do you have to deal with it
Decide - what are you gonna do
Act - do it!

It is the way your mind works in any situation. Under stress your loop could get stuck in Observe - if you have not trained to break out of it (think of times when you 'freeze up'). As you guys train to get better and better, you are training to move through that loop quicker and quicker.

For the most part if ANYTHING interrupts your travel through the loop, you brain goes back to the beginning.

As for combat (real or imaginary), think of stoney faced cops who seem to have a bad attitude. When they confront people, most cops have already gone through Observe and Orient, then they press a pause button in their mind for Decide and Act. It takes HUGE amounts of mental and physical energy to walk around like that for minutes or hours (or even a whole day!). All the while, they maintain that hold AND have to process other stimuli without letting go of that Observe/Orient place holder in their mind...

See, what they know, that most folks don't, is that a maggot will have already gone through Observe, Orient AND Decide by the time he encounters the cop. He will be one step ahead...and that is usually enough. Everyone smiles and talks nice and pretends to be innocent (particularly the guilty) so the cop has to ride the bleeding edge between civility and all out war - or he will die.

Now remember back to the times you have interacted with cops who were torqued out. See, you know you would never treat them poorly. But, they don't... They HAVE to expect you will try to hurt them in order to prevent someone from killing them.

Remember their faces, their intensity, their distraction, and maybe their inability to hear what you are saying... They have effectively turned on 'improved initiative' they have jacked up every sense in their body to be ready for anything. Their muscles are tensed and ready to act. And depending on how natural it is for them, or how well trained they are, or how much experience they have, their cognitive ability may suffer and fatigue will set in over time.

You can not stay in this state all the time. I know, I try to do it when I am in public. The result is that I do not hear as well as I could. I do not process ancillary stuff as I normally would. AND...I am not fun to be around while in that state. Not to mention it is exhausting.

Hope this helps to frame the concept.

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I have a player that loves the idea of the Dragonborne. He asked me to create a playable race on par with with other Pathfinder races. Here is what I have come up with so far. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The spelling is different from that used in other fantasy games. The addition of the ‘e’ at the end of the word changes the meaning. The former spelling, without the “e”, translated to, “One the dragon had given birth to.” With the revised spelling the name translates to, “One who has endured the dragon.” and/or, “One who is accountable to the dragon.”

Dragonborne are scaled, hairless, warm blooded creatures born from eggs and are milk fed in their early youth. Their scales range from a light tan to a darker brown depending on their age. Unlike dragons they do not have tails.

Some dragonborne undergo transformations using Draconic Rituals. This allows them to take on more dragon-like qualities such as; wings, breath weapon, and superior senses. The decision to accept such transformations is not taken lightly as this sets the dragonborne apart from his clan. They are, at best, considered respected protectors. However, depending on the circumstances, it is not uncommon for them to be viewed with suspicion or seen as war mongers.

+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, and -2 Dexterity
Medium size creature
Base speed of 30’ (6 squares)
Low-light Vision
+1 Natural armor bonus
+2 on Perception skill checks
+2 on Intimidate skill checks
Dragonborne are considered humanoid and un-typed dragons for any affects that target race.
Dragonborne start with the Common and Draconic languages.

Dragonborne Racial Traits

Dragonborne Tradition
The Dragonborne take great pride in recording and learning about the history of the world. They believe, by studying the past, great wisdom can be applied to the future. You have been raised with these beliefs instilled in you. You receive +1 on all History skill checks and History is always considered a class skill for you.

Dragonborne Racial Feats

Blood of the Great Wyrm
Requirements: Dragonborne
Benefit: Choose your dragon type. You gain the coloring of that dragon and receive +2 with the skill associated with that dragon type. You only gain this bonus if you are trained in that skill. You are now considered humanoid and a dragon of your chosen type for any affects that target race.

Breath of the Dragon
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm, 2 Dragonborne Feats
Benefit: You gain a breath weapon matching your dragon type that you may use once per day. It does 1d6 damage per Dragonborne Racial Feat + CON as an area attack versus Reflex of ½ Level + CON.

Breath of the Dragon, Improved
Requirements: Breath of the Drake, 4 Dragonborne Feats
Benefit: Your breath weapon now uses d10’s.

Breath of the Dragon, Greater
Requirements: Improved Breath of the Dragon, 4 Dragonborne Feats
Benefit: Your Breath Weapon may be used additional times per day equal to CON.

Claws of the Drake
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm
Benefit: You gain two Claw attacks for 1d4 damage. You are considered armed when using your claws.

Claws of the Dragon
Requirements: Claws of the Drake
Benefit: You claw attack improves to 1d6

Claws of the Wyrm
Requirements: Claws of the Dragon
Benefit: You claw attack improves to 1d8

Draconic Resistance
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm
Benefit: You gain Energy Resistance 5 + CON against the energy type of your Dragon Variant and you are immune to your own breath weapon.

Draconic Resistance, Improved
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm, Draconic Resistance
Benefit: You gain Energy Resistance 10 + CON against the Energy Type of your Dragon Variant.

Draconic Senses
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm
Benefit: You gain Darkvision 60’.

Draconic Senses, Improved
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm, Draconic Senses
Benefit: You gain +2 on Insight skill checks.

Draconic Senses, Greater
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm, Improved Draconic Senses
Benefit: You gain the Scent special ability.

Dragon Wings
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm, 2 Dragon Feats
Benefit: You grow a set of draconic wings which grant you a fly speed equal to your regular movement. However, you must land at the end of your movement. Also, falling damage is negated by using your wings. These benefits are lost if you are carrying more than a Light load. Your wing span is equal to twice your height and your weight increases by 25%. You may not "run" or hover while flying. You now qualify for Flying Feats.

Maw of the Drake
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm
Benefit: You gain one Bite attack at 1d6.

Maw of the Dragon
Requirements: Maw of the Drake
Benefit: Your bite attack increases to 1d8.

Maw of the Wyrm
Requirements: Maw of the Dragon
Benefit: Your bite attack increases to 1d10.

Dragon Hide
Requirements: Blood of the Great Wyrm
Benefit: Your natural armor bonus increases to +2.

Wyrm Hide
Requirements: Dragon Hide
Benefit: Your natural armor bonus increases to +3.

Related Feats that become available after taking specific Dragonborne Feats. These do not count as Dragonborne Feats.

Lesser Flight
Requirements: Wings, Ability to Glide but no natural Fly Speed
Benefit: You gain a natural Fly speed equal to your regular movement. You may fly for a number of rounds equal to STR. At the end of your flight you are fatigued for a number of rounds equal to the number of rounds you were in flight. You may not use "run" while flying. You can not hover.

Lasting Flight
Requirements: Wings, Lesser Flight
Benefit: You may increase the number of rounds you are in flight by CON. You may "run" while flying.

Requirements: Three or more Natural Attacks
Benefit: You may attack once with each natural attack as a standard attack. This will allow Claw, Claw, Bite.

Improved Special Ability
Requirements: Natural Special Ability
Benefit: +2 on the DC of one special ability. You may this feat more than once but it must apply to a different special ability each time you take it. This is for +2 on Breath weapon DC.

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What is the brand of the t-shirt used for this product. Haynes Chunky T? Also, can anyone comment on the quality?

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I have been reading all of the discussions about skills, and I noticed that feint kept popping up as part of some variation of bluff or deception skill. However the ability to feint seems to be very specific to combat.

This seems like an old rule that is no longer consistent. Is there a precedence for keeping it as a function of a skill. If not, I suggest making it a function of CMB like disarm and trip.

Feinting is a standard action.

If successful, the next melee attack you make against the target does not allow him to use his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). Additionally, if successful by 5 or more you are considered to be flanking. This attack must be made on or before your next turn.

If you fail the defender get to make an attack of opportunity. In affect they have seen through your feint and can take advantage of it.

When feinting in this way against a nonhumanoid you take a –4 penalty. Against a creature of animal Intelligence (1 or 2), you take a –8 penalty. Against a creature lacking an Intelligence score, it’s impossible.

Associated Feats:
Improved Feint - You do not provoke an attack of opportunity if you fail a feint combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to feint against a foe. Also, increase the DC of performing a trip combat maneuver against you by +2.

Fast Feint - You may perform a feint combat maneuver as a move action instead of as a standard action.

Let me know what you think...

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Hi everybody! I have been reading the Paizo boards almost as long as they have been around but have only recently started posting.

One thing that I haven't been able to find is a styleized Pathfinder character sheet. I have the standard sheet but I was hoping to find something with a little more... style.