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From what I saw of the pre-made characters (one of which is a giant totem barbarian), the increase in size doesn't do anything outside of the damage increase for a rage.

My group didn't do character creation as a group but the sorcerer definitely didn't seem useful, though it was a bit on his build (he was a dragon sorcerer and burning hands was used against creatures who resisted it since he didn't roll high on his damage).

I ended up playing a rogue with higher charisma then the paladin (who did very well) and felt that I had waaaayyy to many skills.

We also had a cleric without whom we would not have had any significant healing - which we needed.

Both encounters with poisoned creatures ended up with someone failing the save repeatedly and ended up taking ~25-30 damage per fight. Outside of the last fight we took very little damage in combat. If we didn't have a cleric then I am not sure we would have had the HP to finish this (even giving a week you can do it in).

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oholoko wrote:
Your proficiency modifier for a spell’s attack roll is the same as your proficiency modifier with spell rolls. Spell attacks are unarmed, but they don’t apply any special benefits from your weapons or unarmed attacks, nor do they deal any damage outside of what’s listed in the spell. Melee touch attacks have the finesse trait (see page 182).

You use dex or str for melee and you use dex for ranged. The proficiency bonus you add is the one you have for spell rolls.

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Something to keep in mind with assurance though it that it gives you a modified roll. It is significantly worse than take 10.

If you get it at level 1 (human or rogue) with a skill which uses your primary stat then it becomes the equivalent of 'take 5'.

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ebfi3e wrote:
Something that I don't know if its intention or not, but is Retributive Strike supposed to ignore multiple attack penalty like Attack of Opportunity?
Multiple attack penalty never applies to attacks made off your turn. (page 178)

Was in the process of editing post when you posted this :).

Rogues get Trained in all simple weapons, plus the hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, and shortsword.

Hand Crossbow is a simple weapon.

Something that I don't know if its intention or not, but is Retributive Strike supposed to ignore multiple attack penalty like Attack of Opportunity? Reactions which are strikes are not effected by multiple attack penalty (p182) and some reactions mention this (such as Attack of Opportunity) and others do not (suck as Retributive Strike).

Plate sucks in general. There are a few threads about it. Additionally, while the simplest way to get into Grey Maiden is through fighter or paladin, it is not required. One could take fighter archetype or armor training general feat instead.

My point is that if Grey Maiden Plate requires the character to take feats to keep it as good as regular plate then it is even worse than plate.

Do the paladin/fighter boosts to heavy armor proficieny work with Grey Maiden Plate?

Also, considering how bad regular plate is, isn't Grey Maiden Plate worse?

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Assurance is worse than 'take 10.' Assurance lets you not roll to get a modified 10 as the result.

Example. 1st level rogue with 18 dex and training in stealth. Average roll is 15.5 (10.5+5).
If the rogue uses assurance then the roll becomes 10. Not 15, but 10.

UnboltedAKTION wrote:

Sword Coast Legends was a bit of a flop and I know it's probably not really played too much anymore but I just got into it and build the first module of SD in the campaign creator.

I haven't fully playtested it yet but if you're interested in checking it out you should be able to find it in a quick search.

Let me know what you think!

Can you post a link, I tried to find it but failed.