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Is there music that comes with this module like the others?

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Drental wrote:
dmfourhire wrote:
Are goiung to have a foundry version for this one as well?
yes, the foundry module is finished and will likely be released later today. I hope that many can enjoy the work the team and I put in!

Awesome i love this so much thank youu and the rest of the team for the hard work. i dont plan on running this adventure cause im not into western theme too much but i love using the art and maps and the audio. i want to support this product line of vtt ready to go and hope this happens to king maker.

Are goiung to have a foundry version for this one as well?

Love this paizo please keep doing foundry stuff. I will br buying this even though I wasnt a big fan of AV. But the maps and tokens can be used. For other games and stuff. I hope you guys do the same for kingmaker.

I have one player already .
this is a free game.
we will be using foundry.
id like to start using an adventure as a starting point but having a lot of homebrew scenarios mixed in that can arise based on character choice. and I enjoy using character backstories if any into some sidequest/ story archs.
game time is around 3hours each sessions.
my discord is DM4Hire#5290

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Hello im looking for 5 players that want to play The agents of edgewatch adventure path. Weekly game to be played on Wednesday or Thursday.
Start time can be from 9 am to 12 pm est. I d like to play between 2.5 to 4 hours sessions. Please message me on discord at

WE will use foundry and discord I want to start off with the agents of edge watch adventure path and go forward from there.

Wont be a super serious game I have read the first 2 ap and i have paid for the pdf to be able to import into foundry so id like to keep my prep time to less then 2 hours a weeks.

so please post your discord name your expiernce with foundry and pf 2e Newbies are welcomed this will be my first time dm ing for pathfinder I've mostly only dm for 5e. i just ask so we all know were we are at. you have to download pathbuilder 2e on your phone it makes character creation super easy and i can import it into foundry

also post what start time you prefer and which day

Paizo please know that I would be willing to pay double the hardcover price for all of your adventures paths if you did this.

Oh okay issue with the pathbuilder app thats lame thanks guys

I use the pathbuilder app and it allows me to take divine ally then second divine ally I meant can i choose shield twice

Can a champion take divine ally shield twice?
And would the adding 2 and half of bt. Happen twice?