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i kind ofwish the ooze was made of clear plastic but they all look good

theres some pic here a demon of wrath and a mite riding a spider

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another week without a preview boo

the doc would make a aweson generic wizard mini

there were more huges planned but they cut them for price reasons there was a huge white dragon some of the paizo guys were talking abou making a encounter pack with four huges for 65$

the huge brick has two storm giant and two treachery demons so its not that random but yes is cheaper to buy the singles now

Brian E. Harris wrote:
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Until we start doing promotional repaints, of course. Dun dun dunnnnnn!
Please don't overdo these.

i can see ooze and magma para elemetal maybe mineral and smoke

the minis look alot like the art on the pawn that were relaese some time ago

reaper has a set of 8 or 10 western minis

i like them bitter if th were blue clear plastic

is the set still coming out in january or has it been pushed back its noy on the relese page

halfings and gnomes have always been lacking in minis but female dwarves or half orcs are lacking too

are there going to be mini tie in i could see gogmort and his companion as a mini

is next week monster a spawn of yog sothoth from the carrion hill that would be nice but hard to design

i'd pay for the 4 pack of huges

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if a small company like gifted vision can make a tiny raven mini a much larger company like wizkis could do it

the hut is in concept art stage the are saying you can take the roof off and remove it from the base and snap two skeletal chicken legs on it

two more minis revealed one is baba yagas huts but it looks like you could use it as a generic hut and a kracken both are huge

they are giving a bonus ramdom mini to all backers the pledgebefore oct 3 wave-dcm/posts/311624?ref=email&show_token=a66058b9eaebe4a8

the first stretch goal was revealed its a set of four a amazon warrior a persiam salior a pygmy amd a tribal hunter

its cool i'm just trying to spreadthe word becaue there a small company and thedo great work the set they are trying to fund is perfect for a skulls and shackles type game wave-dcm

if the antlers don't break in shipping it'll be a nice mini

a dodo a seal and a caiman would cool i'm like to see a isopod but its to small

add the treant sapling, puffball, carniverous flower and crawling vine from the advanced races book

some dungeon decor might be nice like a cauldren or torture devices

i thought they were coming out in july unless i missed something

a wall of ice or fire spell effect in tranparent plastic

i'd like to more marine themed minis in general

more trasparet figures

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demihuman undeads like zombies ,ghouls and skeleons
anima skeletons
dragon undeads
dino skeletons